Best Bounty Hunters in Star Wars

Bounty Hunters represent some of the most diverse and interesting characters in the Star Wars saga and expanded universe. They come in many different species, have impressive and extensive weapon arsenals, and some of the most iconic ship designs in the franchise. Despite most of them having very short screen time, they have incredible back stories to tell.

Who are the Bounty Hunters of the Galaxy?

Boba Fett

Boba Fett is regarded by most as the most infamous and dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy. An unaltered clone of the chrome plated Jango Fett (who was as equally as formidable during the waning days of the republic), Boba created his own path and became a deadly hunter is his own right.

In the days of the Empire, Boba concealed his identity in his carapace like armor, with few words coming from the iconic black T visor. Known to act in silent efficiency, Boba hunted high profile targets for both the Empire and Jabba the Hutt with the considerable arsenal at his disposal. This included a missile launcher housed in his jet pack; wrist and knee rockets and of course his iconic EE-3 sawn-off Carbine Rifle.

Boba Fett The Empire Strikes Back

Slave 1

Fett’s ship, the Slave 1, was a formidable Firespray gunship, outfitted with all manner of devastating weapons in its arsenal. These included cloaking sensors, elite tracking technology, multiple laser cannons, all manner of rockets and the most infamous of all; the iconic seismic charges.

Boba Fett's Slave I

Boba himself was also known to incinerate targets into ash, something that Vader warned Boba against in his pursuit of Solo, in which Boba wisely agreed. During this time, Boba hunted some of the most important figures of the Rebel Alliance, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

Fett successfully captured and delivered Han Solo into the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt. Although he unsuccessfully hunted Luke Skywalker between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, it was Fett’s elite tracking skills that allowed him to follow Han Solo to Cloud City and lure Skywalker into the clutches of Darth Vader.

Aside from being a deadly killer, Fett was also a born survivor; as was proved in the events proceeding the Sale Barge Disaster. 

Sarlacc Pit

After comically falling to what seemed to be his doom in the gaping maw of the almighty Sarlacc, through a mixture of strength, will and guile, Fett did what no one else had and blasted his way out of the Sarlacc pit. This came at a great physical and personal cost. The toxic environ within the giant parasite chemically burned the bounty hunter, and the sheer effort to escape rendered him incapacitated on the sands of the dune sea.

Stripped of his armor in his semi unconscious state by deep desert opportunistic Jawas, Fett was captured by a remote tribe of Sand People and taken in as their prisoner. After botched escape attempts, Fett eventually earned their trust, won his freedom and eventually became part of the tribe.

Becoming a Tusken Raider

Boba effectively led three lives; The most infamous bounty Hunter in the galaxy and a reborn Tusken warrior. This was his second life, his third came after his adopted tribe were slaughtered. His third life was as Daimyo of Mos Espa.

As ruler Fett, Fennec Shand, Din Djarin and Black Krrsantan collectively saw off the Pyke Syndicate on Tatooine and killed his arch nemesis Cad Bane with a Tusken Gaffi stick to the heart, in a stunning scene of poetic justice.

Boba Fett in Book of Boba Fett

During the conflict, Fett turned the tide by riding into battle on his own Rancor and destroying Scorpenek droids and the Pyke forces. Throughout his career, Fett has demonstrated a certain affinity with using animals to aid his endeavours, and shows a level of empathy and kindness to them that may surprise a few.

The Book of Boba Fett

The question at the end of the series is where is Boba going? Is he now at peace or is he returning to the hunt. Certainly, his final lines seems promising to see future Fett adventures going forwards…

Species: Human

Born: Kamino

Ship: Firespray – 31- class Patrol and Attack Craft Gunship (Slave 1)

Weapons: Customised Beskar Mandalorian Armour, Gauntlets (Wrist Rockets, Retractable Wrist baldes, Czerka Arms ZX Miniature Flame Projector, Blastech Industries Dur-24 wrist laser)  Kelvarek Industries MM7 rocket launcher, MM9 mini concussion rocket launcher, Knee Rockets, EE-3 Carbine Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Tusken Gaffi Stick


Bossk ’wassak’ Cradossk (or Bossk for short) is a Trandoshan bounty Hunter of a royal bloodline. One of the deadliest bounty hunters in the galaxy, Bossk hails from a bloodthirsty hunting sport culture. Purveyors of hunts of prey from across the galaxy, Trandoshans have a particular penchant for Wookiees, which is down to their physical power and danger involved with hunting the Kashyyyk natives. 

Star Wars #33 Bossk

Although a lone hunter, Bossk was for a time aligned with Boba Fett, Dengar, Aurra Sing and Embo (part of Krayt’s claw) during the clone wars.

Serving the Empire

During the reign of the Empire, Bossk became more of a solo hunter, although still aligned with Jabba the Hutt and Dengar. Bossk was actually present in both Jabba’s palace and the Sail Barge during the early events of Return of the Jedi when Luke and Leia and their allies rescued Han Solo.

Bossk and Dengar both survived, with Bossk taking a job hunting the Balosar Stolak Vandello onboard the Halycon in the days of the New Republic. At this point Bossk was part of T’ongas crew in which he was also with Zuckuss and 4-LOM.

Bossk will remain in legend as one of the bounty hunters hired by the empire to catch Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon after escaping Hoth and evading capture in the nearby asteroid field.

Boba Fett Clone Wars with Bossk

Blood Sport

An important part of Trandoshan culture is the blood sport of hunting, making them one of the most ferocious species in the galaxy. Their favoured prey? The powerful and intimidating Wookiees. Because of this, there is a great hatred between Wookiees and Trandoshans. This was evidenced when Krssantan, an ex Wookiee gladiator and bounty hunter, snapped and dismembered a Trandoshan gambler in Garsa Fwip’s sanctuary in Mos Espa, removing the patron’s arm from his socket.

Speaking of limb loss, Trandoshans have ability to grow back these severed appendages. Bossk’s best attributes are his Trandoshan biology coupled with brutal and intimidating nature. A highly powerful physical specimen, with physical abilities beyond human beings, Bossk is truly an apex predator, who stands above even other Trandoshan hunters.

Species: Trandoshan

Born: Trandosha

Ship: Hounds Tooth (YV-Series Light Freighter) 

Weapons: Relby-V10 Micro Grenade Launcher, Small Saber, 1st Generation X-45 Blaster Rifle, Dioxis Grenades, Proximity Mines


4-LOM was manufactured by Industrial Automaton (who were producers of most droids in the galaxy including the 21B medical droids, GNK power droids and perhaps most famous the R series Astromech droids) 4-LOM was a droid bounty hunter, an associate and duo of the bounty hunter Zuckuss.

Designed to look like the insectoid Gand species who built them for servitude, 4-LOM first served on a luxury cruise liner. He was reprogrammed by an unknown individual who shared stories with 4-LOM about legends were droids have risen up against their masters. And so it was that logic glitches and personality software corruption led to 4-LOM overwriting his programming to became a bounty Hunter. 

VC10 4-LOM

Deadly Duo

4-LOM and Zuckuss eventually teamed up and became an almost unstoppable team that captured bounties regularly for the Hutt Clan. 4-LOM assisted Zuckuss with detailed and tactical analysis during their bounty hunts. One of 4-LOMs most useful weapons was a concealed gas emitter that was hidden inside the droids body, which was used to stun, tranquillise and paralyse targets. 

Black Series ESB 40th anniversary 4-LOM & Zuckuss

Species: Modified insectoid 4-LOM series Protocol Droid (created to serve the Gand species)

Homeworld: Gand (manufactured on Nubia)

Ship: Mist Hunter G-1A Starfighter (with Zuckuss)

Weapons: DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle, Integrated Stun Gas Emitter. 


Zuckuss, hailing from the planet Gand, was a force sensitive Findsman- a tracker of extraordinary skill. Zuckuss was one of the first secretive Gand to leave his homeworld and in the end became one of the most iconic and renowned bounty hunters in the galaxy. 

By far the most mysterious of the bounty hunters, Zuckuss’ force powers made others very cautious of the alien. His supernatural abilities were confirmed when the Findsman was able to foresee the future of Boba Fett, correctly predicting he would would fall into the Sarlaac Pit, even though it wouldn’t happen for many years.

Star Wars #41 Action figure variant, Zuckuss

Like most bounty hunters, Zuckuss never removed his armour, with his special suit allowing him to breath in the toxic oxygen rich atmospheres across most of the galaxy. 

Team Mates

Zuckuss was almost always accompanied by 4-LOM, a droid based on the insectoid appearance of the Gand species, to allow Gand people to feel more comfortable with it. Zuckuss was the brains of the duo, with 4-LOM providing the tactical assistance on the hunt. 

Zuckuss shares the very unique honour of being one of the five infamous bounty hunters summoned to the executor by Darth Vader during the pursuit of rebellion general Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon.

Species: Gand

Homeworld: Gand

Ship: Mist Hunter G-1A Starfighter (with 4LOM)

Weapons: GRS-1 Snare Rifle, Vibroknife


Dengar is often underestimated by his enemies and bounties as he is covered in bandages, but this is actually religious dress. In his younger years, much similar to Black Krrsantan, Dengar was a gladiator. Agile and athletic, these skills were easily transferable into the Bounty Hunter profession.

During the Clone Wars, it was arguable that Dengar was at the peak of his powers and notoriety. The Corellian fighter was part of the infamous Krayt’s Claw, which included a young Boba Fett, Bossk, Aurra Sing and a few others. This group of talented and upcoming bounty hunters took part in many raids and hunts together.

Retro Collection Dengar

Imperial Rule

As the years passed into Imperial rule, Dengar aged and looked weathered using imperial surplus over the top of his holy garments and wearing a recovered Sandtrooper backpack. He also wielded an imperial era pulse rifle. His dirtied turban and battered armour which had been iconic throughout his life, gave the impression that the slovenly bounty hunter was an easy competitor and on the way out, but this just served his rivals an enemies to underestimate him. Dengar was highly competitive and physically very gifted.

Later life 

Even as his body aged, the Corellian stormed into all battles with no fear and was extremely successful in capturing his bounties. During the Imperial years, Dengar had contracts with the Empire and Jabba the Hutt, and the Hutt clan in general. Dengar was one of the five infamous bounty hunters summoned to the executor by Darth Vader during the pursuit of rebellion general Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon.

Black Series Dengar

Not at the same level of partnership as Fennec and Boba or even 4-LOM and Zuckuss, Dengar and Bossk were often seen together. Their last appearance in Return of the Jedi sees both of them together on Jabba’s ill fated Sail Barge. We know Bossk survived but nothing was heard of Dengar for years…until the events of The Rise of Skywalker.

On the planet Kijimi, at the cantina, is a background alien going by the name Rothgar Deng. A gross, pallid and physically distorted mutant, Rothgar Deng is unrecognisable save from the iconic sepia bronze. In an attempt to stay in the game, Dengar underwent operation after operation and enhancement. 

Species: Human

Homeworld: Corellia

Ship: Punishing One Corellian JumpMaster 5000

Weapons: DLT-18 Laser Rifle, DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle, mini-grenades, smoke grenades, Fire Blade.

Cad Bane

One the most dangerous and capable of all the bounty hunters, Bane became known as the best and most infamous hunter in the galaxy after the death of Jango Fett, before a longstanding rivalry formed with his arch nemesis Boba (son of Jango) over the next two decades. 

Cad Bane The Clone Wars

Cad Bane was at the height of his career during the clone wars. Despite the obvious intention of his outfit, Bane is every bit the gunslinger in just his skills and actions. Working almost exclusively for the separatists during the clone wars conflicts, Bane  hunted  bounties for Palpatine and Count Dooku that often included Jedi targets- a sure demonstration of Cad Bane’s mastery as a bounty Hunter. In all cases Bane survived every skirmish with the Jedi, and very often bested them; which is almost impossible.

The Book of Boba Fett

After the bulk of the Republic/Separatist conflicts Bane also took on contracts from Darth Maul and Crimson Dawn during the latter stages of the war. Cad Bane built up an intense rivalry with rising star Boba Fett, son of Jango, which culminated in the events of the Book of Boba Fett.

Bane went under the radar during the imperial era, but at the beginning of the Emperor’s reign, he took on a job to hunt the unaltered clone Omega hired by Kaminoan president Lama Su. This was where his rivalry with Fennec Shand began as she thwarted his attempts to capture the girl. 

Cad Bane The Book of Boba Bett

Throughout this time, Cad Bane was accompanied by his techno-service droid Todo 360. Despite the poor treatment the droid received (often having morality questions with itself) Todo was unshakeably loyal to its master, offering technical support throughout all of Cad Banes missions.

Is Cad Bane Dead?

Cad Bane then reappeared after the fall of the empire when he was finally defeated by his greatest rival, Boba Fett. On his back and looking beaten, Fett drew out his Tusken Gaffi Stick, tripped the Blue Skinned Bounty hunter, and plunged the sharpened desert weapon through the Duros’ heart, with Bane remarking that he always knew he was a killer.  

But is he dead? Stranger things have happened and we don’t know for sure that his heart sensor stopped beating as the shot faded away…this is Star Wars after all!

Species: Duros

Homeworld: Duro

Ship: Xanadu Blood (during The Clone Wars) The Justifier (during Imperial reign)

Weapons: Dual LL-30 Blastech Pistols, Flamethrower Gauntlet, Rocket Boots, Todo 360.

Fennec Shand 

Standing in startling geometric black and red/orange armour, Fennec Shand became well known as a bounty Hunter after the creation of the galactic empire and worked for various crime syndicates, including working for the Hutts. 

During the beginning of the galactic empire, Fennec Shand was hired by Taun Wi, the Kaminoan, to help bring the unaltered clone Omega back safely. This was in response to Kaminoan prime minister Lama Su hiring Cad Bane to bring Omega back to him. Consequently she helped Omega to safety leaving her with Hunter of Clone Force 99. She was infamous as a master assassin, and more than held her own against the deadly and formidable Cad Bane. 

Fennec Shand

Later, after the end of galactic empire and destruction of the second Death Star, Shand went on the run as a 10,000 credit bounty was placed upon her head, set by the new republic, after her various syndicate employers were arrested or imprisoned and thus no longer providing Shand with protection. 


Shand was eventually captured by rookie Corellian Hunter Toro Callican and Din Djarin, and later almost murdered by the Corellian rookie. Seemingly dead with a gunshot wound to the stomach, she was found and kept alive by the nomad boba Fett, who took her to a cybernetics bar on the edge of Mos Eisley. During Fennec’s surgery, her lower torso was replaced by robotic droid parts and could now be considered a cyborg. 

After Boba Fett saved her, Fennec agreed to assist him with his goals of becoming Daimyo of Tatooine. She first assisted him with reacquiring his beloved Slave 1 from the slimy hands of Bib Fortuna.  Shand then agreed to become Fett’s partner, and acted as Lord Fett’s hand and trusted advisor.

TVC Fennec Shand


Fennec Shand’s ultimate moment of glory came after the battle for Mos Espa, when Fennec infiltrated the desert survey office that held the council of the various leaders of Mos Espa (Pyke Leader, Mayor Mok Shaiz, Trandoshan Dok Strassi, Aqualish Garfalaquox and the Klatooinian Don) were taking refuge. Shand brutally murdered all of them for her partner Boba, effectively ending the conflict for Mos Espa indefinitely. 

Species: Human

Homeworld: Unknown

Ship: Unknown make and model (used during the events of The Bad Batch on Pantora), Slave 1

Weapons: MK Sniper Rifle (hidden throwing blade), Blueprint tracking droid

Aurra Sing

Along with Zuckuss, the assassin Aurra Sing was the other major bounty hunter that was force sensitive. She was originally part of the Jedi Order but later left the Jedi Order becoming a Bounty Hunter.

Before the invasion of Naboo, Aurra Sing was on a mission with Cad Bane and the Sith apprentice Darth Maul. Their task was to help Maul capture the enslaved Jedi Padawan Eldra Kaitis, for Maul to train and practice against. 

VC73 Aurra Sing

Pod race appearance

During the events of the Phantom Menace, Aurra Sing was present watching over the Boonta Eve Classic podrace from a raised sniper platform. During the race, Sing was actually on a mission for Jabba the Hutt to assassinate the podracer Neva Kee. Sing was successful, and Jabba and his goons later arrived on the circuit to remove the unfortunate racer and pay the Palliduvan her fee. 

In the period between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, Sing was an associate and occasional partner of Jango Fett. Because of their relationship during this time, when Jango was killed by Mace Windu, Sing took Boba under her wing and trained the boy.

Later during the clone wars, Sing was part of a bounty hunter crew called Krayt’s Claw, which consisted of a young Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, Highsinger (C21 Combat droid) and Embo. The group took on many bounties together in the lead up to the birth of the Empire. At some point in this period of time, Aurra met her supposed end at the hands of gun slinging scoundrel Tobias Beckett. During Solo, a young Lando Calrissian thanked Beckett for throwing the bounty hunter of a cliff face, as he owed her a lot of money.

As we know with Star Wars, Aurra Sing could yet be alive as Luke says “No ones ever really gone”

Species: Palliduvan (Near Human)

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Ship: Senex Pirate Blockade Runner

Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Cyborg Comlink Antenna

IG-88 (Officially as IG-88B)

IG-88 is almost Frankenstein’s Monster of the droids in Star Wars. The vey first secret creation in a series of IG assassin droids by Holowan Laboratories, IG88 was an experiment gone truly wrong. Soon after creation, IG88 became immediately self-aware and calculated his technical and physical superiority to his creators. Evil and malicious, IG then decided his path would be on the dark side, and proceeded to unrelentingly murder everyone in the lab. 


Successfully tracking Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon to Bespin by following Boba Fett. Fett however was aware of this, and upon landing on Cloud City defeated the assassin droid, and left it for scrap in the Ugnaught scrap facility. The dismembered droid is visible in the Empire Strikes back when Chewbacca is rescuing a dismantled C-3PO. 

IG-88’s attributes made him a unique proposition. Unburdened by emotions such as fear and having the brain of a super computer, IG-88 was able to take on bounties that no one else could.

Assassinate Darth Vader

IG-88 was hired by Sly Moore to kill Darth Vader. IG used his technical capabilities to infiltrate Vader’s suit and was able to shut down many of Vader’s life support functions. Of course, Vader was able to destroy the assassin droid by using the force to aim its blaster at its own neural harness and destroyed it. Again, IG was able to be rebuilt, and in an act of revenge on the Empire, attempted to infiltrate the Second Death Star’s Defence and Intelligence systems, not before being stopped by the black and orange imperial Astromech R2-Q5.

IG-88 ESB JTC Variant

The most dangerous thing about IG-88 and any would be droid bounty hunter is their ability to be rebuilt, and in IG-88’s case, it keeps coming back on its bloody killing spree…

Model: IG-88 Assassin Droid

Manufacturer: Holowan Laboratories

Ship: IG-2000 Modified Aggressor-class Assault Fighter. 

Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Pulse Cannons, DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor, Poison Needle Dart Gun, Flamethrower, Toxic Gas Dispenser, Vibroblades


Originally a bounty droid working for the guild, being guild property, IG-11’s primary directive if captured was to self destruct with a hidden thermal detonator embedded in its chassis. 

On the successful hunt that led IG-11 to the Child, Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin and the assassin droid decided to combine and join forces in the face of alien mercenaries with overwhelming fire power. After successfully teaming up and destroying the bandits, both IG-11 and the Mandalorian finally reached the child. IG-11 revealed his directive to terminate the being to allow Din Djarin to act and destroy the droid.


IG-11’s lifeless body was later found by the Ugnaught Kuiil, who rebuilt the droid and completely reprogrammed it, to become a protector rather than a killer. After seeking out Kuiil for help, IG-11 became the child’s nurse droid.

After Kuiil was murdered by Imperial remnant biker scouts, IG-11 exacted revenge upon them and an entire battalion stationed in Nevarro on a speeder bike. The reformed droid also healed Din Djarin from mortal wounds with a Bacta spray. 

VC206 IG-11

IG-11’s final act was to sacrifice itself to protect Grogu, by finally setting off its thermal detonator at the mouth of the lava river, destroying the group of stormtroopers planning to ambush Din Djarin’s crew. IG may have been obliterated in its self-destruction but droids can be rebuilt. Is this the last we have seen of IG-11?

Model: IG-Series Assassin Droid

Manufacturer: Holowan Mechanicals

Ship: Razorcest (briefly)

Weapons: E-11 Medium Blaster Rifle, DLT-20A Blaster Rifle, Thermal Detonator

Black Krrsantan

A giant even for his own species, the colossal towering Wookiee, Black Krrsantan is a Bounty Hunter with a checkered past. Krrsantan escaped Kashyyyk to become a champion heavyweight gladiator in underworld fighting pits. Black Krssanatan was a physical monster, and was capable of taking shots and damage that would destroy most other life forms. 

Black Krrsantan Book of Boba Fett

Bounty Hunter

Sometime after this, with this elite combat skills, Krrsantan became a bounty hunter and began working for Jabba the Hutt. He was initially hired to track down the man who stopped his water tax, which led him to Owen Lars in the Dune Sea, and eventually, the exiled Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Krrsantan took Lars hostage which attracted the attention of Kenobi. Kenobi offered him the chance to retreat, which Krrsantan refused, and proceeded to attack the Jedi. A fierce battle ensued, which Obi-Wan barely escaped. During the fight, Kenobi scarred Krrsantan on his face, down over his eye.

This scar was still visible during the events of The Book of Boba Fett. The fight ended when Krrsantan fell off of a cliff but survived unscathed. The Wookiee quickly made his way off world in embarrassment however, not staying around to incur the wrath of Jabba the Hutt.

Black Krrsantan Poster

Dr Aphra

In the coming years, Krssantan was hired by Darth Vader, and worked with the archaeologist Dr Aphra and fellow bounty hunter Boba Fett (before the events of Book of Boba Fett). During this time he also became aquatinted with Han Solo and Chewbacca.

On Vrogas Vas, Krssantan collided with the Millennium Falcon, disabling the ship, attempting to capture Luke Skywalker. Instead Chewbacca intercepted him, and a gladiatorial fight ensued. The titanic Krssantan was able to best Chewbacca, knocking out the brown Wookiee with his electrified brass knuckles. Again, Krssantan’s mission ended in failure, with the protocol droid C-3PO accidentally saving the day by coming into contact with the very same brass knuckles and electrocuting him.

The Hutt Twins

After the destruction of the second Death Star, Krrsantan was working for ‘The Twins’- Jabba the Hutt’s cousins. Aiming to take over their cousins estate and control over Mos Espa, they hired Krrsantan as their enforcer and muscle to take on Boba, who was currently sitting on the thrown.

After infiltrating the palace and attempting to murder the Bacta tank sleeping Boba, Krrsantan was defeated and imprisoned in the dungeon. After being given over to Boba as a gift, the giant Wookiee was then released by the merciful Boba as a free Wookiee. In the end, Krrsantan ended up helping Boba victoriously defend Tatooine from the Pyke Syndicate. 

Species: Wookiee

Homeworld: Kashyyyk

Ship: Auzituck Anti-Slaver Gunship

Weapons Armoury: Traditional Kashyyk Wookie armour, Wookie Bowcaster, Electrified Knuckle Dusters, Giant short range Shot gun


Although born in Rodia, Greedo emigrated to Tatooine when he was very young and moved to Mos Espa, in the same district as a young Anakin Skywalker. After Anakin won the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace, Greedo accused Anakin of cheating and they fought in the street. 

Greedo grew up to become a Bounty Hunter. However, he was not effective and created many blunders that eventually led to his demise. If Boba Fett is a man of honor, Greedo is the polar opposite. A horrible slimy character who would cheat others. During the events of the Clone Wars, he was employed by both Jabba the Hutt and the Trade Federation to take on bounties.



His first blunder was when he was employed by the trade federation to capture the daughters of Baron Papanoida. During the fight that ensued trying to capture them, he was struck by a statue, causing him to bleed. Greedo’s blood was then analysed, which allowed the Papanoida family to track him down to Jabba’s palace. This time the snivelling Greedo was able to escape.

During his work for Jabba the Hutt, Greedo captured the lead singer of the Modal Nodes, Figrin D’an who was in major debts with Jabba the Hutt. As a species, Bith have supreme hearing abilities, and were able to listen to the dodgy dealings that Greedo was committing.

His main money earner was to capture unfortunate characters like Jawas from across Tatooine for Jabba, help them escape, and then recapture them for more money and favour. As revenge and after earning enough money to leave their enforced slavery, Figrin D’an told Jabba this, which greatly angered the Hutt.

Star Wars #12 Greedo

Solo shot first

Slimy Greedo eventually met his demise at the hands of Han Solo, in Chlamun’s Cantina in Mos Eisley. The Rodian had brushes with Han and Chewbacca in the past, but this time there was a huge bounty on Solo’s head for dropping Jabba’s shipments to escape the Empire. Greedo couldn’t believe his luck when he tracked them down, but as we all know in the legendary events that followed, Greedo missed his shot and was fried by the Cornelian Smuggler. All in all, Greedo is a rather sorry excuse of a Bounty Hunter!

Species: Rodian

Homeworld: Rodia

Ship: Manka Hunter (Legends)

Weapons: DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Jango Fett

Before Boba, there was Jango. In the twilight years of the Old Republic, before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Jango Fett dominated the bounty hunter scene and was regarded as the most infamous and deadly hunter in the Galaxy. Much like Din Djarin, Jango Fett was also a foundling, who served in the Mandalorian rebellions before going solo as a contract killer.

Jango Fett

Clone template

As said by both Jango and Boba, the former is just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe. Simple is a deliberate misdirection. Jango  was focused, ice cold and collected. After years of building his reputation, Jango was chosen as the template and model for the top secret clone army by Darth Tyrannus, on one of the moons of Bogden.

Apart from a considerable fortune paid to Fett, Jango’s one condition was an unaltered clone to father as his own: Boba. As part of the process, Jango was taken to the extremely remote ocean world Kamino where he resided along with his son. Jango was aligned with the Separatists and within the deal for clone army template, Fett effectively became the premier separatist enforcer, and Count Dooku’s personal assassin and body guard.

Age of Republic - Jango Fett puzzle variant

During the days leading up to the beginning of the Clone Wars, Jango demonstrated his ruthlessness and warrior capabilities. After several failed attempts to murder Padme Amidala (The Senator of Naboo), Jango callously executed his long term partner, Zam Wesell with a toxic venom dipped Kamino Saber Dart, to stop her from revealing his name to her Jedi captors in the Coruscant club district.

How did Jango Fett die?

In the rapidly accelerating conflicts that followed, Jango more than matched the powerful Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in both hand to hand and space combat on Kamino and the rings of Geonosis with Kenobi escaping both conflicts with little more than his life. Jango finally met his ultimate fate during the legendary last stand of the Jedi against the separatist droid army in the Geonosian Arena.

Boba Fett with Jango helmet

After setting fire to Mace Windu’s robes and killing Jedi Master Coleman Trebor from Dock’s balcony, Fett is finally defeated by the purple blade of Mace Windu’s lightsaber. What is left is a melancholy scene with the young Boba holding his fathers helmet, setting him on a path to become even more renowned than his father.

Species: Human

Homeworld: Concord Dawn

Ship: Slave I (Firespray – 31- class Patrol and Attack Craft Gunship)

Weapons: Beskar Armour, WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistols, Z-6 Jetpack with built in missile launcher (destroyed), JT-12 Jetpack, retractable Vibroblades, whipcord thrower, ZX miniature Flame Projector.

Zam Wesell 

A near human Clawdite assassin, hailing from Zolan, Zam Wesell was a dangerous foe able to change form at will. A known associate of Aurra Sing, Zam most closely worked with Jango Fett, which eventually culminated in her demise.

Aura Sing and Zam Wesell were hired as protection of a human male named Wilmar who was captured by Weequays and taken to Numidian Prime, a jungle moon full of dangerous fauna. Zam, using her changeling capabilities, transformed into a Weequay Guard and helped Sing to take out the captors.

Zam Wessell Bounty Hunter

Failed assassination

Responsible for at least two failed assassination attempts on Senator Padme Amidala, Wesell was eventually executed by her employer Jango Fett after she was captured by Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker in the night club district of Coruscant.

Zam’s first attempt at killing Padme Amidala resulted in her planting explosive charges on the senators royal starship which detonated on arrival on Coruscant but killing Sabe, who was a decoy of the senator.

The second and final attempt involved the use of a modified ASN courier droid, delivering two extremely venomous Kouhun Centipedes into Amidalas sleeping chambers, which were intercepted and destroyed by R2D2 and Anakin Skywalker.

Disguised as a human female, she then led the jedi on a chase through the Coruscant skyline before eventually meeting her demise. During these events, Zam demonstrated proficiency of her sniper rifle and also her elite flying skills piloting her green XJ-6 Airspeeder through the congested Coruscant upper levels.

Species: Clawdite

Homeworld: Zolan

Ship: XJ-6 Airspeeder

Weapons: KiSteer 1284 Projectile Rifle, Blaster Pistol

Din Djarin 

A Mandalorian Bounty Hunter and child of the watch, Din Djarin walks along the path of morality deeper than most. As a child, Din was saved from separatist droid forces on his home planet of Aq-Vetina by Mandalorian Death Watch troopers. Due to this, Din had a fear and hatred of droids. From this point, Din was adopted as a foundling and became a child of the watch, an offshoot of Death Watch.

Mudhorn Signet The Mandalorian

After the devastating events of the Night of a Thousand Tears, in which Mandalore was obliterated by Imperial forces, Din’s clan cloistered on the moon of Concordia vowed never to again remove their helmets as an act of religious mourning and remembrance of the fallen Mandalore. 

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession

As an adult, Din Djarin became a proficient and renowned bounty hunter, while still supporting a secret Mandalorian covert of watch members on the outer rim world of Nevarro. He ensured most of his bounty rewards went back into the covert, led by the mysterious Armorer and the powerful warrior Paz Viszla. The first Bounty that Din captures on screen is the Mythrol, a slimy blue alien, who is swiftly turned into Carbonite aboard the Razorcrest after trying to escape. There are other bounties that the Mandalorian has frozen into Carbonite blocks on board. 

Din’s life changed forever after encountering Grogu, a 50 year infant alien of the same species as the legendary Jedi Master Yoda. After capturing Grogu, Din discovered the alien had force powers after it saved him from certain death from an aggressive Mudhorn on Arvala-7.

The Mudhorn

Father figure

After some moral indecision, Din eventually handed over his bounty to the Client and the Empire. After sensing no good was coming to Grogu, he became concerned about the child’s wellbeing. After collecting his bounty, which consisted of priceless stolen beskar metal, Din had the armorer create a full shimmering suit of indestructible Beskar armor. It was at this point he changed his mind and liberated Grogu from the clutches of the Empire.

The Mandalorian was only able to escape because of the assistance the covert led by Paz Vizsla. Din Djarin and Grogu were now permanently on the run from the imperial remnant, and over this time he realised that Grogu needed to be back with his kind, the Jedi. During this time, he formed partnerships with former rebel shock trooper Cara Dune, Ugnaught engineer Kuiil and the former magistrate on Nevarro Greef Karga.

The Mandalorian in Razor Crest

The Mandalorian covert was also destroyed by revengeful imperial forces, leaving only the Armorer and Paz Viszla confirmed alive. In the same period of time, Din earns some money working with a group of criminals, springing a prisoner from a new republic prison ship. After being double crossed by them, Din ends up putting them away in cells and places a tracker which allows the New Republic X-Wing fighters to blow up their space station hideout. 

Din Djarin’s important relationship with Boba Fett began with the Mandalorian tracking down Cobb Vanth, the Marshall of Mos Pelgo on Tatooine. Marshall Vanth had acquired Boba Fett’s pillaged armour from a Jawa sand crawler. Din, furious that a non-Mandalorian was wearing the sacred beskar, agreed to help kill a Krayt Dragon in return for the armour. 

Star Wars the mandalorian #1 action figure variant

After helping fellow Mandalorian’s Bo Katan, Koska Reeves and Axe Woves commandeer an imperial cruiser on the Ocean Moon of Trask, Din Djarin was pointed to the former Jedi Ahsoka Tano who was on the forest moon of Corvus, trying to gather information on Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Din intended to give Grogu to Ahsoka, but after seeing his fear, and the bond he had with the Mandalorian, the former Jedi refused to take the infant, but also told him about the ancient Jedi planet of Tython, where Grogu could use a Seeing stone to reach out to other Jedi.

Call to the Jedi

It was during On Tython, he became aquatinted with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand, who had tracked Din down to get back his armor, which had been liberated from Cobb Vanth on Tatooine. When Grogu was captured by Moff Gideon’s Dark troopers, Boba, a man of honour, upheld his agreement to help protect Grogu in exchange for getting his amor back. To further compound the Tragedy of Grogu’s capture, the Razorcrest was destroyed by an orbital strike from Gideon’s Imperial light cruiser. 

After eventually tracking down Moff Gideon’s light cruiser through a raid on an Imperial Refinery on Morak, Din along with all of his allies, managed to rescue Grogu and defeat Moff Gideon. Unbeknownst to Din, during the battle with the Moff, Din inadvertently became the new owner of the legendary Darksaber, as religion dictates, despite Bo Katan’s designs on reclaiming the blade and Mandalore itself.

The fire team were eventually surrounded by a legion of Gideon’s Darktroopers and facing death. They were however saved by a mysterious cloaked jedi who turned out to be non other than the legendary Luke Skywalker (and R2-D2). The Mandalorian handed Grogu over to the Jedi, not before going against the creed and revealing his face to the young alien for the first time. 

Saying goodbye

Upon leaving Grogu under the protection of the Jedi Master, Din Djarin returned to his focus of finding remnant members of the Watch. After taking a bounty on a giant ring shaped space station, the Mandalorian was paid with information about the location of some Mandalorians in hiding – the last two survivors of the covert- The Armorer and Paz Vizsla.

At this point, Din and Paz battled for the ownership of the Darksaber, with the blade actually crafted by the distant ancestor of Paz, Tar Viszla. Din managed to retain the blade but was banished from the clan of 3 due to the revelation that Din Djarin had taken off his helmet in the presence of others. 

Baby Yoda

N-1 Starfighter

Heading to Tatooine, the Mandalorian acquired a custom built N-1 Naboo Straighter in a chrome silver finish that matched his own armour, from his old friend Pelli Motto.

Fennec Shand then recruited Din to aid Boba Fett in his struggle to take back Mos Espa from the clutches of the Pyke Syndicate. Din and Boba have a strong bond. They are both in there way foundlings and don’t fit into any particular group. They are lone wanderers, who have few companions.

N-1 Starfighter

Djarin agreed to help Boba for free, after initially being offered a fee by Fennec Shand. He helped defend Tatooine along with Fennec and Krrsanstan from the Pyke syndicate, and Grogu unsuccessful in his training was returned to him.

Where doe this leave Din Djarin? Apart from extreme cases of trying to get by, Djarin is less of a bounty hunter, more a desperate guardian of Grogu on the run from Imperial forces. Nevertheless, he remains of the most cunning, dangerous and intelligent warriors in the galaxy.

Species: Human

Homeworld: Aq Vetina

Ship: ST-70 Razor Crest M-111 class Gunship (destroyed), Modified Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Weapons Armoury: Beskar Armour, Amban phase-pulse incinerator blaster, Jet Pack, Wrist flamethrowers, IB-94 blaster Pistol, flash charge bombs, Whistling Birds wrist rockets, Whipcord thrower, Vibro-knife, Beskar Spear, the Darksaber.