Star Wars Lightsaber Color Meanings

Lightsaber color meanings are an important aspect of the Star Wars universe, as the color of a lightsaber blade often represents the personality and beliefs of the character wielding it.

Jedi lightsabers are typically blue or green, signifying peace and diplomacy, while Sith lightsabers are often red, representing power and aggression. Other colors, such as purple and yellow, have been introduced over the years, each with its own unique significance and symbolism.

Over time, the meanings of lightsaber colors have evolved, reflecting the changes and complexities of the Star Wars franchise.

Lightsaber Creation

First, we will delve into the creative process of each lightsaber. For Jedi, as a Youngling, they go to the ice planet Ilum, where they find the kyber crystal to power their blade.

The crystal they find is not only connected to them but also to the Force. Each crystal is a specific color ranging from blue to yellow.

On the other hand, the Sith have a different way of obtaining a kyber crystal for their red sabers. They must kill a Jedi to receive their crystal.

Then they use a process called “bleeding the crystal” to pour their hate, anger, and malice into the crystal infusing it with the dark side. This process causes the crystal to turn from its original color to red.

The Jedi and the Sith place the kyber crystal into the hilt they create. The material, build, and ligthsaber hilt design are up to the Jedi or Sith who make it.

Lightsaber Color Meanings

Many people only know the meanings behind a red lightsaber compared to blue and green but don’t understand the deeper meaning each color possesses. Below I will discuss each lightsaber color and significance.


Blue lightsabers are one of the colors of lightsabers wielded by powerful Jedi such as Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker, Rey, and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

A Jedi’s purpose is to protect and bring peace to the galaxy. Those who wield blue sabers are often highly skilled in lightsaber combat.

That can be seen in The Clone Wars, as Anakin and Obi-Wan are often in the heart of battles, bravely defending the weak and fighting alongside their clone battalions.

Blue also symbolizes qualities such as loyalty, stability, truth, and justice.

Lightsaber color meanings Blue Lightsaber

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Green Lightsaber Color Meaning

Green lightsabers symbolize growth, safety, and harmony. These are yet other qualities the Jedi seek to live by–keeping others safe, growing, and working together well in the galaxy.

Unlike wielders of blue lightsabers, those wielding green ones are often very strong with the Force. Some of these Jedi include Yoda, Qui-Gon, and Luke Skywalker. They prefer fighting as a last resort, instead relying more on the Force and peaceful negotiations.

Jedi Consulars and wise, senior Jedi often have this color of a lightsaber. An example of this is Yoda, the Grand Master.

Luke Skywalker Green lightsaber

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All powerful Sith and Inquisitors use red lightsabers. The color red symbolizes power, anger, and hatred. These symbols are all part of the Sith Religion, which relies on each for their strength.

Emperor Palpatine, Kylo Ren, Asajj Ventress, and Darth Vader all wield a red lightsaber. In the cases of Darth Vader and Count Dooku, they did not have a red lightsaber until they fully embraced the dark side, killed a Jedi, and bled their lightsaber.

Darth Vader red lightsaber

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Cal Kestis is the only known Jedi to wield an indigo lightsaber. In the video game, The Fallen Order, his saber is a bluish, purple color. It is one of the many colors of sabers he owns.

This color of lightsaber represents spirituality, wisdom, and intuition.

Indigo Lightsaber Cal Kestis

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First seen used by the Jedi Temple Guards, the yellow lightsaber is another rarely seen color. In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey also owns a yellow lightsaber.

Yellow represents goodness, warmth, and energy. Those who wield yellow sabers have given up a part of themselves for their position.

In Rey’s instance, it represented her taking on the Skywalker name. While in the case of Temple Guards, they give up their identities for their positions of protection.

Jedi Temple Guard yellow lightsaber

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In Star Wars Canon, the only Jedi who wields a white lightsaber is Ahsoka Tano. Although she once wielded green and then blue sabers, she eventually owned white ones.

White symbolizes purity, peace, positivity, neutrality, and new beginnings. Ahsoka’s white sabers represent the path she found away from the Jedi. They show that she is neither associated with the Jedi nor the Sith.

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Ahsoka Tano with white lightsabers


Yet another saber color found only in Legends is bronze. Lowbacca and Freedon Nadd both owned a bronze saber. Bronze denotes maturity, connection to nature, and wisdom.

Lowbacca very fittingly held a saber of this color. He was very knowledgeable about computers and biology.

Black (Darksaber)

Similar to the white lightsabers, only one known black one is in Canon. Every other color Jedi, Inquisitors, and Sith wield. However, the Darksaber is the Mandalorians’ possession.

Created by Tarre Vizsla, the only known Mandalorian Jedi, the Darksaber passed down through generations of Mandalorians. Whoever held it could claim the throne to Mandalore.

Different from the typical lightsaber, the blade of the Darksaber was flat-shaped. The black represents power, darkness, aggression, and mystery.

In Legends, Galen Marek, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader also wields a black lightsaber. However, unlike the Darksaber, his is the typical shape of the other lightsabers.

Moff Gideon Dark Saber

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Cyan Lightsaber

In Star Wars Canon, there aren’t any cyan lightsabers. However, in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Cal Kestis owns one in addition to his indigo saber. Additionally, Meetra Surrik and Nikkos Tyris from Legends own one as well.

Like Darth Maul, Cal’s saber is double-bladed. The color of it represents calm and peace. Since it is between blue and green, it also stands for a Jedi who has balanced skill between the Force and combat.

Cyan Lightsaber Cal Kestis

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Yet another color found in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Legends is magenta. The Jedi and one former assassin of Emperor Palpatine who wield sabers of this color include Mara Jade and Cal Kestis.

The color falls between shades of pink and purple. Magenta sabers represent charm, harmony, and compassion.

Megenta Lightsaber

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Cal Kestis from Jedi Survivor is yet another owner of a unique saber color–orange. However, other Jedi in Legends use this color of lightsaber as well. They include Yaddle, a Sith–Talak Hord, and Mandalorian Knights.

The Mandalorian Knights are a group in Legends, once a part of the Jedi Order. They went rogue and attempted to sabotage the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars.

Orange blades represent energy, creativity, and ambition. This meaning could explain why Talak did not have a typical red lightsaber, as he was creative and ambitious in his skill with the lightsaber.

Orange Lightsaber

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Every Star Wars fan knows the famous holder of the purple lightsaber: Mace Windu. Samuel L. Jackson wanted to stick out in Attack of the Clones, so he asked George Lucas if he could wield a purple lightsaber.

In the High Republic Era, in Legends, Vernestra Rwoh and Ty Yorrick also owned lightsabers with purple blades. During the Old Republic, Jaina, Anakin Solo, and Darth Revan had purple lightsabers too.

Purple illustrates ambition, power, royalty, and wisdom. Mace Windu is one of the wisest Jedi on the Council, appropriately holding a saber of this color.

Additionally, purple is a mix of the colors blue and red. This mix is significant as Darth Revan went from Jedi to Sith, and back to Jedi again. It represents his switch from side to side.

Learn more about the history and meaning of purple lightsabers.

Mace Windu Purple Lightsaber


Similar to white, there are silver lightsabers as well. Silver sabers are only in Legends. This color stands for peace and purity.

Unlike the crystals found on the ice planet, Ilum, silver Durindfire crystals are exclusively on Tatooine. Corran Horn is the only known Jedi from Legends to wield one.


With the variety of Jedi and Sith found throughout Star Wars Legends and Canon, unique lightsaber colors fit each. No matter their character, strengths, and weaknesses, their lightsaber color has significance. When the colors are understood, they represent who each one is and what they stand for.

Just as the Sith use their power for evil, their saber color reflects that. On the opposite end, the Jedi each have a variety of colors representing the harmony, peace, and strength they possess. No matter the color, there is a connection and significance.

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  1. Most people don’t know this, but there is a mention of a silver lightsaber in my own Star Wars universe. After I lose my memory of the Jedi, my lightsaber goes from green to silver. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s worth mentioning.

    • how did you lose your memory of the jedi? this is so scary. did you get it back? did you ever figure out why it turned silver? please respond quick im freaking out!!!!

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  2. There is a clear lightsaber but it is vary rare and there are 2 kyber crystals 1 is like a normal lightsaber and the other one is like a clear fire blade and instead of having a clean cut it lights the opponent on fire

  3. The purple lightsaber was chosen by Samuel L. Jackson. He wanted to be identified by the people who watch the Star Wars: Attack of The Clones in the battle of Genesis. That’s why he had a purple lightsaber, this actor ask George Lucas if he can fight in the Star Wars universe with a purple lightsaber, it was his favorite color.

    • Oh man you’re the one of awesome people who aren’t arguing over Rey and complaining that sequels shouldn’t exist

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    • you should know that the lightsaber kenobi gives him is anakin skywalkers lightsaber which is blue it was just old cameras that gave that sort of look

  4. The Mandelorian lightsaber first appeared in the animated series “The Clone Wars”. You need to revise your information.

  5. The light sabres are assigned to them they don’t pick there colours , if you are worthy of one ,…mmmmmmmaaaaahhhhhaaaahahaha

  6. I read cyan lightsaber crystals are among the most rare and therefore most expensive color crystals in the galaxy with no known way to create the color besides obtaining that specific crystal. That mixed with it symbolizing the combat abilities of the blue and and strength in the force of the green make it my personal favorite. I will be using that in survivor. I also truly like gold or reys yellow. I just don’t really like the meaning given here. As ray is obviously not a temple guard and stupidly gifted with the force. Maybe not the best duelist.but I still like that color. If I had to pik a normal green or blue I’d have to go with blue. But I like both. I also enjoy purple. But seems fake just because it’d never exist withought Samuel Jackson asking to stand out. No surprise there. I know about revan. I enjoy the purple meaning but I don’t think it’s a color for just any Jedi for those reasons

  7. Also the fact that ashokas lightsabers are white because she had to uncorrupt siths red crystals she either took or killed is pretty badass. It’s like the opposite of bleeding. I obv prefer legends bleeding to the whole stupid new canon of synthetic red sith crystals. So this is why ashokas white are so cool. N they fit her so well because she is a good force wielding lifeform. But no Jedi any longer. Very cool. White. But still looks to plain to be my go to.

  8. The clone wars series is cannon and thus there is another Jedi who wields a white saber, S5 E20 during Anakin and Baris fighting we see them pass a group of younglings and the master training them ignites a white or silver colored saber


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