Red Lightsaber Meaning and History

Red lightsabers meaning and history

The red lightsaber was one of two original colors used in the Star Wars universe. In the beginning, there was only red and blue, with other colors coming later. Red was the color for the Sith or other dark side users of the force. Red lightsabers could only be made by pouring dark emotions into …

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Green Lightsaber Meaning and History

Green Lightsabers meaning and history

Aside from blue, the green lightsaber is the most common color associated with the Jedi. Among other green lightsaber wielders, the most famous by far are Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Qui-Gon Jinn, with many more in both Star Wars canon and Star Wars legends. This article will cover the lore of green lightsabers within the …

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Blue Lightsaber Meaning and History

Blue Lightsaber meaning and history

Among all lightsaber colors, blue is by far the most common. When the Star Wars universe was first created, there were going to be only two lightsaber colors, the blue lightsaber for the Jedi, and the red for the Sith. Blue has been carried by some of the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars history, …

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The History of White Lightsabers

Ahsoka Tano with white lightsabers

In the beginning, there were only two colours of lightsabers. Blue for the honourable Jedi, and on the dark side of the force, red for the Sith. Since then several other colours have been added to the Star Wars canon, including green, purple, and even black. However, the rarest lightsaber colour is white. The white …

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Top 8 Star Wars Episode IX Theories

Rey with Yellow Lightsaber

Before we get started I do just want to say there will be spoilers in this article so read on at your own risk! 1. Which Lightsaber will Rey Wield? Speculation has been running rampant ever since The Force Awakens, back in 2015. We saw Rey, who began the film wielding a staff, but then …

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