Star Wars #57 Action Figure Variant: General Madine

It’s the guy with the greatest hair in Star Wars! It’s General Madine! Yep, this trend setting rebel will be the featured character on the John Tyler Christopher action figure variant for Star Wars issue fifty seven.

As we continue the journey through the Return of Jedi characters we find ourselves face to face with General Madine, well i suppose he had to have his turn at some point. A rather boring character with very little screen time but still, the cover is spot on. Even though the artwork is of its usual very high standard I am not feeling this cover like the others. General Madine just wasn’t an action figure I was thrilled to get as a kid.

Anyway, here’s the cover:

Action Figure Variant Cover vs Original Kenner Figure

Star Wars #57 action figure variantKenner Vintage General Madine