Ahsoka Tano: Story So Far

Long-time fans of The Clone Wars and Rebels are thrilled for the famous Ahsoka Tano’s series debut. Although she is a new character for those who have just begun watching Star Wars with The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, she is a fan favorite to watchers of the animated series.

With the release of the Ahsoka Series on Disney Plus, it’s time to make sure you are up to date on her back story to help you understand what happens in the series and some new characters that may be introduced.

Ahsoka Series

This article will introduce you to the beloved Ahsoka Tano and lead you through the key episodes in The Clone Wars, Tales of the Jedi, Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett detailing her backstory. It will introduce you to her connection to the Jedi, the Force, Anakin Skywalker, and so much more! Whether you are just meeting this spunky Togruta or you just want to brush up on your Ahsoka history, this article is for you.

Ahsoka Tano at a Glance

Ahsoka Tano grew up on the planet Shili where she lived with her tribe of fellow Togrutas. The Jedi discovered her to be Force-sensitive as a young child and took her to train as a Youngling at the Jedi Temple. There she trained under Anakin Skywalker as his padawan.

Ahsoka's family

Ahsoka’s Life Before the Jedi

Ahsoka’s story begins in Tales of the Jedi. The first few episodes introduce you to Ahsoka before she joined the order and her as a Youngling. The first episode introduces you to Ahsoka’s species, family, and home world.

Ahsoka didn’t begin her life as a Jedi. She lived with her loving family on the planet Shili. There she took part in tribal traditions. In the episodes we see her mother take her on a tribal hunting ritual to hunt Kybuck. While her mother and Ahsoka find the Kybuck, it attacks and takes Ahsoka. When taken, Ahsoka connects with the animal using the Force. Thus, making her tribe realize she is Force-sensitive.

Padawan Ahsoka

The Clone Wars series delves into Ahsoka’s life as a Padawan learner in the Jedi Order. It follows her relationships, growth, and development within the Jedi Order and Republic.

The Clone Wars movie

The Clone Wars Movie

Ahsoka first appeared in The Clone Wars Movie. She joins the famous Obi-Wan and Anakin duo as Anakin’s unexpected apprentice. Together, she helps Anakin and Obi-Wan battle Separatist forces and rescue Rotta the Hutt. Early on, she proves to be a formidable foe with a mind of her own, able to keep up with the unorthodox and unruly patterns of her master.

The Clone Wars Series

From that movie on, Ahsoka is an integral part of the Republic Forces. She appears in various episodes throughout The Clone Wars Series. Although she appears in more than the ones I will mention in this article, these are the essential ones to watch or learn about to help you understand Ahsoka as a character and give you a better understanding of the Ahsoka Series.

The Clone Wars: Season 1

In Season 1, Ahsoka makes an appearance early on in Episode 2, “Rising Manevolance”. It introduces the special relationship she holds with Master Plo Koon. We discover that he is the one who brought her to Coruscant to begin her Jedi Training as she worries about his disappearance in a battle.

Her tenacity, loyalty, and unwillingness to give up are demonstrated as she refuses to believe he is truly lost. She senses his presence through the Force, leading to the rescue of him and his crew.

Ahsoka & Plo Koon

Another essential Ahsoka episode is “Cloak of Darkness” (Episode 9). Here she works closely with Jedi Master Luminara to interrogate Viceroy Gunray. This episode reveals a side of Ahsoka not seen before as she threatens Gunray to try to get him to talk. However, it also shows her great respect and ability to learn from other Jedi, as she is chastised by Luminara for her methods.

The final important episode regarding Ahsoka in Season 1 is “Storm Over Ryloth” (Episode 19). Here we see Ahsoka fail big. She leads a squadron for the first time against a Separatist blockade. However, she decides to take a page from her master’s playbook and disobey orders. Unfortunately, it led to a large loss of her squadron.

Although defeated and embarrassed, Ahsoka again leads another squadron against the Separatists later on in the episode and is successful. This sequence of events shows how compassionate Ahsoka is towards others, her great respect for the clones, and her desire to do right.

The Clone Wars: Season 2

Season 2 includes quite a few more episodes with Ahsoka than Season 1. They include the “Holocron Arc” (Episodes 1-3), “The Geonosis Arc” (Episodes 5-8), “Lightsaber Lost” (Episode 11), and the “Death Watch Arc” (Episodes 12-14).

Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars Season 2

To begin the “Holocron Arc”, Ahsoka yet again disobeys orders showing her tendency to behave as her master, Anakin Skywalker. After her behavior, back at the Jedi Temple, she is sent to the Jedi Archives for guard duty to protect the Holocron Vault due to her lack of discipline and obedience. Unfortunately, a Holocron is stolen during her watch.

Ahsoka works with Anakin throughout the arc to retrieve it from the bounty hunter Cad Bane who stole it. While doing so, they also discover Force-sensitive children that are being taken from their parents. This arc shows Ahsoka’s humility and again, strong desire to fix wrong and do what is right.


The “Geonosis Arc” is of course on the planet Geonosis. Ahsoka and Anakin work closely with Luminara and her padawan Barriss Offee to try and destroy the droid factory on Geonosis. During this, Ahsoka and Barriss get buried in an explosion. Luminara believes the two are dead, while Anakin never gives up hope in his padawan.

Ahsoka discovers she can contact Anakin, thus saving Barriss and her lives. These episodes again show the incredible connection the two Jedi, Anakin and Ahsoka have. It shows Ahsoka’s tenacity and unwillingness to give up.

The next two episodes in the arc follow the padawans as they fight against troopers infected with brain worms. Barriss becomes infected as well, thus leaving Ahsoka to save an infected ship and its occupants by herself.

Ahsoka & Barris Offee

Ahsoka’s compassion leads her to spare the lives she can, while eventually freeing the crew from the plague of the worms. These episodes are all important showing Ahsoka’s friendship with Barriss, which is key later on in the series.

Lightsaber Lost

In “Lightsaber Lost” Ahsoka’s lightsaber is stolen. She doesn’t want to let Anakin know, so she works with another Jedi, Sinube to track it down. At the end of the episode, Ahsoka shares her new found wisdom with the Younglings. Her lightsabers, especially throughout her life contain important significance, which I will discuss later on in the article.

Ahsoka Lightsaber lost

The next important episodes in Season 2 are the “Death Watch Arc”. These episodes don’t include Ahsoka but are essential to watch to understand later essential episodes with her. They follow the infamous Death Watch on the planet Mandalore as they work against Dutchess Satine and Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting against their peacekeeping ways.

Tales of the Jedi

The second episode of Tales of the Jedi happens amid the Clone Wars. These episodes hop around in the order of Ahsoka’s lifespan.

Here Ahsoka has already been taken as a Padawan learner by Anakin Skywalker. She faces off with training probes, impressing many Jedi Masters with her ability to defeat them. Unfortunately, her master is disappointed with her training and sets up a more intense training session.

Ahsoka Tales of the Jedi

Under Anakin’s tutelage, Ahsoka faces off against the 501st, thus facing more deadly opponents. This short episode shows insight into her character, training, and connection with and to the 501st and Anakin. It also gives insight into how she became such a powerful wielder of the force and lightsabers.

The Clone Wars: Season 3

Season three follows many of Ahsoka’s relationships with senators, Jedi, and civilians. Additionally, it begins to show more of her working without the direct guidance of Anakin Skywalker, allowing her more ability to work on her own on missions.

Ahsoka’s missions begin in “Spheres of Influence” (Episode 4). Here she works with her friend Chuchi, a senator’s daughter, to end a blockade on Chuchi’s home planet of Pantora.

In “Heroes on Both Sides” (Episode 10) Ahsoka works closely with Padme Amidala. In typical Padme fashion, she is working to do anything to prevent war. In this episode, she goes as far as to meet with others on the side of the Separatists against the knowledge of the Senate. She takes Ahsoka for a secret meeting with Mina Bonteri, Padme’s friend on the side of the Separatists.

Clone Wars heroes on both sides

While there, Ahsoka meets Bonteri’s son Lux. Together they discuss good and evil and the blurred lines between them. In this episode, Ahsoka begins to understand the war and the multiple views held on both sides of the Separatists and the Republic in a new light.

Mortis Arc

The “Mortis Arc” (Episodes 15-17) introduces viewers to a much deeper side of the Force than has ever been seen before in Star Wars. Here Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan become stranded on the planet Mortis. There they meet the Father, the Son, and the Daughter, each representing the good, the evil, and the in-between of the Force.

On Mortis, she works to overcome manipulation from the Son and evil all while gaining new insight into the complexities of the Force. Through this episode we come to see that Ahsoka represents the purity and goodness of the Force, also hinting at the World Between Worlds which is later seen again in Rebels.

The Clone Wars Mortis Arc

We are also introduced to Morai, the owl that is seen following Ahsoka in certain episodes. This owl was originally connected to the Daughter who dies in the episode. Once she died, Morai began to follow Ahsoka.

The next arc that is important is the “Citadel Arc” (Episodes 18-20). Ahsoka works with a special team to infiltrate the Citadel, a high-level prison. She receives specific information from a dying Master Piell (another Jedi part of the mission) of coordinates that she was specifically asked to only deliver to the Jedi Council. She delivers on that promise despite hardships.

The last arc in Season 3 is the “Trandoshan Arc” (Episodes 21-22). Here Ahsoka is abducted by Trandoshans and hunted by them. She uses her survival skills and leadership to help her fellow prisoner, Chewbacca escape. With her return, she begins to receive more respect for her skills and abilities from Jedi such as Master Yoda.

Clone Wars trandoshans

Clone Wars: Season 4

Season 4, episodes 11-13 are the Zygerria Arc. Ahsoka joins Anakin and Obi-Wan, in investigating slave trafficking on Zygerria. However, while there, she is separated from both Jedi. The Zygerrians capture her as a slave, thus forcing her to understand at a deeper level the cruelties of slavery enforced on many unfortunate beings throughout the galaxy. Her empathy in this episode deepens for those facing these horrible atrocities in the galaxy.

Episode 14, “A Friend in Need” shows the appearance of Ahsoka’s old friend Lux Bonteri. Due to his mother’s involvement with Padme in an attempt for peace between the Republic and the Separatists, she was murdered by Count Dooku. He wants Ahsoka to help him exact revenge.

Lux Bonteri

Ahsoka faces a dilemma of decision, deciding whether she wants to help her friend or go against her beliefs as a Jedi to help him. She begins to recognize the struggle of maintaining and balancing friendship and belief during the atrocities of war.

The infamous Darth Maul makes a return in Season 4, episodes 21 through 22. In the Maul Arc, Ahsoka must face Maul on her own for the first time. Her first extreme experience against the dark side shows her transition from padawan to a stronger leadership role in the Jedi. She takes charge in combat and uses the strategic war strategies she has learned from many a lesson with Anakin against Maul.

The Clone Wars Season 5

Season Five is almost entirely essential to the growth of Ahsoka as a character. The first episode (“Revival”) continues highlighting her growing independence and leadership as she faces Maul once again. She grows in her confidence as a Jedi Commander, on a mission to capture Maul and Savage Opress.

Episodes one through five, “The Onderon Arc” show Ahsoka and Anakin’s work with the Freedom Fighters on Onderon. For the first time, she takes on a complete role of leadership, mentoring fighters in guerilla warfare, as the Republic has chosen to not get involved in the fight. Her teachings not only help lead the fighters to victory but also inspire them through hardship.

Clone Wars The Onderon Arc

Lux Bonteri again shows up, this time as one of the Freedom Fighters. Ahsoka yet again faces a head-on struggle with the teachings of the Jedi as she struggles with but fights to let go of her personal feelings towards him.

Episodes six through nine, “The Youngling Arc” shows Ahsoka continuing to mentor others. This time though, she works with Younglings of the Jedi Order. She goes with them as they construct their lightsabers. As they each face their struggles and trials, she draws from personal experiences in the war and with Anakin’s teachings as she patiently teaches them.

Additionally, this arc shows her strong commitment and loyalty to the Jedi Order and her Master Anakin. She demonstrates a strong bond with other Jedi, and the capability to compassionately lead, teach, and inspire.


Yet again, in episodes 15 and 16, Maul shows up. This time on Mandalore. As all Sith do, he grapples for power over the Mandalorian people. Ahsoka and Bo-Katan work together to try to inspire the Mandalorian people to work together to defeat his power of evil. Her connection to Bo-Katan is important later on in The Mandalorian.

The final and most important episodes regarding Ahsoka as a character in Season Five are 17 through 20. These are “Ahsoka’s Trial Arc”. Here Ahsoka faces the ultimate test. She is wrongly accused of a bombing on Coruscant. This tears a hole in every relationship she’s had with other Jedi and Senators.

Ahsoka on Trial Arc

Not only do many believe she is guilty, but she is also forced to face a military tribunal and the Jedi. As Anakin desperately works to try and help her prove her innocence, she faces the ultimate struggle of identity, trust, and friendship. Her ties to the Jedi Order fall apart, as those who should stand up for her and believe her, throw her out of the Order.

She makes the difficult decision to walk away from everything she knows, forging a new path and identity. She shows great fortitude and kindness, even while facing distrust and misplaced accusations.

The Clone Wars Season 6

The next arc, “Order 66”, included in The Clone Wars, Season 6 (Episodes 1-4), follows the immediate aftermath of Ahsoka’s departure from the Jedi Order. Fives, one of the clones, works to discover why his friend Tup killed a Jedi. While searching for answers, he finds the inhibitor chips planted in each clone. He desperately tries to warn Captain Rex of the impending doom unsuccessfully.

Fives & Tup

Additionally, he goes to Chancellor Palpatine with his findings, hoping to save lives. However, Palpatine reveals the full atrocities of what will happen during Order 66 to Fives before turning on him and having him murdered. This gives a perfect segway into what happens in the final episodes of Season Seven.

The Clone Wars Season 7

Ahsoka is involved in two main arcs in Season Seven. The first is “The Martinez Sisters Arc” (Episodes 5-8). She meets two sisters in the aftermath of leaving the Jedi. This meeting is the first demonstration of her facing the real world after she left. She works with them in the underworld of Coruscant. They show her yet another side to herself and the war.

While Ahsoka works with them, she reflects on the Jedi’s role in the war and how their actions have affected others. Her willingness to put others first and risk her life for the well-being of others continues to show as she works together with them on a few missions.

The Martinez Sisters

The final essential episode of Ahsoka’s development in The Clone Wars is the “Siege of Mandalore Arc” (Episodes 9-12). These few episodes are heartbreaking but tie up the questions and loose ends of where Ahsoka was and what happened to her in the aftermath of Order 66.

Here, Maul is yet again on the loose. With Anakin and Obi-Wan tied up assisting the Jedi and Republic, they ask Ahsoka to help them capture Maul, who has finally completely seized control of Mandalore. To fight him, Ahsoka is given her battalion to lead, with Captain Rex right at the forefront with her.

Siege of Mandalore

332nd Ahsoka Clone Battalion

Even with her Jedi rank gone, the clones show their respect and loyalty to her by painting their armor to match her unique Togruta markings. Anakin also gifts her with two more lightsabers, like her own when she was in the Order except these ones are blue.

Although Ahsoka is no longer a Jedi, she duels and captures Maul. She also has to face her old friends as they turn against her during Order 66. She battles with all her might to save as many clones as she can, although they are trying to kill her. The episode ends with her and Rex escaping and Darth Vader appearing at the scene, assuming both Rex and Ahsoka died in the aftermath of Order 66 and their ship’s crash.

Vintage Collection 332nd Clone Trooper

Tales of the Jedi

“Practice Makes Perfect” and “Resolve” (Episodes 5 and 6) follow Ahsoka yet again as she guides Younglings in the ways of the Force. They also follow Ahsoka facing another crisis at the Jedi Temple after she has already left. Yet again, they show her commitment to the Jedi Order and its future, whether she is or is not a part of it.

Rebels Season 1

Ahsoka appears again in Rebels, set around 14 years after the Clone Wars. She is first mentioned in “Sparks of Rebellion” (Episodes 1 and 2). Now, instead of being known as Ahsoka, she is called a code name, Fulcrum. She acts as an informant for the crew of the Ghost, still using the Force and fighting the evil rampant in the galaxy.

She also appears in “Fire Across the Galaxy” (episode 15). Here Ahsoka finally reveals to the crew of the Ghost her identity as Fulcrum. The members of the Ghost crew are essential characters to know in the Ahsoka Series as it has already introduced Hera, Sabine, and Chopper.

Ahsoka Star Wars Rebels

Rebels Season 2

Ahsoka appears much more in Season 2. In the first four episodes (“The Siege of Lothal”, “The Lost Commanders”, and “Relics of the Old Republic”) she works much closer with the crew of the Ghost. She acts as a mentor to Ezra and Kanan in the ways of the Force.

Here Ahsoka first learns of Darth Vader’s identity as her old master, Anakin Skywalker. She again faces emotional turmoil as she comes to terms with the realization.

During these episodes, she joins the Ghost crew on a mission, discovering lost clone troopers from her time with the Republic. The beloved characters Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor tie together her past and future. We see the development of Ahsoka, as she is no longer the Padawan or Jedi Commander she once was. She now holds a new place in the Rebellion. Additionally, we see her evolved perspective on the war as she discusses it with her old and new allies.

Ahsoka vs Seventh Sister

In “The Future of the Force” (episode 10), Ahsoka works to help Force-sensitive children. The evil Inquisitors, whom we see throughout the Star Wars TV shows, are targeting these children whom she actively works to protect.

“The Call” (episode 15) follows Ahsoka as she guides Ezra through the ways of the Force. Even though she left the Order years ago, she still believes in, practices, and teaches the Force. We continue to see her evolution as a teacher and mentor to young Jedi.

Shroud of Darkness

Episode 18, “Shroud of Darkness”, bridges the gap between Rebels and The Clone Wars. Although Ahsoka has aged, she still faces many of the same deep fears. She goes to the Jedi Temple on Lothal with Kanan and Ezra. Here she faces her deepest fears, similar to Luke’s on Dagobah.

We see into her innermost battle of accepting Anakin as Darth Vader and her decision to leave the Order. Despite these fears, this episode also shows the incredible strength and resolve she has against turning to the dark side of the Force.

Shroud of Darkness Star Wars Rebels

The final essential episodes in Season Two are a two-part arc, “Twilight of the Apprentice” (episodes 21 and 22). Ahsoka finally comes face to face with her old master. She duels against him on the Sith Planet Malachor. We see how her resolve has grown and her improved lightsaber and Force skills. No longer the master and the apprentice, these heartbreaking episodes show the destruction of the former formidable duo.

Although Anakin has turned to the dark side, we see Ahsoka’s complete compassion and love for her master as she attempts to do everything in her power to bring him back. The episode ends with us not knowing her fate from the duel.

Rebels Season 3

Although Ahsoka is not truly in Season Three, there are a few critical episodes to watch. They begin with the first two of the seasons, “Steps into Shadow Part 1 and 2”. We immediately see and sense her loss to the Rebel Alliance. The Empire has continued to grow, with her death looming in the background. Her impact on those she taught and the Rebellion itself is deeply felt.

We also are introduced to a larger threat that is assumed to be a huge part of the Ahsoka series, Grand Admiral Thrawn. This incredible adversary–quiet but lethal–shows his importance and ability to amass victory in battle as he vows to tear the rebels apart.

TVC Grand Admiral Thrawn

The last two episodes (21 and 22), “Zero Hour Parts 1 and 2” again focus more on Thrawn and the rebels on Lothal. Thrawn comes to Lothal warning Governor Pryce about a traitor in her midst. He also brings top-secret information not to be shared with others. He warns Tarkin and the other leaders on Lothal of the rebels impending attack. The episodes follow Thrawn’s incredible attacks against the rebellion forces on Lothal.

Rebels Season 4

Season Four largely follows Thrawn’s and the Rebellion’s attacks and counterattacks against one another. Episodes nine through fourteen show the Ghost crew Hera, Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, Chopper, and Sabine as they infiltrate, rescue, and rally against the Empire.

Additionally, Ezra discovers the evil plan of the Empire to use the Jedi Temple on Lothal. He rallies the Rebel Forces on Lothal to face this evil and attempt to liberate Lothal and the Temple.

Rebels end with a hopeful and heartbreaking two episodes, “Family Reunion and Farewell”. Seemingly hopeless, Ezra goes to the Jedi Temple on Lothal, where he unlocks the World Between Worlds. There he jumps in and saves Ahsoka from her duel with Darth Vader, thus allowing her to return as though she never died.

Ahsoka Vs Vader

Ahsoka aids the Ghost crew on Lothal as they fight against Thrawn in a final duel for the planet. Ezra faces Thrawn on Thrawn’s ship, the Chimera, where he makes a decision saving Lothal while sending him and Thrawn away where no one knows. The only thing remaining to give anyone on the Ghost crew an idea of where he is is his final message.

These two episodes are key going into the Ahsoka Series. It follows the aftermath of what happened on Lothal, hinting at finding Ezra and giving us further insight into what happened to the Ghost Crew and Thrawn.

The Mandalorian

Ahsoka first appears in live action in “Chapter 13: The Jedi” (Season Two, Episode 5) of The Mandalorian. She confronts an evil magistrate on the planet Corvus. While there, she meets Mando and Baby Yoda. Ahsoka works with Baby Yoda, sensing his feelings and thoughts and discovering his name is Grogu.

As she works with Grogu, she discovers his past as he was raised at the Jedi Temple. She tests him and discovers his great abilities with the Force but refuses to teach him. Even though she refuses, she still helps Din Dijarin defeat the Magistrate.

Ahsoka in The Mandalorian

The Book of Boba Fett

Ahsoka also appears in Chapter 6 of The Book of Boba Fett, “From the Desert Comes a Stranger”. She meets again with Mando, discussing Grogu’s training with Luke Skywalker. Additionally, she lets him in on some of the ways of Jedi training when he asks to deliver Grogu some Mandalorian Armor. Thus, again, we see throughout the years that Ahsoka still values the traditions of the Jedi. This episode is also the first time we see her interact with Luke as he trains Grogu.

Ahsoka & Luke Skywalker

Ahsoka’s Lightsabers

Unlike the majority of the Jedi, Ahsoka uses multiple colors and lightsabers throughout the years. She begins with two green lightsabers as a Youngling. When she left the Jedi Order her original lightsabers were taken away. However, when she helped the Republic during the Siege of Mandalore, her old master, Anakin Skywalker, gifted her two blue lightsabers.

As a sign of leaving her past behind, she chose to leave her lightsabers at the location of the crash landing in the final episode of The Clone Wars.

Years later, in Rebels, she is seen with white lightsabers. These represent a multitude of things. One of them being her neutrality with the Force. As she is neither Jedi nor Sith, she represents a neutral side between the Force. She is the only Jedi ever seen in Canon to use a white lightsaber.


Ahsoka, the Jedi, the Commander, and the Snips we all love will be exciting to watch as we discover what happened to her in the aftermath of Rebels. With her diverse background and connections, it will be entertaining to see which of her past friends and foes make an appearance with her.

Thankfully, we have a multitude of episodes to watch to learn about who she was and who she’s become. Come back whenever you need a little refresher on Ahsoka’s backstory as you continue to watch the new Ahsoka Series on Disney Plus.