Mace Windu #5 Action Figure Variant

These action figure variant covers are like London buses at the moment. You wait ages for one and two come along at once! This time in the form of Mace Windu in his classic Jedi robes for the cover of Mace Windu #5. It’s another stellar cover with the perfect likeness.

The Mace Windu five part miniseries has seen two action figure covers the first issue receiving the John Tyler Christopher treatment. With this being the final chapter, two out of five variant covers isn’t at all bad! Don’t forget to check out the list of all these covers to make sure you have them all.

I usually compare the cover to the original Kenner figure, however as Mace wasn’t part of that line I have chosen the Vintage Collection version instead.

Action Figure Variant Cover & Vintage Collection Figure

Mace Windu #5 Action figure variantMace Windu action figure