Top 10 Most Expensive Star Wars The Vintage Collection Figures

As with many Star Wars collectables, the value can rise quite considerably over the years. The Star Wars Vintage Collection figures are no exception with some commanding hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. First released in 2010, running for two years, The Vintage Collection (TVC) are modern 3.75” scale action figures packaged on a vintage Kenner inspired card back. Hugely popular, TVC has become highly collectable (especially after its return in 2018) and therefore the more rarer figures have become pretty expensive indeed. Far beyond the original Hasbro manufacturer suggested retail price. Let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive ones out there.

This list does not contain any variants or exclusives, these are purely the rarest figures in thee standard line.

10) VC107 – Weequay

This Weequay skiff guard first appeared in Return of the Jedi as part of the crew manning the prisoner skiff positioned above the Sarlacc Pit. He was among those attempting to execute Luke and Han after the latter was thawed out of carbonite. The costume on the figure is accurate to the movie, and the paint application is expertly done. There is another Weequay in the TVC but this is the rarer of the two. This figure comes with a blaster pistol and a vibro-axe. This Weequay was part of the original 96 Kenner carded figures and the original card art has been used here. This action figure can be purchased for around $90 today, 10 times the original price.

Year: 2012

Original Retail Price: $9.99

VC107 Weequay

9) VC100 – Starkiller

Fans of The Force Unleashed video game can rejoice! Starkiller is the main character of said video game, and spoiler alert, the sequel’s Starkiller is a clone of the first one. This figure comes with a lot of accessories such as pilot gear and belts allowing you display him in two different outfits. This is a rather great deal that lets you customise Starkiller as you like. Being super-articulated, the figure can be made to stand in any position you want. He comes with two lightsabers just like in his original appearance. The hilts are interchangeable too, a strong point for collectors. On eBay or other websites, you can find it for around $100 or a little lower if you’re fortunate.

Year: 2012

Original Retail Price: $9.99

VC100 Starkiller

8) VC98 – Grand Moff Tarkin

This figure of Grand Moff Tarkin is based on his first appearance in A New Hope, all with Tarkin’s crisp uniform. Tarkin held the position of Death Star administrator. The uniform is rather green compared to the original appearance, and the skirt has been criticised by some collectors. There are also some brown spots in his hair that don’t match the actor Peter Cushing. However, you still have to pay around $100 or more for this figure because of the Mouse Droid accessory it contains. The droid is a newer version with extra details and ironically beats this Tarkin figure in terms of desirability. Despite this, the Tarkin figure is still very good. 

Year: 2012

Original Retail Price: $9.99

VC98 Grand Moff Tarkin

7) VC44 – Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing)

This is one of the scene-specific TVC figures Hasbro released. Luke wears his Hoth Pilot suit as he flies straight to Dagobah. This is where he meets Yoda and trains to become a Jedi. In terms of accuracy, this figure is quite close, as Luke is gloveless but his visor is not recessed into the helmet. Despite this, the other details are excellent. The sculpting makes Luke resemble his original A New Hope appearance. Other than his blaster, Luke gets his lightsaber, even if he doesn’t ignite the blade in the crash-landing scene. For a figure meant to represent a few seconds screen time, it is extremely accurate save for the visor. There are sellers on eBay listing it for more than $105, sometimes $150.

Year: 2011

Original Retail Price: $8.99

VC44 Luke Skywalker Dagobah Landing

6) VC54 – Arc Trooper Commander

This figure was designed after Captain Fordo, who appeared in the 2003 Clone Wars micro-series not to be confused with Dave Filoni’s 2008 The Clone Wars. Confusing, we know. The earlier micro-series was widely popular but is sadly not canon anymore. This figure is based on the VC45 Clone Trooper mould that some collectors don’t like. Despite this, the accessories and painting are extremely accurate. Under the helmet, the commander has a unique haircut, showing how even if the card says otherwise, fans can tell it’s really Captain Fordo. There are two helmets included, from both Phase 1 and Phase 2 clone armour. He doesn’t get a blaster rifle but his blaster pistol is included. Even if Captain Fordo is no longer canon, fans who grew up watching the micro-series remember him for his scene where he took down Super Battle Droids by himself. While you can commonly find this figure on eBay around $105, some have listed it around $150 for an unpunched one.

Year: 2011

Original Retail Price: $8.99

VC54 Arc Trooper Commander

5) VC19 – Clone Commander Cody

Another clone? You’re not the only one. Back then collectors were tired of the many clone trooper releases, but those days are past. Commander Cody’s TVC action figure has been released a few times, and the one we’re covering today is the best one out of all of them. This particular figure comes with several accessories such as a hologram of Darth Sidious and his blaster rifle. Even today this figure holds up very well, flaws and all. The painting is particularly well-done and the articulation is not a problem at all. The Darth Sidious hologram is also a nice touch that reflects the Order 66 scene. You can snag this figure for around $140 but you’re more likely to find it at higher prices. There is also a foil variant which can sell for even more.

Year: 2010

Original Retail Price: $7.99

VC19 Clone Commander Cody

4) VC64 – Princess Leia (Slave Outfit)

This action figure is Princess Leia as seen in Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi. Her slave outfit after being captured by Jabba the Hutt is sadly not going to get a new release anymore. This is due to Disney’s decision. However, let’s talk about the figure. Hasbro gave Princess Leia a tilt in her head for attitude, though some collectors prefer to have a more natural pose. The painting is very solid and save for some over-sprayed spots, it’s spot-on and makes her look authentic. Other than a cup filled with a beverage, the figure comes with a vibroblade. Some of the prices of this figure are ridiculously high, up to $200, but a reasonable price would be less than $150. There is also a Revenge of the Jedi variant card which can fetch even more.

Year: 2011

Original Retail Price: $8.99

VC64 Princess Leia (Slave Outifit)

3) VC113 – Republic Trooper (The Old Republic)

This Republic Trooper from The Old Republic video game usually fetches around $200 these days on eBay. It comes with a cannon just like in the trailer, and it fits the trooper’s hands perfectly. His likeness is based on Jace Malcom, a tough fighter who even fought Darth Malgus in hand-to-hand combat. Just like Captain Fordo, Hasbro chose to give this figure a generic name.  Its articulation isn’t the best but is sufficient for the job. His other accessories include a knife, blaster, and working sheathe and holster for the weapons. The cannon is an absolute winner and Jace can easily hold it and aim. A lovely card bak image too!

Year: 2012

Original Retail Price: $9.99

VC113 Republic Trooper

2) VC101 – Shae Vizsla (Old Republic Bounty Hunter)

Anyone who has watched The Old Republic trailers will know who Shae Vizsla is. Her figure is very cool and matches the Mandalorian aesthetic perfectly. Her joints are super articulated as well, which allows for some great stances. She comes with swappable heads, which are great since her long hair would get in the way. Her waist is too narrow and her face is not executed very well. Her included flames also force her to tip over. Despite these drawbacks, she’s now commonly worth over $200. She’s also quite rare so you might have to act fast to snag one.

Year: 2012

Original Retail Price: $9.99

VC101 Shae Vizla

1) VC102 – Ahsoka

Last on our list is Ahsoka Tano’s figure. This is based on her later appearances in The Clone Wars series. As such, she comes with her second lightsaber as well. Her figure is super articulated but her hips are only swivelled. This reduces the number of actionable poses but you can still work with it. The paint job is excellent and she looks exactly as she does in the latter part of the series. After she was rereleased in The Black Series, she received some updates. Her eyes are painted better than the TVC version. The TVC version today is sold for more than $200 due to when she was released. Right after this figure was released, the TVC line went on a hiatus. Even with the rerelease, the TVC version is still rather expensive. 

Year: 2012

Original Retail Price: $9.99

VC102 Ahsoka


What do you think of our review of these action figures? Some of the prices we’ve seen are horrendous, but there are also some reasonable listings. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Happy hunting for good offers!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Expensive Star Wars The Vintage Collection Figures”

  1. I have recently been shopping around to complete my collection up to the 50th anniversary line they are awesome looking figures by the way look even more like the days of old but I seen Ashoka tano on Kijiji in Ontario selling for 1200$ which is absurd people are getting out of hand with the pricing like there not original empire cards if you know what I mean I was lucky to get mine for 300$ but back to the new 50th anv figures I hope we get a lot of the 96 that you and obey one , yak face , usual mike have been pushing for if Hasbro listens its like you said there going to be printing money and for heaven sakes why they making Walmart exclusives again ????? anyway tim keep up the amazing work gotta say your channel is getting more and more entertaining by the episode over and out

  2. The 5 rarest (and should therefore be the most expensive?) tvc are:

    vc13 anakin (not darth) unpunched – rarest of them all
    vc04 Luke Skywalker Bespin unpunched
    vc16 Obi Wan unpunched
    vc18 mangaguard unpunched
    vc19 Commander Cody Unpunched

    then it’s probably VC20 Canadian Yoda and then the vc66 and 67 pair, then the carbonite jar jar.

    I think the figures on your list would then come next in value, but since Hasbro released them (including replublic commando on unpunched) the value has tanked for some of them. The canadian vc1-11 figures with free ‘bobba’ (instead of boba) error cards are also rising in value rapidly, supposedly Han vc03 the hardest of them all to find.

    It’s not a good time to be a collector who paid thousands for their collections, Hasbro seem intent on dishing out the pain!


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