Star Wars #43 Action Figure Variant: Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot

What a great week for fans of the action figure variant covers! Hot on the heels of Luke Skywalker in his Yavin fatigues we have the Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot who will be the featured character for Star Wars issue 43.

The comic will be available on 7th February 2018 from all good comic book stores (and some rubbish ones as well) and will be a welcome edition to the collection.

I am loving this cover, the Tie Fighter Pilot was one of my favourite figures as a kid and John Tyler Christopher’s interpretation doesn’t disappoint.  The artwork for the figure itself is on point and looks like you could rip him right out of the bubble!

Action Figure Variant Cover Vs Original Kenner Figure

Star Wars #43 Action figure variant - Imperial Tie Fighter PilotImperial Tie Fighter Pilot Vintage Kenner Figure