The History of White Lightsabers

Ahsoka Tano with white lightsabers

In the beginning, there were only two colours of lightsabers. Blue for the honourable Jedi, and on the dark side of the force, red for the Sith. Since then several other colours have been added to the Star Wars canon, including green, purple, and even black. However, the rarest lightsaber colour is white. The white …

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10 Best Star Wars Canon Books

Best new Canon Star Wars books

If there is one thing that makes Star Wars stand out from other franchises, it is the enormous Expanded Universe of stories that go beyond the original movies and TV series. Before Disney acquired Lucasfilm, we had the old canon which included over 500 books that were all tightly connected into a single timeline. In …

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10 Best Star Wars Legends Books & Series

Best Star Wars Legends Books

The Star Wars universe has always been so much more than a few movies and TV shows. Many of the most incredible Star Wars stories were born in what we know as the Expanded Universe – a Star Wars library that consisted of over 500 novels that were de-canonized when Disney acquired the franchise. Even …

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