Back The Vintage Collection – An Open Letter to Hasbro

Back the Vintage Collection

Hi Star Wars fans and collectors,

Below is an open letter to Hasbro asking them to ‘Back the Vintage Collection’ (#BackTVC). I want to be clear, this is in no way a Vintage Collection Vs The Black Series fight. I collect both scales. However, I do feel Hasbro could be doing more to support The Vintage Collection.

If you support what I say and want Hasbro to Back the Vintage Collection more than they currently do then please share this page on Social Media using the hashtag #BackTVC and tag Hasbro in where you can. If you run a Youtube channel like me then I would appreciate any exposure you can give to this campaign.

Please be respectful, I do not condone harassment or aggressiveness towards Hasbro or their staff. #BackTVC is purely designed to highlight to Hasbro that we as collectors are passionate for the Vintage Collection and want more products, and for them to support the line as much as we do.

Here is the letter:

Dear Hasbro,

This is an open letter in response to the recent Q&A session you hosted with various fan channels on 5th May 2020

I wanted to respond specifically to an answer given by Patrick to a question from regarding the Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper figure from the Vintage Collection, incidentally, the only figure from that line revealed on the Hasbro Pulse Livestream.

Patrick answered:

I’m very confident that you guys will all be excited about what we’re revealing in the next several months even if the quantity isn’t there.’

Hasbro’s track record has proven that you can produce amazing items for the Vintage Collection; however, the worrying part of the answer was around quantity. I am sure I am not alone in being more than a little disappointed with just 12 figures, split into 4 waves for 2020 (plus 2 reissue fan channel waves). Within these 12 figures, 3 of which are repacks leaving only 9 new figures for the year. I hope you agree that this isn’t enough to satisfy collectors and to keep the interest in the line alive.

Patrick also mentioned that he is aware of the passion that fans have for the Vintage Collection, but also reiterated that in some cases Hasbro has to do what the market is telling them. Big retail partners may be swaying towards the Black Series, but I feel that more Vintage Collection figures could be made available through fan channels/specialist websites, in the same way the reissue waves have been?

While of course, we would all like new figures, I understand the need for repacks from other lines. These do need to be sensible repacks though, for example, the Legacy Collection has a fantastic line up with many of the figures still being good enough to be put on to their own Vintage cards. Malikili (Rancor Keeper), Hrchek Kal Fas, Giran, Nitkto Gunner, Zuckuss being just a few examples. I am sure most collectors would be happy for these to be repacked on a Vintage card and slotted in as part of a bigger wave. We are happy to work with you on selecting the best figures.

Then there are characters that need an update that were part of the original 96. Bib Fortuna, AT-AT Driver, Hammerhead, Death Star Droid to name a few. With so many characters still to get to, it feels strange to slow the line to a trickle now.

2019 seemed so promising with some great figures, vehicles, and a playset. It just would have been great to build on that momentum and deliver even more this year.

I have written this letter in the hope it will show you how passionate we are for the Vintage Collection and 3.75-inch figures in general. This is by no means designed to bash the Black Series, I collect those too. But for world-building, we need more from the Vintage Collection.

A great mix of new figures (Count Dooku, General Merrick, a new Captain Rex), sensible repacks from other lines, logical reissues of core characters, and expanding the playset and vehicle range would be a great recipe for success. If you make it we will buy it.

You asked us to Back the Barge, and we did, so now it’s your turn. Please Back the Vintage Collection with more products. #BackTVC

Kind regards


Bossk’s Bounty


Feel free to leave your comment below – list the figure you want Hasbro to make in the Vintage Collection. All comments are moderated and any aggressiveness will be removed.

Talking of the Black Series, I have to admit I do very much like the most recent Black Series Force FX Lightsabers that have been released. It seems Hasbro know what they are doing with this particular line.

59 thoughts on “Back The Vintage Collection – An Open Letter to Hasbro”

  1. Bib Fortuna in The Vintage Collection – that would be such a great one! Hope they get to it soon. It really should be a democratically run fan-powered department. Kudos for your efforts to persuade Hasbro to satisfy 3.75/Vintage Collection collectors. Cheers!

    • The Vintage Collection is a great line of 3.75 Action figures it is important to the collectors of this line that it gets the continuity it deserves. Hasbro have done an excellent job in providing highly detailed figures to the line it would be a shame to lose loyal customers of this line due to the lack of continuity and lack of creativity of new figures. I genuinely hope that Bossk’s Bounty can act as a voice and a mediator for 3.75 collectors of the Star Wars Vintage Collection. Thank you

    • Your letter is well written. I hope it fall into the right hands. I’m afraid Hasbro tried to under play thier answer when asked if they were spreading thier self to thin with so many scales. Something like we need to leave our options open. It sounded like canned response. Anyone can buy all they want, one or all the lines to collect. But thete are about 7 lines, how can a company produce volume and quality for each line. You wanna know why we got 9 figures, when you were at toy fair, how many different lines did you see, like this new 2.5 line. It’s got playsets and Vehicles. Not just for the Mandalorian. but The Cone Wars too. Hyper real, 12 inch. Some other new large size, 6 inch, 3.75, 5. How can we get TVC figures when all of this is going on. Until they axe some of these lines, I dont belive things will change. If they are truly “listening to the market ” 3.75 could be in trouble. Your idea of fan sites is the dumbest solution. I havent found a figure in the store since Snoke. It’s not easy or cheap collecting both TBS and TVC, but I’ve found ways to do it. With the lack of figures, I’ve been slowly getting the first sets of the tvc. And filling holes in my older collections like POWTF2 and TPM because there all over and pretty good priced. I hope Hasbro listens and maybe separate tvc from these more child like lines. Make it a separate department or something.

    • Please release the final 17 power of the force figures with coins from the original vintage collection. I know the fans would love this!

  2. Yes it you make more action figures in the vintage collection.we will buy them so many I’d like to have Revan both sith and jedi I’d like to see maybe a dark side balista shan anyone from the mando. Just please make more

  3. Greef Karga and Moff Gideon and Kuiil are on my wish list and of course Baskar Mando. Lots of love out here for TVC and here’s hoping Hasbro floods the market with a ton more! #BackTVC.

  4. Dear Hasbro, Please make more vintage collection
    1. Count dooku
    2. Re release jango fett
    3, savage oppress
    4, emperor palatine
    5, commander appo
    6, re release super battle droid
    7,Commander Bly
    8, darth Revan
    9, darth nilius
    10, rise of Skywalker kylo REN
    All the clone commanders

    Please Hasbro can you release more characters in the line and maybe release 40 or more characters in the vintage collection per year because there’s loads of a characters in Star Wars and we will buy all of them,
    Thank you Hasbro,

  5. Rerelease
    Teebo( Ewok 5 pack
    Leesub sirlin
    Echo base rebel soldier
    Major PANNO
    Ahsoka( really expensive since season seven dropped
    Canceled 2013 a wing pilot
    Mara jade

    New releases
    Palpatine ( a must this figure is so overdue)
    Bib Fortuna
    Rebo band
    New jabba throne set with hooks pipe and crumb
    Anh Leia
    Esb lando (c’mon it’s the 40th anniversary)

    P.S. I’d buy all of these

  6. Well, done Tim! I think you have almost perfectly summed up my thoughts on the vintage collection going forward. I think that 3.75″ is predominately an adult collectors range (even more so than Black Series), and making more figures on that classic cardback would certainly do well financially for Hasbro. My biggest concern is not just quantity, but availability (especially here in The U.K.!!!!) I wish we could start to see these at traditional brick and mortar stores again! Imagine going into your local Asda Or Tesco and even seeing just a few dozen on the pegs. If the retro line is anything to go by, they will sell in stores like these! I prefer to get my new figures this way as there have recently been some quality control issues with figures I’ve ordered online. Seeing them in store gives you the chance to avoid this. Fingers crossed!!!!

  7. I can’t be the only one that felt kinda let down with the Rise of Skywalker line in general am I? I want so badly for them to make a Ben Solo figure!

    • Great letter. Secondary market prices for even recent TVC figures show that demand is there. The 3.75″ scale is about world building. This means complimentary figures are needed, and army builders sell. I would love to see Stormtroopers in actual shops! The recent quality of TVC figures and vehicles has been incredible, and this creates more demand.

  8. I really like The Vintage Collection due to the fact that highly detailed and large vehicles can be made. This scale of highly articulated figures allows for great display and diorama pieces. I can see Jabba’s sail barge and two skiffs above the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine, the AT-ATs and AT-STs battling against snowspeeders and rebel soldiers in the trenches of Hoth and hanging TIE fighters, X-wings, B-wings and Y-wings during any space battle. All of these could only be possible with The Vintage Collection figures.
    My personal favorite is still the Jabba’s palace dioramas that I have seen online that fans have made. Their dioramas and displays are fully accentuated by these excellent figures. The only problem I see is the lack of The vintage Collection action figures. Hasbro has proven they are capable of meeting this demand in the past and the fans have proven they want these figures either by asking directly or making their own customs.

  9. Oh, Forgot to add figures I would like to see updated:

    A New Hope: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi wan Kenobi

    Empire Strikes Back: AT AT Driver, Snow troopers, Bespin Guards, Bespin Gown Leia Lando Calrissian,

    Return of the Jedi: Bib Fortuna, Imperial Dignitary, REPACKS: Malikili Rancor Keeper, Nikto Gunner, Princess leia Jabba Prisoner, Biker Scouts, Rebel Troopers Endor

    Lots of Stormtroopers!!!!!!

    And please release the Jabba that came with the Sail Barge, on a throne in a vintage box!

    Thank you for some great releases in last year Hasbro. you are giving us some great figures (especially in the Black series range). More in 3.75″ Vintage Collection would certainly be warmly welcomed in the collecting community!

    • This letter is dead ON. Hope it gets heard where it needs to. I would like to see the Legacy Collection reissue Owen and Very Lars, young or retooled as older on TVC cards either ROTS or ANH style. Surprise me 😁.

  10. I’ll post #BackTVC if you post #CompleteTheSkiff and help get Hasbro to make a TVC Velken Terenzi. Deal? Deal.

  11. This really does sum up what we all are feeling right now in regards to TVC. Hopefully Hasbro is listening and still truly does support this line. A few off of my wish list are:
    Bib Fortuna
    Emperor Palpatine ROTJ and TROS
    New/ Updated Ahsoka
    Capt Rex
    Popular most desired repacks. How about a poll like you did with the BS6 line?!
    Thank you!

  12. I couldn’t agree more, the vintage collection really needs some love!!

    Hasbro have missed the golden goose moment, look at his quickly the heavy infantry mandalorian sold out fir the black series!! Now imagine the same In the vintage collection, it would fly off shelves!!
    I shall list some figures which would be a no brainer just from the past year that was missed

    Mandalorian beskar
    Heavy infantry mandolrian
    The armourer
    Death watch mandalorian
    Moff Gidion
    Grief karga

    Clone wars Ashoka
    Arc trooper Jesse
    Clone commander Rex
    Ashoka clone trooper
    Bo Katarn
    Mando solider
    Death watch mando
    Maul mando
    Pre visla

    Leia Jedi training
    Ben solo
    Knights of ren

    That’s just a few to say the least!!

    Hasbro you can’t go wrong with clone troopers or mandalorians we love them all just look at the re sell pages they are hard to come by and expensive we want them, we need them please hear us!!

  13. I think you have summed it up perfectly
    I really hope they go all in on the mandalorian line and really pump out the figures and vehicles
    With it being still hot and the amount of old and young viewers having access to Disney plus
    Also the mando figure alone has proven the demand is there
    Great work

  14. Thanks for this Tim! There are so many figures i would like to see realised in the Vintage Collection, as rightly pointed out, many characters could be ported over from Legacy Collection, however the must haves for me are:
    Bib Fortuna
    The Emporer (ROTJ)
    Luke Skywalker (ANH)
    Princess Leia (ANH)
    General Veers
    AT-AT Driver
    Boba Fett (ROTJ)
    Obi Wan (ANH)
    Lando Calrissian (ESB)
    And lots more from Rise of Skywalker!!

  15. Great letter however I feel Hasbro is just about done with TVC. To reveal only ONE “new” repack & tell us the line is slowing down just isn’t promising. I will buy everything they release & multiple of army builders but for whatever reason Hasbro isn’t listening to it’s fan base. Put the figures out as a Haslab project, just do something or end it altogether because I’m tired of begging. It’s simply bad business on Hasbro’s part because as you said, we’re here. We proved it by backing the barge. Don’t blame us for figures that didn’t sell as in first wave Snoke & Jyn. We warned you but again you didn’t listen. You have a goldmine of characters you can release. Get ‘r done or go home. Thanks to all.

  16. Recent transition to the vintage collection from the black series. I love both lines as they both represent Star Wars, the real reason we have this passion to start. The Vinrage collection line has totally reinvigorated my collecting passion and I’d absolutely love to see more figures. The Blacksmith/Armourer would be a personal dream figure followed by the Ghost Crew. I’ve read the forums about Zeb being a struggle to make in the black series due to his size but the vintage collection Grievous to me is one of the most amazing figures I own. I can totally see Zeb in this scale. There are so many figures I would love to see and characters we are all as Star Wars fans passionate about. My buddy just got the Sail Barge and I promise you Hasbro, the same passion that went into that project is alive and well. Let’s work together and build the line to be the best ever. Thank you Tim and Bossks bounty. Thank you Hasbro for giving us these great figures to begin with.

  17. I like many others have money to spend on Star Wars merchandise. But justifying to spend my money on the same old same old just doesn’t do it for me. Have you no idea what this franchise means to us, and I mean all of us. The new, the old, the young, and the ones barely discovering what we’ve known all along. Star Wars is something wonderful and means something different to each and every one of us. “If money is what you love, then that’s what you’ll receive “. Just please open your ears and listen to the fans. You have so much material to work with for a thousand life times. Feel the Force around you my friends and we will back you up. Just back us up.

  18. Spot on, I hope Hasbro take some action because the voice of the community has been loud recently – it simply isn’t working as it is. This is a world building line, while we were blessed with a lot of product for the PT and OT there are still glaring omissions and much needed updates to satisfy our collections. Then there is the Disney era (conflicted yes) but there is a positive fan response to the likes of Mando and Rogue one that are crying out for the MAIN characters, let alone secondary and background. Don’t underestimate the passion for the ST either, we need a solid selection from there too. Hasbro if you don’t intend to improve the line, which is hinted at for next year at least, then share/ give it up with another toy company, in its current form you are causing more harm than good.

  19. A reasonable letter.
    There are so many figures we want and need to complete Episodes 1-6 including TCW and Rebels.
    There are 2 in particular that i just don’t get. Where are the versions of the iconic Tantive IV of Princess Leia Organa and the first introduction of Land Calrissian on Cloud City?

  20. I dedicate a percentage of my pay to my TVC collecting, and will continue to do so as long as it’s being produced. So many people do the same. That said, there are definitely figures that are more desirable than others, as well as figures that some collectors want en masse. If I had to name only one new figure I’d like to see (among many), I think it would be the Hermit of Pasaana (Lando in Disguise). Thanks for everything.

  21. There are so many great opportunities to provide us character debuts, highly sought after and desired repacks and even simple kit Bashed figures. Please, Please, Please #hasbro listen to your customers and we will spend our hard o earned money. You have a lot of people 30-50 years old with lots of disposable income that want to give it to you.

    Character Debuts: Velken Tezeri, Fozec, Barge Weequay, Shasa Tiel, Taym Dren Garen, So many human guards and mercenaries on the barge and guard skiff.

    Repacks: Nysad Gunner, Giran, Malakili, Teebo, Paploo, Nho Apaak, Hrchek Kal Fas, Snaggletooth, K’Kruhk, Jacob Solo, Jains Solo, Snowspeeder Luke, Shaak Ti, Ugnaught

    Kit Bashes: Bib Fortuna, General Veers, Major Bren Derlin, Bossk, Han Solo, Farm Boy Luke, Leia Organa,

    #BackTvc #fightfor375

  22. I love the vintage collection, I think the figures Hasbro releases are good. I agree with this letter, I think we need more figures per year. 👍🏻

  23. Well said. So what do I want…?

    1. I am a complete loyalist to the OT. I want as much OT as they can make (TVC or not). I buy some of the PT. I don’t buy anything from the Disney era.
    2. I want all of the original Kenner figures to get the TVC treatment. That includes original Kenner versions, too–Blue Snaggletooth, cloth caped Jawa, gray Death Squad Commander, etc.
    3. I want every OT figure Kenner/Hasbro has made to be updated (SA) for the TVC line. Every alien, every droid, every background character.
    4. I want every OT character on screen to have a TVC release. It’s been 37 years and still no human guards from Jabba’s palace or barge!
    5. At least HALF of all re-released figures MUST be a general “army builder” type. At least one Stormtrooper should be released every year. If it will keep the line alive, I don’t mind dying with 100 Tusken Raiders. But I’ve already reached my limit on Admiral Ackbars.

    Now a question for Hasbro….
    If they’re having trouble selling TVC, and we obviously have trouble buying TVC, why isn’t every figure available for order or pre-order on Pulse at whatever number fans want to buy? How can a “pre-order” from the manufacturer sell out?!? How can Hasbro say there’s not a market for TVC when even THEY deny us opportunities to purchase them?

  24. Go TVC, I love it, always have and alway will. I think the figures are very detailed and articulated. So I hope they start releasing more. 🙂👍🏻

  25. I’d love to see Palpatine from ROS with the red robes ! Yes, I collect vintage collection and love the 3.75 inch line

  26. Not only TVC but the animated style Clone Wars line. I own thousands of 3.75” figures grime vintage to modern but I don’t spend much money on New figures lately. I would buy cases of figures if things were like the old days with Clone Wars, Saga and legends etc.. with a mail in offer for an exclusive figure. Those days were fun and much missed

  27. This is spot on. There are so many that could be produced. My wish list is the following:

    New Hope:
    Stormtroopers (VC card/number)
    C3PO (VC card/number)

    ROTJ (My Favorite):
    Full Jabba Play set (Jabba/throne/pipe/Salacious)
    Re-Issue updated Ewok Village/Falcon/Snow speeder/Battle Damage Tie Fighter & Xwing/Imperial Shuttle
    Admiral Piett
    Moff Jerrold
    Max Rebo Band Set
    Bib Fortuna
    Mon Mothma
    Jabbas Dancers Set
    Sarlacc Pit Set


    Razorcrest Ship
    Moff Gideon
    Greef Karga
    The Client

  28. TROS Kylo Ren
    TROS Finn
    TROS Emperor Palpatine
    TROS Poe Dameron (Kajimi)
    Figures from Videogames also on this scale not just for the Black Series, give the to us the 3.75 inch collectors as well
    The Mandalorian Beskar
    Heavy Infantry Mandalorian
    Phasma Battle Damage like the one you gave to the black series scale
    Admiral Trench
    Ashoka Tano (Season 7)
    501st Ashoka Helmet
    Bad Batch Members
    Gar Saxxon (Clone Wars)
    Arc Trooper Fives

  29. Great letter Tim! I’m behind you – and The Vintage Collection – all the way!

    If I was to have any figures made in TVC they would be from The Mandalorian, the most popular Star Wars property at the moment. The following list is just some ideas about how to handle remaining characters from the show’s first season:

    The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) – Beskar Armor
    Moff Gideon
    Greef Karga
    Death Watch Mandalorian*

    The Mandalorian – Beskar Armor (Din Djarin – Unmasked)

    The Armorer
    Heavy Infantry Mandalorian (Paz Vizla)
    Unnamed Mandalorian (There are surely enough to pick from)

    (*I feel that the Death Watch Mandalorian could and should be this show’s troop builder. We’ve seen the Rogue One Stormtrooper repainted and reissued as the Remnant Stormtrooper, which is a greater figure so I’ve no problem with that, but if there was a ‘new’ troop builder to come out of this show I think the blue armored Death Watch troopers are the way to go.)

    If I was to have a general list of characters that I want in The Vintage Collection generally, it would be as follows:

    Leia Organa – Jedi Training (The Rise of Skywalker)
    General Leia Organa (The Rise of Skywalker)
    Lando Calrissian (The Rise of Skywalker)
    Han Solo (The Rise of Skywalker)
    Kanan Jarrus (Rebels – S3 (Beard))
    Ezra Bridger (Rebels – S4)
    Hera Syndulla (Rebels)
    Ben Solo (The Rise of Skywalker)
    Allegiant General Enric Pryde (The Rise of Skywalker)
    Emperor Palpatine (Resurrected – The Rise of Skywalker)
    Captain Rex (Rebels)
    Commander Wolffe (Rebels)
    Ahsoka Tano (The Clone Wars – S7)
    Maul (Rebels, S3 – ‘Twin Suns’)
    Clone Trooper – 332nd Company (The Clone Wars – S7)
    Clone Trooper – 501st (Phase 2 and 3 helmets packed in)
    Alexsandr Kallus (ISB Agent – Rebels)
    Grand Admiral Thrawn (Rebels)
    Captain Gillad Palleon (Legends)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ben Kenobi – Rebels, S3 – ‘Twin Suns’) (Superarticulated figure if possible)
    Boba Fett (ROTJ) (Superarticulated figure if possible)
    Final Order Officer (The Rise of Skywalker)
    Rothgar Deng (The Rise of Skywalker)

    • Totally agree and I don’t understand why not complete the original 96 line. I worked out that there is still about 1/3 of them to be done.
      Maybe they want to leave us hungry for these in future years but just don’t think that’s necessary.
      Re-issues are a good idea for those that missed out first time around but they should be in addition to new figures.

  30. Thank you for doing this. Hasbro need to increase the amount of new figures they release. They’ve said for about two years now they are aware of the amount of repacks and will address it but it seems to just be getting worse not better. Hasbro should engage more with collectors to get a sense of the demand for different figures like they did recently with the six inch line. Show the line a bit more attention, care and try to understand your customers better.

  31. All well said! We need definitive versions of Luke, Leia and Han from ANH – we also need a more definitive C-3PO (bring Vac-Metal back!). We have yet to get an ESB Lando or Lobot, let alone an ROTJ Emperor (the KEY villain of the entire movie) nor do we have proper Endor Luke, Leia or Han. I’d take an Endor Chewie as well! The point is, you have a lot of work to do on the mains, Hasbro, which conversely help anchor any wave. We need to see the mains often, even though some people whine about too many Lukes, the entire OT is about his journey! And the last 4 Lukes have been OUT OF THE PARK! Smash hits! Amazing sculpts! Keep that energy going, more playsets, more expansive environments and keep the vehicles coming too.

  32. My TVC Wishlist

    * Garven Dreis (Red Leader)
    * R5-K6 (Red Leader’s astromech)
    * Theron Nett (Red 10)
    * Puck Naeco (Red 12 )
    * Grand Moff Tarkin (fix that skirt)
    * Death Squad Commander
    * Garindon

    * General Veers
    * AT-AT Driver
    * Snowtrooper
    * Major Bren Derlin
    * Hoth Rebel Deck Officer
    * Echo Base Trooper
    * Hobbie (Rogue 4 Snowspeeder Pilot)
    * Kit Valent (Rogue 2 Snowspeeder Gunner)
    * Bespin Lando
    * Lobot
    * Bespin Guard
    * 2-1B
    * Captain Lennox (Good. Our first catch of the day)
    * Luke’s / Wedge’s Snowspeeder

    * Emperor
    * Sim Aloo
    * Admiral Piett
    * Moff Jerjerrod
    * Horton Salm (Grey Leader Y-wing Pilot)
    * Gureni Telsij (Grey Squadron Y-wing Pilot)
    * Keir Santage (X-wing Pilot)
    * A-wing Pilot (cancelled 2013 line)
    * Ika Sulko (Mon Calamari B-wing Pilot)
    * Endor Rebel Trooper
    * Bib Fortuna
    * Boba Fett
    * Ewoks
    * Skiff Guards
    * Major Panno

    Rogue One:
    * Blue Leader General Merrick
    * Blue One X-wing
    * Director Krennic
    * Rebel Fleet Trooper
    * Admiral Raddus
    * Stormtrooper (more please)
    * Pedrin Gaul (Red 5 X-wing Pilot)
    * Private Weems (Rebel Technician)
    * Rebel Transport & Ground Crew
    * General Davits Draven
    * Galen Erso (Eadu)
    * General Hurst Romodi
    * R2-BHD (Gold Leader’s astromech)

    * Darth Maul
    * Mudtrooper
    * Imperial Officer with trench coat
    * Patrol Trooper & Speeder
    * L3-37

    * General Hera Syndulla
    * Sabine Wren
    * Grand Admiral Thrawn with white armour

    The Mandalorian:
    * Beskar Mando
    * The Child
    * Moff Gideon
    * The Client
    * Flametrooper
    * Kuill & Blurgg
    * IG-11
    * The Armourer
    * Heavy Mandalorian
    * Death Watch Mandalorian
    * Mayfield

    Jedi: Fallen Order:
    * Cal Kestis & BD-1
    * Purge Trooper
    * Second Sister
    * Orange Pauldron Scout Trooper

    The Clone Wars
    * Captain Rex
    * Ahsoka Tano

    * Evaan Verlaine (Gold 3 Y-wing Pilot)
    * Shara Bey (Green 4 A-wing Pilot)
    * L’ulo L’ampar (Green 2 A-wing Pilot)
    * Kes Dameron (Rebel Pathfinder)

  33. Hasbro just give us all types of new and old figures like the old republic trooper gives some of those and even make a old republic sith trooper that would be great but also bring back “Battle Packs” for the 3.75 and im not talking about figures with 4 points of articulation but articulations that a real Star Wars 3.75 figure needs. Give VC figures based on the clone wars as well sense y’all aren’t making another clone wars line it gives you the chance to still make us happy I love you hasbro you’ve made my childhood so I just wanna make you more rich lemme do that for you. You scratch my back I scratch your back

  34. We need more episode 9, mandolorian and clone wars figures and ships, such as Poe IX, Finn IX, Kylo IX, Lando IX, Leia IX, Palpatine IX, Greif Carga, The Client, Moff Gideon, Quill, IG-11, Baby Yoda, The razor crest, Ahsoka S7, Captain Rex, Maul season 7, and mandalore playset.

  35. The Vintage Collection are great looking figures and some look excellent on card backs.
    As a collector I do think we need more as I do collect Black Series mainly but just got into TVC as in box keeps.
    Thanks for all the good work and keep it coming 👍

  36. Great job Hasbro, we just want more TVC! I want to spend more money on great SA 3.75″ product, but there’s nothing for me to get. I lvoe the VC and want to see it get more representation. Keep up the good work!

    Some ideas/comments —

    Whenever Teebo is re-released on a Vintage Collection card, please release him with the original, movie accurate head that was sculpted and was seen on the back of the Ewok multipack packaging in 2011/2012 and NOT a repaint of Logray’s head.

    More creatures and vehicles please!

    I would love to see you guys make the Patrol Dewback. Same exact sculpt/design that the 6″ BS was, but in a VC box and in the 3.75″ scale.

    More Cantina patrons and Jabba’s Palace goons and Skiff Guards, please!! Both never-been-done before characters like Tzvvizt, Solomahal, Yerka Mig, Taym Dren-garen, Fozek, Velken Tezeri, the unnamed Sail Barge Weequay, Yotts Orren and Shasa Tiel. As well as figures that need an upgrade, like the Cantina Band Member, Tessek, Bib Fortuna, Hammerhead, Wuher or Labria.

    This was the 40th anniversary for TESB, please consider giving us a brand new Bespin Lando, a new Lobot, a new Admiral Piett, new General Veers and a new Bespin Escape Leia.

    More Clone Wars and Mandalorian of course!

    Also, it would be nice to see waves with a healthy mix or variety of media representation. Maybe 1 OT, 1 PT, 1 ST, 1 EU and 1 TV show figure per wave.

    I would love to see a new Rebo Band 3-pack done on vintage packing. If this ever happens, please make an accurately scaled and sculpted Max Rebo, and Droopy McCool as well as giving us a new and upgraded version of Sy Snootles based on the original 1983 puppet and NOT the CG Special Edition version of her.

  37. What about PONG KRELL!!! Amazing character would look amazing on a VC card back think of the possibilities!! I’d chop off my finger for this figure!!

  38. All of the Mandalorian characters on VC cards. Ugnaught from Empire Strikes Back, and simply more aliens. Less re packs of basic characters!

  39. I’ve been collecting TVC since 2010. This is the only line I collect because it reminds me of the figures I had growing up. Please continue making this line and concentrate on producing more figures each year. Thank you!

  40. Hi Tim, my name is Daniel. I’m a new fan of your world.
    I would just say that I’m preparing a new YT channel on Star Wars but in french for and from Quebec. I’m 100% with you on the idea of your #backTVC. I Love it. Even if i’m not personnaly a collector of the Vintage Collection. I collect instead The Black Series and some others like HotWheels StarShips dieCast, FunkoPop! to name a few. Hope you’ll get my first episode when it will be out. 😉 I’ll definitely put your logo to this letter with the hastag #backTVC on my channel.

    I would like to ask you a question about logo that you use into your video. Exemple Star Wars, Kenner, Hasbro etc. Do I need to ask permission to somewhere to use those ?!?! And if so can you tell me where i can get all the info for this quest ? It would be really appreciate.

    Keep on you good job. I like to listen.
    Thank you.


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