Who Are The Inquisitors?

The Inquisitors of Star Wars

In Disney’s latest live-action television series Obi-Wan Kenobi, many casual Star Wars fans will be introduced to the lightsaber-wielding antagonists known as the Imperial Inquisitors for the first time. Also known as the “Inquisitorius” or the “Order of the Inquisitors”, these dark side Force users have been a part of the Star Wars canon for …

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Who is Black Krrsantan? Full Origin Story

In Disney’s recent Star Wars live-action television series – The Book of Boba Fett, fans were introduced to an intimidating, formidable Wookiee bounty hunter known as Black Krrsantan – named for the black coat of fur that covered his body. Many casual fans less familiar with the expanded lore have wondered, who is Black Krrsantan? …

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Mandalorian Symbols and Meanings

Mandalorian Symbols

As a proud culture descended from a long line of famous warriors, the Mandalorians used a collection of symbols to pass down their rich martial tradition across the generations. These unique sigils are often seen on their armor and weapons, simultaneously paying homage to their ancestors while striking fear into opponents who understand its meaning. …

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What Powers a Lightsaber?

Kyber Crystals on Ilum

As “an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age,” the lightsaber is undoubtably one of the most memorable and fan-pleasing weapons ever created in the history of cinema. With its attention-capturing aesthetics of pure energy and whirl-hum sound effects, many Star Wars fans have fallen in love with the weapon at first sight since its …

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The Most Iconic Lightsabers in Star Wars

10 most iconic lightsabers in Star Wars

As one of the coolest weapons ever created in the history of science fiction and cinema, the lightsaber has captured the imagination of generations of fans since its debut in Episode IV: A New Hope. With their futuristic-looking metallic hilts, glowing energy blades and fantastic whirl-hum sounds, the most iconic lightsabers in the saga are …

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Who Are The Mandalorians?

Who are the Mandalorians

Throughout the history of the Star Wars galaxy, few groups of people have been both respected and feared as much as members of the clan-based culture known as the Mandalorians. Their legendary reputation as fierce warriors and proud conquerors have led some to even compare them to Jedi knights in both accomplishments and fighting ability. …

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The Most Powerful Jedi of All Time

Most Powerful Jedi

Throughout the history of the Star Wars galaxy, perhaps no other group’s legend and lore have drawn the fascination of fans as much as the powerful group of Force users known as the Jedi order. While their rich history goes back at least “a thousand generations” or 25,000 years, many of the most powerful Jedi …

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Magenta Lightsaber Meaning and History

Megenta Lightsaber

There is only one known character in all of Star Wars canon to have a magenta lightsaber. That character is Cal Kestis. Cal is from the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and he is a force-sensitive human who over the course of the game becomes a Jedi knight. In the game, he is able …

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Orange Lightsaber Meaning and History

Orange Lightsaber

There is only one canon character to have an orange lightsaber within the Star Wars universe. That character is Cal Kestis, from the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Cal is the playable character of the game and is a force-sensitive human who goes on to become a Jedi knight. Outside of the Star Wars …

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Purple Lightsaber Meaning and History

purple lightsabers history and meaning

Purple is a rare lightsaber color that is usually only seen in characters who do not conform to the status quo. One such famous user of a purple lightsaber is the Jedi council member Mace Windu. There are several other examples of purple lightsabers in Star Wars Legends, including Anakin Solo, Jaina Solo, and Revan. …

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