The History of Palitoy by Chief Designer Bob Brechin

The History of Palitoy

On 4th May 2019 (Star Wars day) at the Echo Base Live event in Redditch, Palitoy Chief Designer Bob Brechin hosted a presentation on the History of Palitoy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick around for the panel but luckily the guys at Fantha Tracks recorded the whole thing. Thank you guys!

Echo Base Live

Such an interesting presentation on the History of one the United Kingdoms most famous Toy manufacturers. For those of you that don’t know, Palitoy were the company responsible for the creation of Action Man and also the company Kenner would team up with for the production of Star Wars toys in the UK.

bob Brechin Echo Base Live

Bob Brechin worked on popular Star Wars toys such as the Palitoy Death Star which differed from its US counterpart in that it was made out of cardboard instead of plastic. Other Star Wars toys were made slightly differently too, for example the Land Speeder and the Cantina set.

However, may Star Wars toys including action figures, vehicles and even inflatable coloured lightsabers were repackaged in boxes with the Palitoy logo replacing Kenner. Watch the video to find out why some products created by Palitoy differed from the Kenner versions.

Palitoy Death Star

Palitoy Cantina

Echo Base Live is an event held every 6 months in Redditch and is a must for any Star Wars collector. over 40 stalls of vintage Star Wars toys, modern figures, Topps cards and artists. Not to mention cast from the films ready to sign your memorabilia.

Here’s my haul video from the most recent event