Star Wars #41 Action Figure Variant: Zuckuss

It seems such a long time since we had a new John Tyler Christopher’s action figure variant cover. There is a good reason for that. If you are a collector of these variant covers I am sure you will have noticed that we are missing a cover for Star Wars #40. Unfortunately due to a clerical error at Marvel there will not be an action figure cover for issue 40. The bounty hunter Zuckuss would of been the featured character, and therefore he has been moved to issue 41 and we carry on from there.

I find it amazing that in the 40th anniversary year of Star Wars the clerical error happens for issue 40!  Oh well, we just had to wait a little longer than normal, but judging by the artwork it was worth the wait.

Talking of clerical errors, it seems John Tyler Christopher opted to correct the famous error that Palitoy made when they got the names of Zuckuss and 4-Lom the wrong way round. Take a look at the comparison below, you can see that the real vintage figure had 4-Lom on the card.

Action Figure Variant Cover & Original Palitoy Figure

Star Wars #41 Action figure variant, ZuckussZuckuss Vintage Palitoy figure

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