Star Wars The Vintage Collection Tusken Warrior & Massiff 2 Pack Revealed

Hi Star wars collectors! Together with other fan sites I am happy to take part in this weeks Mando Mania by revealing a new deluxe set for The Vintage Collection. And here it is, once again from the Book of Boba Fett, we have the Tusken Warrior and Massiff 2-pack or deluxe set.

TVC Tusken & Massiff 2 pack

This set, similar to previous deluxe sets such as the Incinerator Trooper with Grogu and the Stormtrooper with E-Web Cannon, does include a figure that is, or will be available in the mainline. In this case it’s the female Tusken warrior. However, the best part of this set the newly tooled Massiff, which is the dog like creature that the Tuskens use for protection.

TVC Massiff

The new Massiff has an articulated jaw, neck and legs.

Tusken Warrior and Massiff

The Tusken Warrior and Massiff set will be a Target exclusive in the US and will retail at $27.99. It can be preordered on 12th April at 1pm EST. If you are in the UK then you can preorder it from online retailers such as Star Action figures at 6pm BST.

Tusken Warrior and Massiff 2 pack