Custom Star Wars Helmet Companies

Custom Star Wars helmets

In this article we take a look at the best companies that make custom Star Wars helmets, whether for cosplay or just for display purposes. In a universe where most side characters don’t have a face, nothing sets apart characters in the Star Wars universe like their distinct helmets. These helmets can range from the …

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Star Wars The Black Series Helmets

Star Wars The Black Series Replica Helmets by Hasbro

Curious about Star Wars cosplay? In this article, we review all of the Star Wars The Black Series wearable helmets made by Hasbro. As perfect or near-perfect replica helmets, you can expect to look the part when you dress up for a Star Wars convention. The Black Series replica helmets were first sold in 2015, …

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Jedi Cosplay: How to Make a Jedi Costume

How to make a Jedi Costume

Any cosplayer knows that creating the perfect, screen-accurate costume is not easy. Attention to detail is vital, and some costumes can be extremely expensive or difficult to make. Jedi costumes in particular are fan favorites, a staple at any cosplay event. A Jedi cosplay can be an easily recognizable and strangely comfortable outfit to put …

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Star Wars Clothing by Fashion Brand Hype

Hype Star Wars T-shirt

Hi Guys, Last week I was sent a cool T-shirt by fashion brand Hype. They asked if I would feature them in a blog post. So before I start I want to stress that I would never feature something that I wouldn’t buy, or in this case wear myself. I like to be honest and …

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