Star Wars Age of Rebellion Puzzle Variant Covers Checklist

Hey Star Wars comics fans!

Following on from the Age of Republic covers we now have the second in the series of puzzle piece covers. The Star Wars Age of Rebellion puzzle variant covers. These amazing covers all piece together to make one big picture. What’s even better is that they even fit together with the Republic and upcoming Resistance covers to make one giant picture. Each series has a total of nine cover in each, 27 in total.

The Age of Rebellion covers feature characters from the Original Trilogy and include all time favourites such as Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt and more.

Use the checklist below to make sure you have them all.

  • Age of Rebellion: Princess Leia #1
  • Age of Rebellion: Grand Moff Tarkin #1
  • Age of Rebellion: Special Edition #1
  • Age of Rebellion: Han Solo #1
  • Age of Rebellion: Luke Skywalker #1
  • Age of Rebellion: Lando Calrissian #1
  • Age of Rebellion: Jabba the Hutt #1
  • Age of Rebellion: Boba Fett #1
  • Age of Rebellion: Darth Vader #1

Age of Rebellion Princess Leia Puzzle VariantAge of Rebellion Grand Moff Tarkin puzzle variantAge of Rebellion Special puzzle variant

Age of Rebellion Han Solo #1Age of Rebellion Luke Skywalker puzzle variantAge of Rebellion Lando Calrissian puzzle variant

age of rebellion jabba the hutt puzzle variantAge of rebellion Boba Fett puzzle variant Age of rebellion Darth Vader puzzle variant

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