Our Review of the Luke EP6 Saber from the Team at SabersPro

In the past, we have done in-depth reviews of the many fan-favorite sites and artisans crafting awesome lightsabers based on the Star Wars universe. Most recently, we enjoyed checking out the Luke EP6 Saber from SabersPro.

We’ve always wanted to get our hands on one of their pieces because many of them are designed with the durability for dueling just as much as the presentation for cosplay conventions or displaying in a collection.

That kind of versatility usually signals an expert team that takes the time to focus on the details die-hard Force fans love.

Luke EP6 Saberpro

Why this Lightsaber?

Let’s set the scene for a moment. In Episode 6, Return of the Jedi, Luke is undergoing a personality change. He battles the Rancor, rescues his friends from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt, completes his training, and takes on the Emperor. Not too shabby for a hero’s work.

All that action required a few changes. The lightsabers in the two previous films were either blue or red, based on Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. However, when we enter this film, Luke has built a new custom-made lightsaber with a green blade rather than blue, completely changing the feel of the Jedi.

In reality, the reason for the color change was a far more practical one. The blue color didn’t show up well on screen, so the team at Lucas Film decided on a green color. This way, the battle on Jabba’s barge wouldn’t wash out the saber whenever Luke was filmed against a bright blue sky.

Even with all that background, you still get a much more uniquely crafted lightsaber than the sleek designs of Vader or Obi-Wan. So let’s dig into what SabersPro built.

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Hilt Design

We are pleased to see that SabersPro uses the same practicality in this lightsaber’s overall design and structure. It looks like something Skywalker would have pieced together without sacrificing quality.

Instead, you get a solid blend of the beloved gritty effects with durable construction made of T6 Aircraft Aluminum. The “T6” means the level of hardness or heat treatment. This is where SabersPro gets its reputation for durability when dueling.

Luke Ep6 Saber hilt

The crafters also added tiny lights and button features to the hilt that do not get in the way of fighting-style maneuvers but would delight any collector. Again, the attention to detail is impressive, right down to the triangle ring at the base for attaching to your belt.

Blade Design

First off, SabersPro does market the green Kyber crystal color on its website for obvious reasons. However, the blade has many different lightsaber colors that are interchangeable by pressing a button. That allows you to be any side of the Force or whatever character personality you want.

The handle is also significantly durable, made from polycarbonate materials and measuring 32” (47” total with the hilt). You only need about 2 hours of charging time via the USB built-in adapter to enjoy all the colors.

Luke EP6 lightsaber button

Here is where we should mention the Neopixel technology SabersPro is using that sets them apart from the competition. The regular Baselit version of the Luke EP6 saber has a 12-watt illumination standard.

If you up the game to the Neopixel version, you get a 50-watt saber blade using the complete spectrum of color via LED strips inside the blade. This allows you to get a far more immersive experience with similar special effects and animations as you move your saber through the air or clash in a duel.

Environmental Effects

Besides the incredible Neopixel effects and customizable colors, there are pre-installed sound fonts for this Skywalker special. More than 22 different blade options like clashing, ignition, lock-up, blaster deflection, character quotes, and iconic music are played. You can also add your own effects if you want.

We liked the lighting effects. The tip melt was incredible, especially when you are in a darker setting and trying to create a “hero” moment with your lightsaber. All the sounds are in response to motion.

The precision of the tech behind these sabers is more than enough to impress your friends, and internal speakers are powered with a 2/3 watt & 4/8-ohm system that sounds fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we give the Luke EP6 lightsaber from SabersPro a thumbs up. You should definitely check out their online store for all the other incredible available options.

If you decide to pick up this saber, we suggest looking into the hard case and going with the Baselit option for duelists. This way, you can best protect your saber before any show or demonstration and extend its longevity.

Thank you to the team at SabersPro, and we will be paying close attention to any new creations happening at this custom lightsaber shop.