Star Wars #44 Action Figure Variant: (Twin Pod) Cloud Car Pilot

It seems a long time since we had a new cover, too long in fact! Well, the wait is over.  I am pleased to reveal the latest action figure variant cover for Star Wars issue 44. The Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot.

The Cloud Car Pilot was one of the only figures I didn’t own as a kid so to finally get this cover is a real treat. I remember my next door neighbour owning the figure and I always thought that he had weird left arm.  Once again John Tyler Christopher captures the image perfectly including the the bent left arm!

I am not sure I remember seeing the guys face for too long (if at all) in the Empire Strikes Back, but I know that JTC always likes to find out who the actor was and then try to capture them on the card back image.

With so many of the action figure covers it’s hard to pick a favourite but this guy is right up there for me. There is something about the characters from Bespin. Anyway, on to the cover!

Action Figure Variant Cover Vs Original Kenner Figure

Star Wars 44 Cloud Car PilotOriginal Kenner Cloud car pilot

If you are collector of these amazing variant covers, check you have them all on my handy list