What Star Wars Could Learn From the HasLab G.I. Joe Skystriker

I have some G.I. Joe from my youth but nothing past 1985. While I am not an active Joe collector, I absolutely had to get this HasLab project. And you know what? It’s the most well-done HasLab project to date – and Star Wars should take notice.

HasLab Skystriker

Why the Success?

There are a few big reasons why this is such a well-done project. The first is that the Skystriker vehicle itself is a popular toy that gets buyers interested immediately. The initial project also included a pilot and co-pilot figures on the card, a stand to pose the jet on, a fuel tank and missile cart, and SO MANY DECALS to customize your jet with! That alone made the sticker price of $230 very doable for collectors. It’s a fair price for a quality product.

G.I Joe Ace Pilot

G.I Joe Scarlett Intelligence Officer

Worthwhile Tiers

Another component to this successful HasLab are the figures. Originally there were to be 2 figures, but with the tier-unlocks there ended up being seven carded figures! That’s awesome. Can you imagine if a Star Wars project offered 7 Vintage Collection carded figures and a vehicle for $230? Unheard of to this point.

G.I Joe Rip Cord

Nostalgic Packaging

Nostalgia always plays a role and the HasLab Skystriker hit all the right notes. The original-style packaging is excellent. The cardbacks look like they’re straight from 1984. Pilot “Ace” looks very similar to the original. And of course the POA and O-Ring features are a throwback to what made G.I JOE rise to prominence in the 80’s. 

G.I Joe Fail Safe

The new figures they’ve added fall right in line with the vintage look – especially the Scarlett figure in the same style of pilot outfit as Ace. Star Wars has never had an issue with retro-style packaging and cardbacks. Shout out to the designer that thought making two of the boxes (inside the packaging) into an elevated runway – brilliant idea.

I found that having Cobra decal options and Cobra figures to be a very clever move. As in any genre, there are collectors who focus on the “good guys” and those who focus on the “bad guys”. This project was great for Joe & Cobra collectors alike. Think about the Empire/Rebel/Mandalorian decal possibilities for a vehicle. This is a very intriguing idea!

G.I Joe Cobra Commander

With the tier unlocks, getting a vehicle with all the figures and accessories make a $230 price great value. Even if there are some items you’re not wild about, you’re still getting quite a bit.

G.I Joe Cobra Trooper

Price & Offering

This is a big critique of the recent Star Wars HasLabs that have failed. The Inquisitor lightsaber had a price-point that was too high for a singular item and the Rancor didn’t have the tier support for the creature to make it intriguing enough to hit it’s backing amount. The Skystriker hit the sweet spot for price, original items, tier unlocks, packaging and customization options. Overall an excellent example of what a successful HasLab project consists of.

G.I Joe Cobra Ground Crew

Author Bio

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