Star Wars Clothing by Fashion Brand Hype

Hi Guys,

Last week I was sent a cool T-shirt by fashion brand Hype. They asked if I would feature them in a blog post. So before I start I want to stress that I would never feature something that I wouldn’t buy, or in this case wear myself. I like to be honest and would never advertise something I didnt rate.

So, Hype is a fashion brand that has recently signed a deal with Lucasfilm/Star Wars. They have put together a pretty unique collection with designs that I have never seen before. They have a collection of Caps, Backpacks, T-shirts, Hoodie’s and more. You can check out the collection here.

I chose the below t-shirt as I prefer more simple designs (I am not the model with the cool tattoos). I will say that this t-shirt isn’t your standard t-shirt you can buy from your local department store. You can definitely feel the quality in the fabric. Prices are a little more than you would usually expect a Star Wars T-shirt to be, but we are talking about a fashion brand here so that is to be expected. The T-shirt arrived in a quality branded box and they ship outside of the U.K!

Hype Star Wars T-shirt

They do have some other items which could be described as a novelty, including this cool Chewbacca style cap which would be perfect for a Star Wars convention.

Chewie Cap

I also like the look of this Star Wars Hoodie with matching Loungers/Joggers.

Hype Star Wars Hoodie

So there you have it, I hadn’t heard of Hype before, but I will be looking out for them in the future.