Who Are The Mandalorians?

Throughout the history of the Star Wars galaxy, few groups of people have been both respected and feared as much as members of the clan-based culture known as the Mandalorians. Their legendary reputation as fierce warriors and proud conquerors have led some to even compare them to Jedi knights in both accomplishments and fighting ability.

With a rich history of galactic conquest, conflict and war that traces back thousands of years – just who are the Mandalorians? Who are the most famous Mandalorians to have influenced galactic affairs?

Mandalorians Rebels

This article will provide an overview of their proud history and the most important clans in their society, followed by a review of the unique weapons and armor that play a key role in their culture.

It will then examine some of the most famous Mandalorians to have ever lived; why they were so important in Mandalorian history, their battle abilities, and famous enemies.

From politicians to bounty hunters, from Jedi to warlords, there are no shortage of unique characters to choose from.

Without further ado, let’s look at this unique group and what made them so special.

Who are the mandalorians

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The History of the Mandalorians

The Mandalorians originally hailed from the planet of Mandalore, in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. They are a diverse group of people and not limited to one species, but are rather united by a common language, code, and creed – one that emphasized honor, pride and tradition. Many factions exist, each with their own Mandalorian symbol or clan logo

Conflict and war played a central role in Mandalorian culture and history. As a result, combat abilities and military leadership skills were greatly valued in Mandalorian society.

Over the millenniums, the Mandalorians eventually expanded their influence and conquered over a thousand worlds in a part of the galaxy that came to be known as The Mandalore Sector. This allowed them to assimilate numerous species and civilizations into their martial society. 

The Mandalorian Vs Jedi

As their conquest spread through the stars, they eventually came into conflict with the Jedi order, who swore to defend the Old Republic. The Mandalorians’ initial battles against the lightsaber-wielding Jedi, who possessed special Force abilities, greatly influenced the development of their fighting style.

Obi-Wan vs Pre Vizsla

To overcome their adversaries, the Mandalorians developed technologies such as jet packs, flame throwers and the famous beskar armor to counter Jedi powers. This allowed them to fight effectively against Jedi, sometimes even besting them in battle.

During the conflict that came to be known as the Mandalorian-Jedi War, numerous battles were fought across many star systems. The campaigns left many planets devastated, with the Jedi eventually delivering the key blow on Mandalore itself. The home planet was laid to waste during a cataclysmic event and turned it into a lifeless desert.

Aftermath of the Mandalorian-Jedi War

The devastation to Mandalore signaled the end of the war and for a time, they focused on rebuilding – opting for dome cities that shielded them from the harshness of the now inhospitable planet.

Many clans also left Mandalore and resettled in other worlds in the sector, such as Krownest and Concord Dawn – the birthplace of the famous bounty hunter Jango Fett.

For a time, political control of Mandalore was given to pacifist clans such as the one led by Satine Kryze, which rejected violence and war.

However, conflict soon arose and in the years leading up to The Clone Wars, Mandalorian society was once again thrust into civil war – one between those who wanted to embrace their old warrior ways, and those who advocated for peace.

Siege of Mandalore

The Mandalorian Clans

The political structure of Mandalorian society was top down and hierarchical. At the top was the Mand’alor (literally the “sole ruler” in the Mando’a tongue), who governed with absolute authority.

Political factions, known as “houses,” supported the Manda’alor both politically and militarily.

Individual families known as “clans” formed the base of the hierarchy by pledging their allegiance to the houses.

Throughout their long history, many famous clans have led the Mandalorian people both politically and in combat.

Perhaps some of the most notable families are Clan Vizsla, Clan Kryze, Clan Saxon and Clan Wren. These clans have produced warriors and leaders that greatly shaped the history of their society.

Clan Vizsla

Founded around 1100 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin), Clan Vizsla has produced some exceptional leaders and warriors, including founder Tarre Vizsla – the first Mandalorian Jedi and creator of the legendary Darksaber. This symbolic weapon of power would later be yielded by other members of the Vizsla clan.

Some of their descendants became feared bounty hunters and warlords, including the brutal Tor Vizsla – the founder of Death Watch, a violent fringe group that believed the Mandalorians should return to their warlike ways.

Other notable members include Pre Vizsla – the Governor of Concordia who undermined and betrayed the pacifist government, and Paz Vizsla – companion of The Armorer and a contemporary of Din Djarin.

Clan Vizsla

Clan Kryze

A clan that rose to prominence during the Clone Wars era, its most famous members were the peace-advocate Duchess Satine Kryze, and her warrior sister Bo-Katan Kryze.

After the death of her father Duke Kryze – a human who was part of the pacifist movement, Satine sought to leave the bloodshed of the civil war behind and lead the New Mandalorians towards a peaceful future.

However, her government and work would be undone as the Clone Wars spread to Mandalore and her rule was ultimately ended by Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul of the Death Watch.

Following the death of her sister, Bo-Katan became Regent of Mandalore for some time. However, she was removed by the Empire for refusing to follow Emperor Palpatine. She would eventually wield the Darksaber to battle the Empire, which led to the bombing massacre known as The Night of a Thousand Tears.

Clan Kryze

Clan Saxon

This clan rose to power and ruled Mandalore during the reign of the Empire, when Gar Saxon was chosen as Viceroy to replace Bo-Katan – who refused to bend the knee. Some saw the clan as traitors to Mandalore and nothing more than puppets of Emperor Palpatine. 

After Gar was killed by Ursa Wren, his brother Lord Tiber Saxon assumed power and sought to destroy the rebels. He deployed a superweapon – “the Duchess,” to target beskar-wearing Mandalorians before ultimately being killed by Sabine Wren onboard his Imperial Star Destroyer. 

Clan Saxon

Clan Wren

A family that sided with the Death Watch during the Clone Wars era and mostly the Empire during Imperial rule, Clan Wren has a complicated history of divided loyalties amongst its family.

The matriarch Ursa and her son Tristan were initially loyal to the Empire, but daughter Sabine rebelled when she discovered that she was manipulated into designing “the Duchess” – a weapon to be used against her own people and heritage.

Sabine would eventually join forces with Bo-Katan, relinquish the Darksaber and pledge her support to Clan Kryze as the rightful leader of the Mandalorians.

Clan Wren from Star Wars Rebels

The Darksaber

A unique weapon handcrafted by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to be inducted into the Jedi Order, this black-colored lightsaber is held as a symbol of leadership in the minds of its people. Throughout the ages, it has been lost and found again, as well as falling into the possession of numerous characters.

Weapon Characteristics

Physically, the saber is shorter than a typical lightsaber, and has an angular blade that resembles a katana. It can engage another lightsaber in combat but is unable to cut through beskar armor.

The force crystal that powers the weapon allows it to detect and channel the thoughts and emotions of the wielder. Consequently, emotions such as anger can make the Darksaber hum louder with energy, and users who experienced inner conflicts will find it heavier to wield.

The Darksaber

Notable Wielders

After Tarre Vizsla’s death, the Darksaber was stored inside the Jedi Temple until the days of the Old Republic, when members of Clan Vizsla raided the temple and recovered the blade.

During the Clone Wars, Pre Vizsla and Maul were the primary wielders of the weapon, with Maul defeating Vizsla for it in a duel.

During the time of the Empire, Sabine Wren came into possession of the Darksaber and used it to defeat Tiber Saxon. After learning of its symbolic power to unite the Mandalorian clans, Wren gifted it to Bo-Katan, believing that she could use it to restore Mandalore’s glory.

However, Mandalorian traditions mandated that the blade be won in combat. As Bo-Katan was gifted the blade and did not earn it by defeating its previous wielder, her leadership ended in failure and was seen partly as the reason for the downfall of Mandalore during the Great Purge.

In the dying days of the Empire, Moff Gideon came into possession of the Darksaber, and was actively hunted by Bo-Katan, who wanted to reclaim what was rightfully hers. Fatefully, the blade would eventually fall into the hands of the Mandalorian bounty hunter known as Din Djarin, who bested the Moff in combat.

Unwittingly, Djarin had become the de facto leader of the Mandalorians. Bo-Katan refused Djarin’s offer of yielding it, as she had made a similar mistake in the past. Djarin would later train with it and fended off a challenge by Paz Vizsla – a descendent of the ancient weapon’s creator.

Many details of the Darksaber’s whereabouts remain shrouded in mystery, and time will tell who else has wielded this unique weapon. One thing is certain – it will continue to play a crucial role in the fate of the Mandalorians.

The Mandalorian Armor

 History and Construction

Mandalorian armor has a history dating back tens of thousands of years to the time of the Mandalorian-Jedi Wars. It is a key part of their culture, personal identity, and tradition. Moreover, it protected its wearer from blaster fire, lightsaber strikes and other perils of war.

Most armor was forged from beskar – a coveted metal alloy that was both extremely durable and lightweight. Due to their rarity and value, the armor was often passed down from generation to generation within a clan, some being hundreds of years old.

In the hands of a skilled armorer, the alloy could also be melted down and remade into ingot currency and even weapons – a practice that was considered taboo.

Certain sects of the Mandalorians, such as the Children of the Watch, made it a religious practice to never take off their helmets and reveal their faces in public. As stated by the Armorer to Din Djarin, “this is the way.” A violation of this creed could result in an individual’s expulsion from the tribe.

Mandalorian Armor

Practical Uses and Aesthetics

From a practical standpoint, a full set of Mandalorian armor generally included a helmet, breastplate, thigh / shin / forearm guards, and a cape or flap. This would be augmented by a dazzling array of tools and weapons, such as: a jetpack, a heads-up visor display, flame throwers, rockets, darts, grapple hooks and a personal combat shield.

The armor could be painted different colors to denote different factions; to symbolize and honor something that was important to its owner.

For example, blue generally signified reliability and was worn by groups such as the Nite Owls. Green represented duty while red meant honoring one’s family. Others, like Din Djarin, chose not to paint their armor, and allowed it to remain gray / silver – the natural color of beskar.  


By the end of the Galactic Empire, Mandalorian armor became a rare sight as their owners’ numbers dwindled.  Nonetheless, the sight of one was widely recognized across the galaxy.

The T-shaped visors of their helmets and overall aesthetics greatly influenced the design of Clone Trooper armor during The Clone Wars, and later evolved into Storm Trooper during the Imperial era. As such, a sighting of Mandalorian armor on the battlefield often signified a capable combatant and struck fear in the minds of adversaries.

The Great Purge of Mandalore

During the Empire’s occupation of Mandalore, they installed loyalist Gar Saxon of Clan Saxon to oversee the planet as the head of a puppet government. It was a regime of terror, and the Empire used “the Duchess” superweapon to ensure compliance and wipe out those who opposed their rule.

After defector and rebel Sabine Wren found the Darksaber, she returned to Mandalore to find her family. Eventually, this led to a battle and the death of Saxon. This sparked another Mandalorian civil war; with Clan Wren on one side to regain Mandalorian independence, and Clan Saxon on the other with the backing of the Empire.

Purge of Mandalore

Clan Wren eventually allied with Bo-Katan Kryze, and managed to destroy “the Duchess” – pushing back the Empire for a short time. Sabine then gifted the Darksaber to Bo-Katan, believing that she had the leadership qualities to rally and lead her people.

Their victory, however, would be short-lived, as the Empire returned with a vengeance and initiated a massive campaign of genocide against Mandalore.

In the Night of a Thousand Tears, the Empire bombed the entire planet, murdered out all their loyal Mandalorian recruits, and killed off most of the civilian populace.

The Empire then collected most of the valuable beskar alloy from the planet and the Darksaber fell into the hands of Moff Gideon.

As a result of the Great Purge, the survivors fled across the galaxy and were forced into hiding.

The female Mandalorian known as the Armorer later opined to Din Djarin that the downfall of their people was prophesized, as the leader Bo-Katan did not win the Darksaber in combat – cursing them to doom. What was once a proud culture of numerous people had been scattered across the stars in the aftermath of the Great Purge.

Who Are the Most Famous Mandalorians?

Throughout the Star Wars timeline there have been some notable figures. Here we list the 10 most famous Mandalorians. 

Tarre Vizsla

Over one thousand years before the Clone Wars, a human male named Tarre Vizsla became the first Mandalorian Jedi knight. During his Jedi training, Tarre embraced his heritage and constructed the Darksaber instead of a typical lightsaber – a one of a kind weapon with a black blade that came to be a symbol of the ruling Mand’alor.

While details of Tarre’s life and accomplishment are scarce, it can be inferred that he was a powerful warrior. As a Jedi with Force powers, his physical abilities such as strength, reflex and speed would have been greatly enhanced. Furthermore, he would’ve had many Force abilities such as Force push, telekinesis, and perhaps even mind control.

Tarre Vizsla

Image source: Hero Forge

Legendary Warrior and Legacy as a Leader

In addition to his warrior heritage, it would be reasonable to assume that he was extremely deadly in combat when wielding the Darksaber or even more conventional weapons.

Tarre eventually became the leader of his people, presumably renouncing the Jedi order in the process. As it is customary with Mandalorian leaders, he would have led his warriors on the frontlines into battle – earning their respect.

Tarre was clearly revered, as a great statue was built in his honor on Mandalore after his death. He also married and started a family – contrary to Jedi customs forbidding emotional attachment, as House Vizsla produced other notable descendants such as Pre Vizsla and Paz Vizsla.

After Tarre’s passing, the Jedi kept the Darksaber safe inside its temple walls. During the waning days of the Old Republic, members of Clan Vizsla sacked the Jedi temple and took the symbolic weapon.

As it was mentioned by Tarre’s descendent Pre, the Darksaber would be used to kill many Jedi during over the centuries. Possession of the weapon – won through combat, was required for those who wished to make a claim to be the rightful leader of the Mandalorians.

Pre Vizsla

As a descendent of Tarre Vizsla, Pre Vizsla lived during the Clone Wars era and was a staunch traditionalist who believed that the Mandalorians should return to their warrior ways.

Deceptively, he publicly appeared to support the pacifist government led by Duchess Satine Kryze in his official role as the Governor of Concordia.

Behind the scenes, however, Pre was the leader of Death Watch, an extremist group that sought to overthrow the New Mandalorian regime. He revealed himself to Satine and Obi-Wan Kenobi when they came to Concordia to investigate Death Watch and challenged the Jedi master to a duel.

Pre Vizsla

Combat Abilities

Pre was a capable warrior who utilized the total arsenal of Mandalorian weapons, including jet packs, blasters, and rockets in their fight. Further, he unveiled the Darksaber, a weapon which his clan stole from the Jedi Temple during the Old Republic era. He proved to be a proficient wielder of the blade – challenging Obi-Wan before failing to kill him and allowing their escape.

With a hatred for Jedi, Pre later dueled Asoka Tano on the planet Carlac when the young Jedi infiltrated a Death Watch base. Both were unable to score a decisive victory, but Pre once again proved himself a formidable warrior with the Darksaber.

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Duel with Maul

Pre and the Death Watch eventually had a falling out with the Count Dooku-led Separatists and made allies instead with the former Sith Darth Maul and his Shadow Collective. After a plot to overthrow the New Mandalorian government was successful, Pre betrayed Maul and briefly held the seat of power as Mand’alor.

Unfortunately, Pre’s rule would be short-lived, as Maul escaped from his prison cell and challenged Pre openly to a duel.

Bound by Mandalorian code to accept the challenge and uphold his legitimacy in the eyes of his followers, Pre used his full arsenal in the fight against Maul. Ultimately, Maul got the upper hand and decapitated Pre with the Darksaber.

With Pre’s death, Maul laid claim to the Darksaber and declared himself as Mandalore’s ruler.

Duchess Satine Kryze

As a political figure, the Duchess of Kaleva was one of the few Mandalorians whose accomplishments and influence rested outside the battlefield and instead in the political arena.

Due to her political activities, she survived assassination attempts and evaded bounty hunters in her youth. The legendary Obi-Wan Kenobi was once assigned on a mission to protect her for a year, and it was during this time that they formed an emotional connection. However, the two would go their separate ways as Kenobi continued to pursue his Jedi career.

Duchess Satine Kryze

Leader of the New Mandalorian Government

Satine saw the death and suffering from the Mandalorian Civil War between the New Mandalorians and the warrior groups of old. As a result, she became a strong advocate for the pacifist movement and eventually the head of the Mandalorian government in the years leading up to and including the Clone Wars. On the surface, she enjoyed popular support and built a prosperous society.

During the Clone Wars, the Duchess struggled to keep Mandalore neutral and her society stable as social unrest grew during volatile times. However, her enemies – both hidden and overt, acted to undermine her government and rule at every turn.

The Death Watch, led by Pre Vizsla and considered an extremist group, sought to overthrow her, and restore Mandalore to its martial traditions. This included violent tactics such as sabotage, bombings and assassination attempts in the name of their cause.  

Arrest, Rescue and Death

Satine was eventually deposed and arrested by Death Watch during their insurrection plot on the capital of Sundari. She was later rescued by her estranged sister Bo-Katan, but captured again, only to be briefly rescued by Obi-Wan who had received her call for aid.

Despite the in-fighting within the terrorist group, Maul eventually gained leadership and his faction was able to prevent Satine and Obi-Wan from escaping the planet.

Maul, hungry for revenge, killed Satine with the Darksaber in front of Obi-Wan – ending the life of the woman he loved. As Satine died in Obi-Wan’s arms, so too did the hope of a peaceful future for the Mandalorians.

Bo-Katan Kryze

As the estranged sister of Satine Kryze, Bo-Katan opposed her sibling’s pacifist approach and instead believed that the Mandalorians should embrace their warrior heritage.

As such, she was well trained and very skilled in the use of Mandalorian combat tactics such as jet packs, explosives and double blasters. Perhaps her combat abilities overshadowed everything else, and she once remarked that she wished she was good at something else other than war.

As a part of Death Watch, Bo-Katan sought to violently overthrow the New Mandalorian regime and restore a martial society. After Maul killed Pre Vizsla, took control of Death Watch and installed a puppet prime minister to govern Mandalore, Bo-Katan broke away and was briefly reunited with her sister.

Bo-Katan Kryze

Resisting the Empire

After the death of Satine and the Republic’s Siege of Mandalore, Bo-Katan was named Regent to lead her people. However, her leadership would be short-lived, as she refused to bend the knee to Emperor Palpatine after the Republic was transformed into the Empire. This resulted in yet another Mandalorian civil war, with Bo-Katan and her allies in Clan Wren versus the Imperial loyalist faction led by Clan Saxon.

During this period, Bo-Katan came into possession of the Darksaber and tried to use it to rally her people. However, the Empire conducted a mass bombing of Mandalore during the Night of a Thousand Tears – a genocide that led to millions of deaths and the Mandalorians being scattered across the galaxy. Bo-Katan was forced to flee her home world and at some point, lost the Darksaber.

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Quest to Restore Mandalore

During the New Republic era, Bo-Katan confidently led a group of warriors known as the Nite Owls with the goal of restoring Mandalore from Imperial rule and becoming its rightful ruler once again.

She hunted Moff Gideon to win back the Darksaber, which fatefully ended up in the hands of Din Djarin – a Mandalorian raised by the Children of the Watch.

With the knowledge that the Darksaber had to be won in combat for her claim to be legitimate, Bo-Katan refused to accept it from Din Djarin and sought to possess it again someday to become the rightful leader of Mandalore.

Sabine Wren

 As a human female born to Clan Wren of House Vizsla during the emergence of the Empire, Sabine’s family were loyalists to the Imperial cause. As a child, Sabine also trained in all the combat skills typical of a Mandalorian.

Eventually, she joined the Imperial Academy, where she excelled as a recruit and learned the Empire’s tactics in battles – key knowledge which would later serve her well when she became its enemy. It was also during this time that she built “the Duchess,” an arc-generator weapon which turned the Mandalorians’ greatest asset – their armor, against them.

Sabine Wren

Bounty-Hunter and Rebel

After realizing that her creation helped to enslave her people, Sabine became disillusioned with the Empire and left – causing her family to disown her. It also resulted in her family having to endure humiliations at the hands of the Imperial Viceroy, Gar Saxon, to prove their loyalty.

While on the run, Sabine became a bounty hunter for some time, conducting various mercenary missions for money with a partner.

Eventually, Sabine was recruited into the burgeoning Rebel movement and met other key figures such as Lando Calrissian, Hera Syndulla and Ezra Bridger.

A Talented Prodigy

Lando was quick to recognize Sabine’s talents for art, and her artistry was also used during her recruit days to make propaganda posters for the Empire. Sabine would later use these talents to inspire others to join the Rebel cause and to mock Imperial authority by graffitiing them with symbolic signs. She would also tinker with her armor, and customized the aesthetics and design over the years.

During various sabotage missions against the Empire, Sabine proved her skills with explosives, often blowing things up in color and style. In this way, she was truly a multi-talented individual in both art, engineering, and combat.

The Darksaber and Trials on Mandalore

Sabine would eventually discover the Darksaber on Dathomir while hunting for Maul, and even trained with it for some time under Jedi Kannan Jarrus. After finally coming to terms with her inner conflict and troubled past during a training session, Sabine was able to wield the Darksaber with considerable skill.

Sabine travelled to Krownest to reconcile with her mother Ursa and brother Tristan and learned of the ordeal they went through by being labeled as traitors. After giving up the Darksaber, Sabine learned her mother had tried to strike a deal with Gar Saxon in exchange for the symbolic weapon and the capture of her Jedi companions.

However, Saxon reneged on his promise to spare Sabine’s life and a fight ensued. Sabine ultimately defeated Saxon in a duel but refused to kill him. When Saxon tried to shoot her in the back, Ursa intervened and ended Saxon’s life. Sabine regained possession of the Darksaber, vowed to unite her people and resist the Empire.

After her ordeals on Mandalore, Sabine would go on to lead numerous missions as part of the growing Rebel Alliance. She was a key figure who contributed her skills to the cause in many ways: as an artist, saboteur, pilot, and warrior. After many trials and losing close comrades, Sabine survived the war against the Empire and was hailed as an iconic figure in the galaxy.

Gar Saxon

Gar Saxon was a lieutenant in Death Watch during the Clone Wars era and worked under Pre Vizsla. When Pre was killed, he pledged his loyalty to Maul who was an outsider to Mandalore – something that Bo-Katan Kryze was unwilling to do.

As part of Maul’s Shadow Collective, Gar led a team of Mandalorian Super Commandos, much like himself, on various missions to gain the upper hand in Maul’s conflict against both Separatist and eventually Republic forces.

Gar Saxon

A Merciless Warrior

Gar was a brutal, efficient, and ruthless warrior who showed no mercy to anyone who crossed his path. Nonetheless, his leadership on the battlefield was undeniable, as he led commandos against a wide spectrum of opponents, including droids, other Mandalorians, clone troopers, and even Jedi. C

Combined with his deadly proficiency with rockets, blasters, and skills as a swordsman, this made him an incredibly dangerous foe.

Politically, Gar was self-serving, power-hungry, and opportunistic, as he had served various masters at different times, depending on power dynamics of the day. After the Republic was transformed into the Galactic Empire, Gar was installed as the Viceroy of Mandalore to enslave his own people and to suppress any dissent.

In the eyes of rivals who supported Mandalorian independence such as Bo-Katan and Fenn Rau, this made him a traitor to his people.


Throughout his career, Gar disliked Clan Wren and considered them to be rivals. As punishment for Sabine Wren’s “betrayal” of the Empire, Gar took her father hostage, and forced her brother to enlist as an Imperial Super Commando to prove his loyalty. Fatefully, Clan Wren would eventually prove to be the cause of his demise.

During an ambush on Mandalore, Gar made a deal with Ursa Wren for the Darksaber and the rebels, in exchange for sparing Sabine’s life. However, he reneged on the deal and tried to slaughter everyone once his side of the deal was fulfilled.

This treachery would cost him his life, as Sabine Wren bested him in a lightsaber duel. After Sabine spared Gar’s life against Mandalorian tradition, an angered Gar dishonourably tried to shoot her in the back and was shot dead by Ursa. 

 Jango Fett

Born in the latter days of the Galactic Republic on Concord Dawn, Jango Fett’s birth parents were killed at an early age. He was adopted and raised as a Foundling by Jaster Mareel, a member of the Journeyman Protector, and by all accounts an honorable man – a trait that was passed onto him.

The details of his early life were sparse, but Jango eventually obtained his own set of Mandalorian armor and participated in the Mandalorian Civil Wars as a Super Commando. During this time, Jango honed his abilities in combat, and after the war would go on to earn a reputation as one of the galaxy’s best bounty hunters.

Jango sported a jetpack which he used frequently in combat, flame throwers and other exotic weapons. He was deadly accurate with twin blasters – his preferred weapon of choice. Jango was also an excellent fighter in hand-to-hand combat who combined strength and agility. Temperamentally, he was calm, smart, and extremely resourceful.

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Template for the Clone Army

This reputation preceded him, and Jango was eventually recruited by Count Dooku under the guise of Darth Tyranus to serve as the genetic template for the creation of a Clone Army for the Republic. As part of his lucrative contract, he agreed to live on the planet Kamino and helped to oversee the development and combat training of the clones.

Aside from genetic modifications to age twice as fast and to make them more docile, the clones were exact physical copies of Jango. As part of his reward, the Kominoans also agreed to provide him with an unaltered clone – whom he named Boba Fett, to raise as a son.

Jango would personally mentor Boba, taking him on bounty missions from a young age to teach him the skills to thrive and survive in a dangerous galaxy. After a failed assassination attempt on Senator Amidala on behalf of his client Count Dooku, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi would eventually track down Jango and son, which caused them to flee Kamino.

Jango Fett

Jedi Encounters and Death

During their encounter, Jango proved to be a deadly foe, scoring multiple hits on Obi-Wan using both weapons and in hand-to-hand combat, nearly killing the Jedi master. The Jedi eventually tracked Jango to Geonosis, which eventually resulted in a massive battle against the Separatists and the start of the Clone Wars.

During the Battle of Geonosis, Jedi champion Mace Windu beheaded Jango in front of his son – an act which ensured a traumatized Boba would seek revenge. While Jango’s life came to an abrupt and violent end, his legacy survived in the millions of clone troopers created in his image and in his own son who would also become a famous bounty hunter.

 Boba Fett

After becoming an orphan, the young Boba Fett became obsessed with revenge and attempted to kill Mace Windu. However, he was unsuccessful and imprisoned by the Republic for a time.

After his release, Boba became entangled with the criminal underworld and even started his own criminal syndicate on Tatooine – the Krayt’s Claw.

During his youth, he was also mentored by famous bounty hunter Cad Bane and pirate Hondo Ohnaka. Taking up his father’s Mandalorian armor and starship the Slave I, Boba accepted contracts from unsavoury criminals, gangsters such as Jabba the Hutt, and The Empire.

Boba Fett The Empire Strikes Back

Famous Bounty Hunter

Trained by Jango personally and possessing the same deadly skillset as his father, Boba was an excellent fighter and mercenary. During this part of his career, he was often ruthless and merciless while successfully executing his missions, which earned him a fearsome reputation.  

Boba eventually accepted an important job from Darth Vader: to track the X-Wing pilot who had destroyed the first Death Star. His mission eventually led him to Luke Skywalker at Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hut on Tatooine.

A battle ensued between the bounty hunter and young Jedi, with Boba temporarily gaining the upper hand. However, Skywalker eventually escaped, and Boba was forced to merely report back what he had learned to Vader.

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Nonetheless, it was an enormous revelation to Vader that he had a son, and he subsequently tasked Boba and others on another job – to collect Han Solo alive (“no disintegration”). Vader intended to use Solo as bait to lure Skywalker into a trap. Around the same time, Jabba the Hutt also placed a bounty on Solo, making him a valuable prize.

Boba eventually tracked the Millennium Falcon to Cloud City on Bespin, where he captured Solo along with Imperial forces. After Solo was frozen in carbonite, Boba was paid by Vader and allowed to leave with the smuggler to collect a second bounty from Jabba.

A Tempered Veteran

On Tatooine, Boba delivered Solo to Jabba but fell into a sarlac pit during Solo’s rescue attempt. Left for dead, Boba eventually broke free and spent some time living amongst a Tusken Raider tribe. He eventually learned their nomad warrior ways, but tragic circumstances eventually forced his departure.

After Boba’s journey in the desert, he was an emotionally softened man, with more compassion and a will to do good rather than acting purely for selfish reasons. He saved the life of eventual ally Fennec Shand, helped Din Djarin on his quest to rescue Grogu, and tried to become a benevolent ruler of Mos Espa by freeing it from the control of criminal syndicates.

For a once cold-hearted and ruthless mercenary, Boba had evolved into a man who was willing to put his deadly skills to use for the greater good.

Din Djarin

Din Djarin was a male Foundling who was raised by a Mandalorian religious sect known as the Children of the Watch after his parents were killed during the Clone Wars. As it was customary of this tribe, they would not take off their helmets in front of others, as “this is the way” and is part of their creed.

Din grew up on Nevarro and survived the Great Purge of Mandalore. By the time he was an adult, he possessed a set of Mandalorian armor partially made from beskar – which was later completed, and the fierce combat skills expected of his heritage.

Din Djarin The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian and the Child

As part of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, Din – also simply known as “Mando,” had become an accomplished mercenary in a dangerous post-Empire galaxy. He possessed all the tools of the trade similar to past great Mandalorian bounty hunters, and piloted a starship named the Razor Crest on various jobs.

Despite this dangerous reputation, he was a merciful person and did not kill in cold blood. An example of this was when he defeated Paz Vizsla during a one-on-one challenge and gave him the opportunity to yield.

On a fateful job, Din accepted a contract from a client later revealed to be Moff Gideon, a former high-ranking official of the Empire. He formed a bond with the Force-sensitive child he was supposed to capture – later known as Grogu and reneged on his contract after receiving payment in beskar.

Din rescued the child from Imperial grasp, and through a series of trials and tribulations, helped deliver Grogu to the Jedi for training.

Battles Against the Imperial Forces

Along the way, Din fought Imperial forces multiple times and dueled Moff Gideon – eventually culminating in his victory and winning possession of the Darksaber.

Despite Din’s terseness and intimidating exterior, his honor and loyalty won him many allies, including Carasynthia Dune, Bo-Katan Kryze and Boba Fett who aided his quest.

After Luke Skywalker found Grogu and took him for Jedi training, Din’s fondness and emotional attachment to the child remained. He later visited Grogu and dropped off an armor of beskar before joining Boba Fett in his war against the Pike Syndicate on Tatooine.

During the battle of Mos Espa, Din displayed great honor even when he and Boba Fett were outnumbered and cornered inside The Sanctuary, refusing to abandon his ally. Fortunately, they fought back against many foes with the help from the people of Freetown.

Din fought valiantly against the scorpion droids and later against Boba’s runaway Rancor – risking his life to protect his friends. With the help of recently re-united Grogu, Din survived the encounter, and they successfully won the battle.

Given his heritage, skills as warrior and possession of the coveted Darksaber, it is nearly certain that Din will have an important part to play in the ongoing saga of Mandalorian affairs.

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