Back The Vintage Collection – An Open Letter to Hasbro

Back the Vintage Collection

Hi Star Wars fans and collectors,

Below is an open letter to Hasbro asking them to ‘Back the Vintage Collection’ (#BackTVC). I want to be clear, this is in no way a Vintage Collection Vs The Black Series fight. I collect both scales. However, I do feel Hasbro could be doing more to support The Vintage Collection.

If you support what I say and want Hasbro to Back the Vintage Collection more than they currently do then please share this page on Social Media using the hashtag #BackTVC and tag Hasbro in where you can. If you run a Youtube channel like me then I would appreciate any exposure you can give to this campaign.

Please be respectful, I do not condone harassment or aggressiveness towards Hasbro or their staff. #BackTVC is purely designed to highlight to Hasbro that we as collectors are passionate for the Vintage Collection and want more products, and for them to support the line as much as we do.

Here is the letter:

Dear Hasbro,

This is an open letter in response to the recent Q&A session you hosted with various fan channels on 5th May 2020

I wanted to respond specifically to an answer given by Patrick to a question from regarding the Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper figure from the Vintage Collection, incidentally, the only figure from that line revealed on the Hasbro Pulse Livestream.

Patrick answered:

I’m very confident that you guys will all be excited about what we’re revealing in the next several months even if the quantity isn’t there.’

Hasbro’s track record has proven that you can produce amazing items for the Vintage Collection; however, the worrying part of the answer was around quantity. I am sure I am not alone in being more than a little disappointed with just 12 figures, split into 4 waves for 2020 (plus 2 reissue fan channel waves). Within these 12 figures, 3 of which are repacks leaving only 9 new figures for the year. I hope you agree that this isn’t enough to satisfy collectors and to keep the interest in the line alive.

Patrick also mentioned that he is aware of the passion that fans have for the Vintage Collection, but also reiterated that in some cases Hasbro has to do what the market is telling them. Big retail partners may be swaying towards the Black Series, but I feel that more Vintage Collection figures could be made available through fan channels/specialist websites, in the same way the reissue waves have been?

While of course, we would all like new figures, I understand the need for repacks from other lines. These do need to be sensible repacks though, for example, the Legacy Collection has a fantastic line up with many of the figures still being good enough to be put on to their own Vintage cards. Malikili (Rancor Keeper), Hrchek Kal Fas, Giran, Nitkto Gunner, Zuckuss being just a few examples. I am sure most collectors would be happy for these to be repacked on a Vintage card and slotted in as part of a bigger wave. We are happy to work with you on selecting the best figures.

Then there are characters that need an update that were part of the original 96. Bib Fortuna, AT-AT Driver, Hammerhead, Death Star Droid to name a few. With so many characters still to get to, it feels strange to slow the line to a trickle now.

2019 seemed so promising with some great figures, vehicles, and a playset. It just would have been great to build on that momentum and deliver even more this year.

I have written this letter in the hope it will show you how passionate we are for the Vintage Collection and 3.75-inch figures in general. This is by no means designed to bash the Black Series, I collect those too. But for world-building, we need more from the Vintage Collection.

A great mix of new figures (Count Dooku, General Merrick, a new Captain Rex), sensible repacks from other lines, logical reissues of core characters, and expanding the playset and vehicle range would be a great recipe for success. If you make it we will buy it.

You asked us to Back the Barge, and we did, so now it’s your turn. Please Back the Vintage Collection with more products. #BackTVC

Kind regards


Bossk’s Bounty


Feel free to leave your comment below – list the figure you want Hasbro to make in the Vintage Collection. All comments are moderated and any aggressiveness will be removed.

Talking of the Black Series, I have to admit I do very much like the most recent Black Series Force FX Lightsabers that have been released. It seems Hasbro know what they are doing with this particular line.