Star Wars #40 Action Figure Variant – Luke Skywalker: Yavin Fatigues

Due to a clerical error by Marvel for Star Wars number 40, we all feared that we wouldn’t be getting an action figure variant cover.  This was bad news for us collectors, leaving a giant hole in the series. Fear not! For the artist responsible for these great covers has come to the rescue. We will now be getting an exclusive cover available on the John Tyler Christopher website for Star Wars issue 40. It has now been confirmed that this cover will feature Luke Skywalker in his Yavin fatigues, right before receiving his medal. (Why didn’t Chewbacca get one?).

Another fine piece of artwork I am sure you will agree. Check out the cover below:

Star Wars #40 Action Figure Variant Cover

Star Wars #40 action figure variant, Luke Skywalker: Yavin Fatigues