Star Wars The Bad Batch 4 Pack Coming to The Vintage Collection!

Hasbro Star Wars The Vintage Collection Bad Batch 4 pack!

As part of the Hasbro Fan Celebration, It’s an honor to be revealing this awesome Star Wars: The Vintage Collection: The Bad Batch 4 pack.  This Special Action Figure Set, created in the style of Vintage Kenner multipacks contains 4 new 3.75 inch figures from the Disney+ TV show Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The …

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The History of White Lightsabers

Ahsoka Tano with white lightsabers

In the beginning, there were only two colours of lightsabers. Blue for the honourable Jedi, and on the dark side of the force, red for the Sith. Since then several other colours have been added to the Star Wars canon, including green, purple, and even black. However, the rarest lightsaber colour is white. The white …

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Best Custom Lightsabers


The lightsaber is one of the most iconic weapons within the Star Wars universe. It is typically used by the Jedi, the Sith, and other Force-sensitive individuals. The weapon itself consists of a metal hilt with a laser blade that is powered by a cyber crystal. The lightsaber is able to slice through both people …

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LEGO Star Wars Helmets

The Star Wars franchise features a variety of iconic helmets that span every corner of the galaxy. In 2020 a collection of LEGO Star Wars Helmets were released with great appreciation. These particular LEGO helmets have been created with adult LEGO fans in mind and have been crafted with intricate detail. The finished build size …

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Star Wars The Black Series Force FX Lightsabers

Star Wars The Black Series Force FX Lightsabers

The Black Series Force FX lightsabers were initially made by Master Replicas from 2002 to 2007. Master Replicas license to make Star Wars products expired in 2008 and Hasbro picked up the concept, producing the Signature Series lightsabers from then on. In 2011, the series was discontinued and all future Force FX lightsabers were made …

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Hasbro Announce Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest

Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest

Hey Star War collectors, A date to mark in your diaries: April 9th at 11am Hasbro will be presenting a new virtual event called Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest to honor Hasbro’s dedicated fan community! Here are the details! Hosted by SYFY Wire on-air correspondent, writer, and producer, Jackie Jennings, the event will be available to watch …

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Hasbro Launches Hasbro Pulse UK

Hasbro Pulse UK

  So the day has finally arrived. Hasbro Pulse is launching in the UK which brings benefits such as hot new product releases, hosted programs specifically for the collector community, including pre-order launches, behind-the-scenes content, fan-focused events, and much more. Fans in the UK will also have the option to be part of Hasbro Pulse …

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