Star Wars #35 Action Figure Variant: Ugnaught

Apologies for the tardiness of this post, it’s been a bit of a mad few weeks. Anyway, as I am sure you have all seen the latest action figure variant cover was revealed for Star Wars #35. Continuing with the Empire Strikes Back theme John Tyler Christopher has gone with the Ugnaught, the little pig faced dudes that work at Cloud City and break up C-3PO.

Is it me or are these covers becoming increasingly more detailed? The card artwork for the Ugnaught is exceptional and has most definitely been inspired by the original vintage card. The figure inside the bubble once again takes me back to my childhood. I only had one of these and don’t remember too many of my friends having one. Were they rare? or maybe the Ugnaught was too much of a peripheral character for children to bother with. I am sure like me, you still own him (minus his blue apron!).

Star Wars #35 Action Figure Variant Cover and Original Figure

Star Wars #35 Action figure variant, UgnaughtUgnaught vintage action figure

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