Star Wars #38 Action Figure Variant: AT-AT Driver

The latest character to add to the Star Wars action figure variant list is the AT-AT Driver. He will be featured on issue #38 of the main Star Wars comic book series, and is a welcome edition to the collection.

Once again John Tyler Christopher has produced a fantastic piece of art for Star Wars 38.  The visual representation of the original Kenner figure and card-back is stunning. Take a look below at how close to the mark he has got with this one.

I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind these fantastic covers at ICE Birmingham in September and can honestly say you would find it hard to meet a nicer guy. Great guy with an incredible talent that all of us Star Wars fans are grateful for.

Star Wars #38 Action figure Variant Cover and Original Kenner Figure

Star Wars # 38 Action figure variant: AT-AT DriverAT-AT Driver Vintage figure