Star Wars #47 Action Figure Variant: Weequay

The latest character to get the action figure variant treatment is Weequay. He will be the featured character on the John Tyler Christopher variant for Star Wars issue #47. Continuing the Return of the Jedi characters, Weequay is another one of the bad guys from Jabbas entourage, and fits nicely with Bib Fortuna and Ree-Yees from the two previous issues.

The artwork of the carback is so on point that it could look like a photo still from the film. The detail of these covers never ceases to amaze. I am loving collecting these and I cant wait to get my hands on this latest variant.

Check out the cover below:

Action Figure Variant Cover Vs Original Vintage Kenner Figure

Star Wars #47 action figure variant, WeequayWeequay vintage kenner figure

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