Hasbro Launches Hasbro Pulse UK

Hasbro Pulse UK

  So the day has finally arrived. Hasbro Pulse is launching in the UK which brings benefits such as hot new product releases, hosted programs specifically for the collector community, including pre-order launches, behind-the-scenes content, fan-focused events, and much more. Fans in the UK will also have the option to be part of Hasbro Pulse …

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Star Wars The Vintage Collection Visual Guide 2010 – 2024

Star Wars The Vintage Collection checklist

Welcome to our Star Wars Vintage Collection checklist. This visual guide showcases all of the Hasbro Vintage Collection figures, vehicles, and playsets released to date, including all variants such as foil chase cards, Revenge of the Jedi cards, plus convention & retail exclusives. When did Hasbro first release The Vintage Collection? The first wave of …

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How to Open Star Wars Figures Without Damaging the Card Back or Bubble

How to open Star Wars action figures

Hi Star Wars fans,

Welcome to my video on how to open Star Wars figures without damaging the card back or bubble. When I say Star Wars figures I am specifically talking about the modern Vintage Collection by Hasbro, although I am sure this technique could be used on other action figures.

Using this technique will allow you to carefully lift off the bubble from the card without damaging or ripping the image. You will then be able to put a different figure in and reseal if you so wish.

I recently used this technique on the Vintage Collection R2-D2 which Hasbro released with weathering. I neatly opened the figure and placed a clean R2-D2 in its place. Then, I resealed the bubble to the card back using Pritt Stick glue. I hope you will agree that the results look very good. You can hardly tell that it has been resealed.

I now have two R2-D2s  – one clean and one weathered. Both sitting proudly in Star Cases on my wall.

If you are a fan of the Vintage Collection, be sure to check out my page for a full list of figures that have been released since the return of the Vintage Collection in 2018.

I hope you enjoy the video!

The Death of Star Wars 3.75 Inch 5POA Action Figures

The Death of 5POA Star Wars figures

Hey there Star Wars collectors. This video is a bit of a discussion video with the news that Hasbro will not be producing a 5POA (5 points of articulation) line of 3.75 inch figures for the new Star Wars movie The Rise of Skywalker.  Some people are disappointed, others are happy. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.


Star Wars Vintage Collection Missing Figures and Card Backs Episode 3

Star Wars Vintage Collection Missing Figures Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Star Wars Vintage Collection Missing Figures & Card Backs series. This is series where I take a look at the figures and card backs from the original vintage line that as of yet have not been released in the modern Vintage Collection.

The episode concentrates on Star Wars characters from The Return of the Jedi and includes much needed figures such as Bib Fortuna, Squid Head, the Emperor and more! Come on Hasbro, give us the figures we need!

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