Star Wars #51 Action Figure Variant: Chief Chirpa

Continuing on with the Return of the Jedi characters, we have our first Ewok, the main man himself, Chief Chirpa. He will be the featured artwork for the John Tyler Christopher variant for Star Wars issue 51. Over the last few years I have seen people confuse these covers with actual action figures. I remember someone accusing me on Facebook of giving away a fake Bossk figure on a competition I ran. Well, this Chief Chirpa takes a 2nd look more than any other in my opinion. As the figure isn’t of human form it’s much harder to tell that it is a drawing rather than an actual figure. This is testament to the accuracy and quality of the drawing and is what makes these covers so appealing. Take a look below:

Action Figure Variant Vs Original Kenner Figure

Star Wars #51 action figure variant, Chief ChirpaVintage Kenner Chief Chirpa

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