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Hi Star Wars fans and collectors. Welcome to Bossk’s Bounty!

Here you will find information and my opinion on all things Star Wars.

I will be blogging about new and existing Star Wars Lego sets, Star Wars toys/figures, Star Wars comics and of course the films and TV shows.

I hope you enjoy what you see and please feel free to comment on any of my posts.




7 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Im new to the show between you and unusual mike and only one kenobi you keep me up with the new vintage series your show is very informative and bang on and its awesome to get your son involved as our young generation for the most part take no interest in collecting my son is ten and knows everything about star wars ,empire strikes back , and return of the jedi keep up the awesome job and hopefully when we get back to normal maybe i will see you at the Toronto Comacon

  2. Hey Bossk man! Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info on your channel, always informative on the latest and up to date! Nice to see how much joy for collecting and talking about your passion for starwars and it’s so great to have the lil man bossk in on the fun and excitement too! I wish my 17 yr old daughter shared the same love but nahh but then again kinda glad she doesn’t more starwars for me hahaha 😝
    Thanks again for all you do man!!! Cheers from A big fan of the BOSSK MAN n lil man!!☝️✌️from CAN🇨🇦 Jody C

  3. This is frank ravalli I hope you could tell Patrick at the Star Wars team at hasbro I want these original trilogy characters in the black series line to come in the coming year and I hope you could convince him to they are general tagge, zev senesca, lobot, Owen Lars, Carlist reikann and major Bren derlin I hope you could tell me if you relay the message to him

  4. hello i watch all your videos and love and learn lots about what figures are good and ones no good .i also not like the all colour figure too dont look right .keep up the good work are you on ebay selling as i like to know what else you do part from youtube

  5. Hi hi hi
    Hope you are doing well and staying away from those pesky little Ewok raves in the local wooded areas!

    Cheers Goodbye


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