Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers Checklist

With over 100 action figure variant covers available spread across the various Star Wars comic series, I thought it would be a good idea to create a checklist. I hope this will be a good point of reference for all existing and new collectors of these fantastic variant covers. Artist John Tyler Christopher has done such a great job on all of these, there isn’t one that I don’t like.

Action Figure Variant Covers List

Below is a definitive list of all the current variant covers including all retail exclusives. Do you have them all? which are you missing? Let me know in the comments!

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Last updated: 18 September 2023

Star Wars

Ongoing series:

  • #1 Luke Skywalker
  • #1 Luke Skywalker (Black & White Sketch – Diamond’s C2E2 2015 Exclusive)
  • #2 Han Solo
  • #3 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
  • #4 Chewbacca
  • #4 Boba Fett (John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)

Star Wars #1 Action Figure VariantStar Wars #1 action figure variant, black and white luke sketchStar Wars #2 Action figure variant, han soloStar Wars #3 Action Figure Variant, Obi-wan KenobiStar Wars #4 Chewbacca variantStar Wars#4 Boba Fett variant

  • #5 See-Threepio (C-3PO)
  • #6 Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)
  • #7 Stormtrooper
  • #7 Bobafett (Black & White Sketch – John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)
  • #8 Tusken Raider
  • #9 Star Destroyer Commander

Star Wars #5 C-3POStar Wars #6 R2-D2Star Wars #7 StormtrooperStar Wars #7 Boba Fett Black & white variantStar Wars #8 Tusken RaiderStar Wars #9 Star Destroyer Commander

  • #10 Jawa
  • #11 Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot
  • #12 Greedo
  • #13 R5-D4
  • #14 Hammerhead
  • #15 Snaggletooth

Star Wars #10 JawaStar Wars #11 Luke Skywalker X-wing pilotStar Wars #12 GreedoStar Wars #13 R5-D4Star Wars #14 HammerheadStar Wars #15 Snaggletooth

  • #16 Death Star Droid
  • #17 Walrus Man
  • #18 Power Droid
  • #19 Princess Leia (Bespin Gown)
  • #20 Yoda
  • #21 Stormtrooper: Hoth Battle Gear

Star Wars #16 Death Star DroidStar Wars #16 Walrus ManStar Wars #18 Power DroidStar Wars #19 Princess Leia in Bespin GownStar Wars #20 YodaStar Wars #21 Stormtrooper in Hoth Battle Gear

  • #22 Dengar
  • #23 Rebel Soldier: Hoth Battle Gear
  • #24 Lobot
  • #25 IG-88
  • #26 Two-Onebee (2-1B)
  • #26 Qui-Gon Jinn (John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)

Star Wars #22 DengarStar Wars #23 Rebel Soldier in Hoth Battle GearStar Wars #24 LobotStar Wars #25 IG-88Star Wars #26 Two-Onebee (2-1B)Star Wars #26 Qui-Gon Jinn variant

  • #27 Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2): with Sensorscope
  • #28 See-Threepio (C-3PO): with Removable Limbs
  • #29 Luke Skywalker: Hoth Battle Gear
  • #30 AT-AT Commander
  • #31 Luke Skywalker: Bespin Fatigues
  • #32 FX-7 (Medical Droid)

Star Wars #27 R2-D2 with SensorscopeStar Wars #28 C-3PO removable limbsStar Wars #29 Luke Skywalker in Battle Battle GearStar Wars #30 AT-AT CommanderStar Wars #31 Action figure variant, Luke Skywalker in Bespin FatiguesStar Wars #32 Action Figure Variant - FX-7 Medical Droid

  • #33 Bespin Security Guard
  • #33 Bossk (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)
  • #34 Han Solo : Hoth Outfit
  • #35 Ugnaught
  • #36 Leia Organa: Hoth Outfit
  • #37 Rebel Commander

Star Wars 33 - Bespin Security GuardStar Wars #33 BosskStar Wars #34 Han Solo Hoth OutfitStar Wars #35 Action figure variant, UgnaughtStar Wars #36 action figure variant, Leia Organa Hoth OutfitStar Wars #37 Action figure variant, Rebel Commander

  • #37 Blue Snaggletooth (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)
  • #38 AT-AT Driver
  • #39 Imperial Commander
  • #40 Luke Skywalker: Yavin Fatigues – (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)
  • #41 Zuckuss
  • #42 4-LOM

Star Wars #37 action figure variant - blue snaggletoothStar Wars # 38 Action figure variant: AT-AT DriverStar Wars #39 Action Figure variant: Imperial CommanderStar Wars #40 action figure variant, Luke Skywalker: Yavin FatiguesStar Wars #41 Action figure variant, ZuckussStar Wars #42 Action figure variant, 4-LOM

  • #43 Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot
  • #44 (Twin Pod) Cloud Car Pilot
  • #45 Bib Fortuna
  • #46 Ree Yees
  • #46 Bounty Hunters mail away package (Wonderworld Comics exclusive)
  • #47 Weequay

Star Wars #43 Action figure variant - Imperial Tie Fighter PilotStar Wars 44 Cloud Car PilotStar Wars #45 action figure variant, Bib FortunaStar Wars #46 action figure variant, Ree YeesStar Wars #46 Bounty Hunter mail away package, Wonderworld comicsStar Wars #47 action figure variant, Weequay

  • #48 Bespin Security Guard
  • #49 Emperor’s Royal Guard
  • #50 The Emperor
  • #51 Chief Chirpa
  • #51 Jabba the Hutt (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)

Star Wars #48 action figure variant, bespin security guardStar Wars #49 action figure variant, Emperor's Royal GuardStar Wars #50 action figure variant, the EmperorStar Wars #51 action figure variant, Chief ChirpaStar Wars #51 action figure variant, Jabba the Hutt

  • #52 Lando Calrissian: Skiff Guard Disguise
  • #53 Logray (Ewok Shaman)
  • #54 Squid Head
  • #55 Klaatu
  • #56 Gamorrean Guard
  • #57 General Madine

Star Wars #52 action figure variantStar Wars #53 action figure variantStar wars #54 action figure variantStar Wars 55 KlaatuStar Wars #56 action figure variantStar Wars #57 action figure variant

  • #58 Niem Nunb
  • #58 Leia Organa: Yavin Gown (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)
  • #59 Biker Scout
  • #60 Admiral Ackbar
  • #61 Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2): with Lightsaber
  • #62 Nikto

Star Wars #58 Niem NunbStar Wars #58 action figure variant, Leia Organa Yavin GownStar Wars 59 - biker scoutStar Wars 60 Admiral AckbarStar Wars #61 action figure variantStar Wars #62 action figure variant - Nikto

  • #63 Klaatu: Skiff Guard Outfit
  • #64 Princess Leia Organa: Boushh Disguise
  • #64 Mail Away Package (Wonder World Comics Exclusive)
  • #65 A-Wing Pilot
  • #66 Han Solo: Trench Coat
  • #66 Yoda: Jedi Master (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)

Star Wars 63 action figure variantStar Wars #64 action figure variantStar Wars #64 Wonder World Comics exclusiveStar Wars #65 action figure variantStar Wars #66 action figure variantStar Wars #66 JTC exclusive action figure variant

  • #67 Teebo
  • #68 AT-ST Driver
  • #69 EV-9D9
  • #70 8D8
  • #71 Imperial Gunner
  • #72 Prune Face

Star Wars #67 action figure variantStar Wars #68 action figure variant. AT-ST DriverStar Wars 69 action figure variantStar Wars #70 action figure variantStar Wars #71 action figure variantStar Wars 72 action figure variant

  • #73 Rancor Keeper
  • #73 Rancor Monster (John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)
  • #74 Paploo
  • #74 Han Solo Stormtrooper (John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)
  • #75 Anakin Skywalker (Force Ghost)

Star Wars #73 action figure variantStar Wars 73 Action Figure Variant Rancor MonsterStar Wars 74 action figure variantStar Wars 74 action figure variantStar Wars #75 action figure variant

Star Wars Empire Ascendant

  • #1  – Luke Skywalker: Jedi Knight Outfit

Empire Ascendant action figure variant


Star Wars Special

  • Star Wars #108

Star Wars 108 action figure variant


TIE Fighter

  • #1 Imperial TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter #1 John Tyler Christopher exclusive


Princess Leia

5 issue miniseries

  • #1 Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia #1 Leia Organa

Darth Vader 2015

25 issue series

  • #1 Darth Vader
  • #20 Inspector Thanoth
  • #21 Tulon
  • #22 Cylo
  • #23 BeeTee-One (BT-1)
  • #24 Triple-Zero (0-0-0)

Darth Vader #1 VaderDarth Vader #20 Inspector ThanothDarth Vader #21 TulonDarth Vader #22 CyloDarth Vader #23 BeeTee-One (BT-1)Darth Vader #24 Triple-Zero

  • #25 Doctor Aphra
  • #25 General Tagge (Most Good Hobby Exclusive)
  • #25 General Tagge (Black & White Sketch Most Good Hobby Exclusive)

Darth Vader #25 Doctor AphraDarth Vader #25 General TaggeDarth Vader #25 Black & White General Tagge variant

Darth Vader 2017

Ongoing series

  • #1 Darth Vader: Anakin Skywalker
  • #1 Anakin Skywalker (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)

Darth Vader #1 Anakin SkywalkerDarth Vader #1 Anakin Skywalker, John Tyler Christopher Exclusive

Vader Down

Single issue

  • #1 Vintage style Cardback (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)
  • #1 Vintage style Cardback (Buy me Toys Exclusive)
  • #1 Vintage style Cardback (Midtown Comics Exclusive)
  • #1 Vintage style Cardback (All Heroes Exclusive)
  • #1 Vintage style Cardback (Wonderworld Comics Exclusive)
  • #1 Vintage style Cardback (WantedComix Exclusive)
  • #1 Mail Away Package (Wonderworld Comics Exclusive)

Vader Down #1 Vintage CardbackVader Down #1 Buy me Toys exclusiveVader Down #1 Midtown Comics exclusiveVader Down #1 All heroes exclusiveVader Down #1 Wonderworld comics exclusiveVader Down #1 WantedComix exclusiveVader Down #1 Mail Away wonderworld variant


5 issue miniseries

  • #1 Lando Calrissian

Lando #1 Lando Calrissian


1 off special

  • #1 See-Threepio (C-3PO)  – Red Arm
  • #1 Mail away package (Wonderworld Comics exclusive)

C-3PO #1 - See-threepio red armC-3PO Wonderworld comics exclusive

Obi-Wan & Anakin

5 issue miniseries

  • #1 Anakin Skywalker

Obi-Wan & Anakin #1 Anakin Skywalker

Han Solo

5 issue miniseries

  • #1 Han Solo: Carbonite Chamber
  • #1 Han Solo: Bespin Outfit (John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)

Han Solo #1 Carbonite ChamberHan Solo #1 Bespin Outfit

Doctor Aphra

Ongoing Series

  • #1 Black Krrsantan

Doctor Aphra #1 Black Krrsantan

Poe Dameron

Ongoing Series

  • #1 Poe Dameron: X-Wing Pilot
  • #1 Poe Dameron: X-Wing Pilot (Black & White John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)

Poe Dameron #1 Poe Dameron X-wing PilotPoe Dameron black & white variant

Darth Maul

5 issue miniseries

  • #1 Darth Maul
  • #1 Darth Sidious (John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)
  • #1 Mail Away Package (Wonderworld Comics Exclusive Variant)

Darth Maul #1Darth Maul #1 Darth Sidious VariantDarth Maul #1 wonderworld variant

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

6 issue Miniseries

  • #5 Kylo Ren (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)

Force Awakens #5 Kylo Ren

Rogue One  – A Star Wars Story

6 issue miniseries

  • #1 Jyn Erso
  • #1 Director Krennic (Tate’s Exclusive)
  • #1 Mail away package (Wonderworld Comics exclusive)

Rogue One #1 Jyn ErsoRogue One #1 Director KrennicRogue One #1 Wonderworld Comics exclusive

Mace Windu: Jedi of the Republic

  • #1 Mace Windu: Hissrich Battle Gear
  • #5 Mace Windu

Mace Windu: Jedi of the Republic #1 Action figure variantMace Windu #5 Action figure variant

Cassian & K-2SO

1 off special

  • #1 K-2SO

Cassian & K-2SO action figure variant


6 part miniseries

  • #1 Grand Admiral Thrawn

Thrawn #1 action figure variant

Lando: Double or Nothing

  • #1 Lando Calrissian: Vandor Oufit

Lando double or nothing action figure variant

Age of Republic

  • Count Dooku #1 – Obi-Wan Kenobi: Jedi Master (John Tyler Christopher exclusive)

Age of Republic, Count Dooku #1 - JTC exclusive

The Rise of Kylo Ren

  • #1 Ben Solo

Rise of Kylo Ren action figure variant


Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers Book

  • #1 Standard edition
  • #1 John Tyler Christopher variant

  JTC Standard book of covers  Star Wars Action figure variant cover book, John tyler christopher variant



Star Wars 2020 (Main Series)

  • #6 – Luke Skywalker (Farmboy with yellow Lightsaber)
  • #7 – ???
  • #8 –  Lando Calrissian (General Pilot)
  • #9  – Droopy McCool
  • #10 – Sy Snootles
  • #11 – Max Rebo
  • #12 – Princess Leia Organa (Endor)

Star Wars #6 Luke Skywalker Action Figure Variant   star wars 8 lando general  star wars 9 droopy McCool Star Wars 10 action figure variant Sy Snootles star wars 11 max rebo action figure variant Star Wars #12 action figure variant 

  • #12 – Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper Disguise (John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)
  • #13 – Imperial Dignitary
  • #14 – B-Wing Pilot
  • #17 – Amanaman
  • #18 – Romba
  • #19 – Lumat

Star wars #12 JTC exclusive Star wars #13 action figure variant star wars 14 jtc variant Star Wars 17 action figure variant - Amanaman Star Wars 19 Romba Star Wars 19 Lumat

  • #20 – Warok
  • #21 –  Barada
  • #22 – Rebel Commando
  • #23  – Yak Face
  • #24 – Luke Skywalker (in Battle Poncho)
  • #24 – Wicket (JTC Exclusive)

Star Wars #20 Warok Star Wars 21 action figure variant Barada Star Wars #22 action figure variant Rebel Commando Star Wars 23 action figure variant yak face Star Wars 24 action figure variant Luke Endor Star Wars 24 Wicket JTC exclusive

  • #25 – Anakin Skywalker
  • #26 – Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan)
  • #27 – Nute Gunray
  • #28 – Rune Haako
  • #28 – Luke Skywalker  Jedi Knight (John Tyler Christopher Exclusive)
  • #29 – Queen Amidala: Naboo Gown

Star Wars 25 action figure variant anakinStar Wars 26 action figure variant obi wan Star Wars 27 action figure variant Nute Gunray Star Wars 28 Rune Haako Star Wars #28 action figure variant JTC exclusive Star Wars #29 Queen Amidala

  • #30 – Captain Panaka
  • #31 – Governor Sio Bibble
  • #32 – Jar Jar Binks
  • #33 – Captain Tarpals
  • #34 – Darth Maul Hologram
  • #35 – Boss Nass

Star Wars 30 JTC Captain Panaka Star Wars 31 Sio Bibble Star Wars 32 Jar Jar Binks Star Wars 33 Captain Tarpals cover Star Wars 34 Darth Maul Hologram cover Star Wars 35 Boss Nass cover

  • #36 – Padme Amidala: Handmaiden Disguise
  • #38 – Battle Droid
  • #39 – Pit Droid
  • #41 – Qui-Gon Jinn (Tatooine Poncho)
  • #42 – Sabé: Queen Disguise

Star Wars 36 Padme Amidala Star Wars 39 - Battle Droid cover Star Wars 39 Pit Droid cover Star Wars 41 - Qui-Gin Jinn poncho cover Star Wars 37 Sabé Queen Disguise

Dark Droids Series

  • #1 – C-3PO (Droids Cartoon)
  • #1 – R2-D2 (Droids Cartoon)
  • #2 – Eyegee-Eightyeight (IG-88)
  • #2 – 4-LOM
  • #3 – BT-1
  • #3 – Valance

Dark Droids #1 - C-3PO Dark Droids 1 - R2-D2 Dark Droids 2 - IG-88 Dark Droids #2 4-LOM cover Dark Droids 3 - BT-1 Dark droids 3 - Valance cover

  • #4 – Ajax

Dark Droids 4 Ajax

Bounty Hunter Series

  • #6 – Zuckuss
  • #7 – 4-LOM

zuckuss action figure variant  Bounty Hunter #7 action figure variant

War of the Bounty Hunters

  • Alpha – Boba Fett: Black A
  • #1 – Boba Fett (Empire Strikes Back)
  • #2 – Bossk (Empire Strikes Back)
  • #3 – Dengar (Empire Strikes Back)
  • #4 – Eyegee-Eightyeight (IG-88) (Empire Strikes Back)
  • #5 – Valance: Damaged (Empire Strikes Back)

War of the bounty hunters Alpha action figure variant War of the bounty hunters #1 action figure variant War of the Bounty Hunters #2 action figure variant War on the bounty hunters 3 Dengar IG-88 ESB JTC Variant WOTB 5

The High Republic

  • #7 – Keeve Trennis

High Republic 7 action figure variant

Star Wars: The Mandalorian

  • #1 – The Mandalorian

Star Wars the mandalorian #1 action figure variant



  • #1 Wonderworld Comics exclusive

Obi-Wan #1 wonderworld comics


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161 thoughts on “Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers Checklist”

  1. I don’t collect the black and white versions so you might be missing a couple of those, but I did notice your missing the Mail Away 3 pack style cover for C-3po one shot comic which was 3 droids and the Rogue one 3 pack cover. Thanks for the list

    • Well spotted Joe, I did indeed miss the two mail away versions for C-3po and Rogue one, will get them uploaded asap. Be sure to check back as I will be keeping this checklist up to date as and when new covers are released.

  2. hi just managed to get a hold of the black and white sketch version of Luke skywalker (£££££££) and noticed your list I thought that I had the whole collection but the Vader down checklist has got 6 versions according to you. I only Know of 4 ,Forbiden Planet,Midtown, Wondrworld andwanted comix. can you tell me the two I’m missing please

    • Hi Jamie, I have updated the post to show all the variants of Vader Down, Looks like you are missing All Heroes and Buy me – Hope that helps and congrats on getting the Black & White Sketch of Star Wars #1 – Happy days!

    • not a fan of the b&w covers. had a chance to get that cover when it was released for £50, I know the local comic shop owner. didn’t want to waste 50 quid on it. lol!

      • thanks for the reply! I always thought that the at-at commander was Veers. the picture depicts a black uniform while all the top brass had slightly grey uniform. suggesting a lower level officer. hence, not veers. what do you think the chances of the second bespin guard being released? they are doing the second snaggletooth as an exclusive. so, maybe the same?

        • The AT-AT Commander is General Veers too, in the Empire Strikes Back he talks to Vader dressed in his officers uniform then Commands the Ground Assault on Hoth. So, we have two Veers (Just like the original Kenner figure cards). John Tyler Christopher seems to keep in line with the original figures so I wouldn’t be surprised if we did get the other Bespin Guard, not sure as an exclusive though. I’m Looking forward to the Cloud Car Pilot which should be one of the next few covers!

          • so the figure on the cover isn’t veers but the face pic on the right is. lol!
            looks like we got a thrawn cover to look out for in February when the mini hits.

          • The face on both covers is Veers, just like the original Kenner cards. I am guessing the figures are based on him too, its just Kenner decided to call them AT-AT Commander and Imperial Officer rather than ‘General Veers’. He does wear both uniforms in the film though. Thrawn will be awesome, but disappointed we didn’t get a Captain Phasma!

  3. Surely there will be a John Tyler Christopher exclusive to plug that hole at issue #40, (it bugs me although I know it shouldn’t).

  4. Thanks for compiling this list and it has confirmed that I have them all except for the B&W Luke Skywalker cover. Can’t find one for a respectable price.

  5. issues 42 and 43 are zuckuss and 4 lom whats the odds on 44 being bossk?

    Surely there must be a jabba version on the horrison as well?

    • We are still on the Empire Strikes back characters at the moment so I would imagine Jabba will be a while yet. No idea why but I have a feeling 43 will the Cloud Car Pilot.

    • you could be right there + a certain lizard bounty hunter!! Who you looking forward to from ROTJ? Biker Scout will be awesome!

      • ha! had just read the above comment and got confused. so, 4 to go, then! lol
        i love these covers. so looking forward to them all. even the rubbishy characters.
        just looking at the ROTJ characters. only one im not really looking forward to is 8D8. still will lookcool, though. yeah, biker scout and AT-ST driver will be cool!
        my guess for cover of #40 is yoda force ghost. for obv reasons :-p

        • Loving these covers and great checklist! I’m missing B&W Luke Skywalker & General Tagge, Qui-Gon, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul and Rogue One mailaway packages. Also only have one of the 6 Vader down vintage cardback comics. Might get the others.
          I would have liked to have seen 4-LOM and Zuckuss variants with the names swapped round like the original figures.

  6. issue 45 bib fortunna so it looks like we’ve started on the Jedi cards. Can’t believe they haven’t done a bossk variant hopefully it might be a JTC limited edition coming in the future

  7. Hi all just wondering if you all know about the secret JTC issue 58 Emporer Palpatine negative variant that was released today Only 1000 available from his website, got the E-Mail yesterday and ordered mine today be quick as they will go fast This was exclusivly sent to people who buy issues directly from his web site so its not common knowledge yet

  8. Just want to say thanks for keeping this up. I check back every few months to see if I’ve missed any. One day I may try to collect all the other variant covers too but for now just the JTC ones.


    • Solicitations for two new Star Wars titles (one Kylo Ren series and a one-shot) include JTC action figure variants. I think Charles Soule is the new writer of the main series they’re starting over at #1, and he’s starting things off where Luke gets his hand chopped off in ESB.

      I’m hoping against hope these are going to continue in the new run.

  9. Just to let everyone know there is another super secret JTC yoda variant been released same as he did with the emporer a few months back. You only get the email if you order direct from him

    Plus there is a Luke Skywalker black Jedi knight just been anounced

  10. So from the original figures it looks like these are the ones we’re still waiting for.
    Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise)
    Imperial Dignitary
    Lando Calrissian (General Pilot)
    B-Wing Pilot
    Rebel Commando
    Luke Skywalker (Battle Poncho)
    Princess Leia Organa (Combat Poncho)
    Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise)
    Wicket W. Warrick
    Anakin Skywalker

    Max Rebo Band
    Taun Taun
    Hoth Wampa

    • Over on Facebook, I asked about the Sebastian Shaw version of Anakin and JTC replied to the effect what if it’s already been done. So maybe the next exclusive variant will be the OG Anakin.

  11. I’m in the process of hunting down the Vader Down variants and struggling to find a Forbidden Planet variant that’s not signed and graded on eBay. Wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I could find a copy.


  12. JTC just announced another exclusive available for preorder March 12!!!!

    JTC EXCLUSIVE full-color HAN SOLO: IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER OUTFIT Action Figure Variant for Star Wars #74,

  13. It looks like the latest volume of Star Wars has a new Luke Skywalker cover. It is for issue #6. Problem is, I cannot find it for sale at any of the online shops.

      • I could only find this on Midtown:

        Star Wars Bounty Hunters #6 Cover C Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover

        I was looking for the regular Star Wars book which also has a variant for issue #6.

  14. For the past few years this site seems to be the most complete resources for JTC’s Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers. I was sure that you would add the A cover and the B variant for the “Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers Collector’s Book #1”, which was released in comic book format by Marvel on August 12, 2020. The regular cover has the Vintage Vader Carrying Case closed. The variant has the case opened revealing a bunch of figures JTC has previously painted. Just a suggestion. Thanks for maintaining the site.

  15. I see images of the Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers Book were added but I think there is an error. The main image was a JTC drawing of the Vader carrying case closed. The B variant with the case opened is correct. What is currently shown as the standard cover is, as far as I know, only a promotional image. There is no book that folks could buy with the cover shown.

  16. I think there is an error in the section called:
    Star Wars 2020 (Main Series)

    #6 – Luke Skywalker (Farmboy with blue Lightsaber) – shouldn’t this read yellow Lightsaber?

    Thank you,

  17. Thanks for doing this checklist and keeping it updated, I thought I had all but now I realized I’m missing a few issues. I had a lot of trouble finding SW #29, I had to buy a whole lot to get it and now I have a few duplicates but now my SW Volume 4 collection is complete.

    Is there a way to know about new releases other than checking every week?


  18. JTC EXCLUSIVE full-color LUKE SKYWALKER: IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER OUTFIT Action Figure Variant for Star Wars #12
    Pre-Sale on March 4th

  19. Got an absolute bargain of the century, as well as the JTC Action Figure Variant covers, I also collect the Negative Variant one’s. The holy grail of them is Star Wars Annual #4 Red Darth Vader cover. There’s 3 on ebay that I can find and nowhere else, the cheapest is £660…… I just bought a bundle off an American comic shop on ebay and the Holy Grail was part of it and I paid…….. £29.

  20. Star Wars is returning to Dark Horse Comics in 2022, is this the end of the JTC variant covers or are they going to do the intelligent thing and employ him?

      • Interesting, I would have put it the other way around. Dark Horse are most known for their more mature readers – Hellboy, Aliens, Terminator, Predator etc

  21. anyone have Star wars #1 Luke Skywalker (Black & White Sketch – Diamond’s C2E2 2015 Exclusive) ungraded for sale? or graded? Thanx.

  22. Just had an email from Bob at Wonderworld comics and have just pre-ordered the Obi-Wan Kenobi #1 Wonderworld Comics Exclusive Mail away JTC cover, out end of May

    • Hi there, this place has got one for sale. Don’t know how much they charge for shipping but they’re asking just $7.50 for it – The Grumpy Old Man’s Comics

  23. We have 98 of the original 99 Star Wars figures. When will we get Wicket W. Warrick? This is by far my favorite run of covers since Miller’s Daredevil. It would be awesome if we could get the one remaining original figure that is missing. (While I doubt it will ever happen it would be cool to get some of the figures from the Droids and Ewok cartoons. Growing up on the original trilogy the vintage figures mean so much more to me than doing figures from the prequels).

  24. JTC just announced the exclusive pre-order for Star Wars #28 – Luke Skywalker: Jedi Knight. This is the Death Star version, on sale November 10th

    • The Black and White Luke #1, there’s one on eBay for over £1000. A couple of the variants for Vader Down #1 (All Heroes, Buy Me Toys and Wanted Comic covers). Some are easy to get but expensive like the B&W Boba Fett

  25. From JTC himself.

    The galaxy’s greatest mystery, since the identity of those pesky Bothans’ who stole the Death Star plans, has finally been revealed! Star Wars 37 will NOT have an Action Figure cover. It was a simple error, with no meddling from the Sith. Sabe will now appear on Star Wars 42!


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