Cyan Lightsaber Meaning and History

There is only one character in all of Star Wars canon who is able to use a cyan lightsaber, and it’s a loose cannon connection at that. The lead character of the game Star Wars: Fallen Order, Cal Kestis, is able to find and equip a cyan lightsaber at some point over the course of the game.

Cal is a force-sensitive human who over the course of the game eventually becomes a Jedi knight. As the color lies between blue and green, some symbolism may extend from both of those colors onto the cyan lightsaber.

This article will cover the greater lore of cyan lightsabers in the Star Wars universe, as well as which characters have used it and what the color means within the greater lore

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Cyan Lightsaber Cal Kestis

The Meaning of Cyan

In color theory, Cyan can mean calm, peace, and water. As it lies between blue and green, the symbolism for those colors may also cross over. There are other articles that cover blue and green if you would like to investigate the symbolism further.

Star Wars Canon

In the canon lore, there is only one known character to use a cyan lightsaber. The character Cal Kestrs, from the game Star Wars: Fallen Order, is able to acquire a cyan lightsaber over the course of the game.

Cal’s lightsaber is a double-sided lightsaber, much like the style of Darth Maul’s or the Jedi Temple Guards. There are several colors that players are able to find for Cal’s lightsaber over the course of the game, cyan is simply one option.

Star Wars Legends

Within legends, there are a few other options. In the Old Republic Era, the Jedi Master Meetra Surrik has a cyan lightsaber. Meetra Surrik is sometimes known as the “Jedi Exile”. Meetra was a human female who fought during the Mandalorian Wars.

She was a young padawan during the war and went against direct Jedi orders to help the Galactic Empire fight against the Mandalorian invaders. During the war, she rose to the level of a Jedi master, and at the final battle, she severed her connection to the force.

Due to her losing her connection to the force, Meetra was the only Jedi who participated in the battle to not be lured to the dark side. After the war was done, Meetra returned to the Jedi Order to be judged for her crimes. As a result, Meetra was exiled, and she spent nearly a decade roaming the outer edges of the galaxy, only to return during the Dark Wars.

Additionally, the Jedi Tyris is known to have an azure lightsaber, which is quite close to cyan. Unfortunately, Tyris later falls to the dark side of the force and later becomes one of Count Dooku’s allies in the time of the Clone Wars.

There are other video games that allow cyan as a playable option. These games are Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Star Wars Galaxies. In Star Wars Galaxies, the cyan lightsaber is available as a special kyber crystal known as the Sunstrider’s Destiny.

List of Cyan Lightsaber Users

Star Wars Canon

Cal Kestis

Star Wars Legends

Meetra Surrik

Nikkos Tyris

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