Marvel Legends Series Helmets

Marvel Legends Series helmets are similar in design to the Star Wars Black Series Helmets, in that they are movie accurate replica helmets, often with added lights and sounds. Made by Hasbro these replica helmets are great for cosplay or to just have on display. 

The Marvel Legends line of action figures started in 2002, but these helmets are part of a line of prop replicas, with the first products released being Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s helmet in 2016. From then on, there has been a new wearable helmet released every year.

One thing to remember is that all of these helmets require batteries. They are not included in the package. Remember to buy some batteries before you enjoy the lights and sounds!

Iron Man Helmet

Tony Stark built his first Iron Man suit in a cave with limited technology and tools. Ever since he escaped, he refined the design. This particular helmet is based on the Mk. III armour, the most famous design out of all of them.

The paint job is less glossy than how it appears in the movie, giving it a more realistic appearance. There are no scratches to reflect how pristine Iron Man usually appears. The faceplate also boasts a matte finish to prevent scuffing.

Sadly, this helmet doesn’t have swivel joints, so you’ll have to pull the faceplate out yourself and stick it to the top of the helmet. The magnets are very strong, however, sometimes too strong. No need to worry about suffocating inside the helmet!

For larger heads, the helmet has some room for adjustment at the jaw, interior straps, and a hinge at the back. This helps provide a greater fit at the cost of a little inaccuracy in terms of scale.

The electronics in this helmet include sounds and lights. The sounds are very clear and high-quality recordings coming out of good quality speakers. The eye lights are adjustable and activate when the faceplate is reattached to the original position.

Perhaps the most fatal flaw of this helmet is how hard it is to breathe in. However, that can be mitigated by removing the faceplate. It’s more suited for display purposes but you can still wear it to a convention if you like it.

Year: 2016

Age: 15-98

Original Retail Price: $99.99

Legends Series Iron Man Helmet

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Star Lord Helmet

Star Lord’s replica helmet is the second one in the Marvel Legends series. This one is based on his Guardians of the Galaxy appearance on the big screen. He would wear it often, especially in zero-gravity situations.

Right out of the packaging, you can see that Hasbro put a lot of effort into making this helmet look accurate and cool. The paint is exceptional, especially the scuff marks and bare metal parts. It looks just like the original prop as seen in the movies.

The weathering is actually a near-perfect match to the on-screen appearance, which might not be apparent at first. Hasbro decided to scan the original prop and replicate the paint job, ‘flaws’ and all. Sounds interesting, right?

The fit is excellent as well, adjustable just like the Iron Man helmet. There are straps inside to help you achieve a comfortable experience wearing it. Putting on and taking off the helmet is also remarkably easy and intuitive.

What makes this helmet shine is the electronics. There are lights and sound effects, but those aren’t the best part. You also get a Bluetooth speaker built into the helmet so you can listen to music!

Instead of a cheap and tinny speaker, the sound quality is above-average. Just like the real Star Lord, you too can walk around with your favourite tunes playing for the ultimate experience. Note that you’ll need a device to connect to the helmet first.

Compared to the Iron Man helmet, this one has better vision even if the lenses make everything look red. The lighting does make it more difficult to see sometimes. Overall, for the price, you’ll be getting a well-made helmet!

Year: 2017

Age: 18-99

Original Retail Price: $130

Marvel Legends Series Star Lord Helmet

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Black Panther Helmet

T’challa, better known as the Black Panther, is the King of Wakanda, an African nation known to possess Vibranium. This helmet is based on the Black Panther’s mask, which forms part of his Vibranium suit. Instead of just being a solid helmet, this one has some differences we’ll get to shortly.

The sculpting and painting are accurate to the original appearance in the movies. There is enough sheen to help it stand out, and the detail in the markings are intricate. The colour scheme is quite accurate as well, though the purple energy is more of a dark blue in this case.

Inside the helmet are some soft padded inserts to help achieve a proper fit. These are removable at your discretion and preferences. The entire helmet also stretches to allow various head sizes to wear it.

As with the other helmets in this series, Black Panther’s has electronic features to keep you entertained. The lights reflect how he looks when his suit is kinetically charged. Unlike the other ones, there is no sound feature, because Black Panther has to be stealthy as well.

Comfort is the best part of this helmet, and it fits many head sizes well. The eye lens can also be lifted when needed. Go trick-or-treating with this one!

Year: 2018

Age: 18-99

Original Retail Price: $130

Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Helmet

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The Punisher Helmet

Frank Castle, elite soldier and warrior with a strong sense of justice, also known as The Punisher. He preferred to use brute force and violence against evil people, which earned the anger of superheroes who opposed killing evildoers. This helmet is based on the event when he commandeered the War Machine suit.

The matte finish and weathering on this helmet make it extremely realistic, as The Punisher often fought his enemies with extreme prejudice. There are even brown spots of dirt and debris as a nice touch. If there’s a word for this helmet, it’s terrifying.

The lighting in the eyes is a bright red, striking fear into the hearts of Castle’s foes. They’re LED lights and can be adjusted to account for your preferences. As with the other helmets, this one is also adjustable to fit.

Like the Iron Man helmet, you can snap the faceplate to the top, which is helpful if you need a break. If you’re a fan of The Punisher, this helmet is a great entry-level cosplay prop. It also works amazingly as a display model you can occasionally play with.

Year: 2019

Age: 18-99

Original Retail Price: $99.99

Marvel Legends Series The Punisher Helmet

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War Machine Helmet

This helmet was used by Colonel James Rhodes, aka War Machine. Unlike Iron Man, War Machine kitted his suit with a lot of firearms, instead of relying on repulsor beams.. The design is basically a gun-metal grey version of Iron Man’s helmet.

Many of the features are similar to the Iron Man replica helmet. The main differences are in colour scheme, lighting colour, and sound effects. Naturally, this helmet would follow the original War Machine appearance in the Cinematic Universe. The eyes are red and glow in that colour which is War Machine’s hallmark.

You adjust the fit similarly to the Iron Man helmet, using straps and a hinge. Overall, this helmet is made to high standards and hailed as a great product by fans and collectors. Cosplay or display, do what you want with it!

Marvel Legends Series War Machine Helmet

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What do you think about our article? These Marvel Legend Series helmets are all wonderfully made replicas designed to be entry-level items. Let us know what you think below in the comment section!