Star Wars #59 Action Figure Variant: Biker Scout

Hey there Star Wars comic book fans! 

Here we have the John Tyler Christopher action figure variant cover for Star Wars issue #59. Carrying on with the Return of the Jedi characters it’s the turn of the Biker Scout. 

The Biker Scout was one of my favourite action figures back in the day. I have fond memories of walking home from seeing Return of the Jedi with my brother and stopping off at Gamleys (a toy shop chain back in the 80’s). I bought a Biker Scout and my brother opted for Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. The Biker Scout instantly became my favourite trooper, something about them just looked really cool. 

John Tyler Christopher has captured the card art perfectly although as usual opting for a more close up image. The figure sitting there in his bubble brings all sorts of memories back. This cover is firmly placed right up there as one of my favourites. Check out the cover below and what the original figure looked like. 

Action Figure Variant Cover Vs Vintage Kenner Action Figure

Star Wars 59 - biker scoutvintage Biker Scout

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