Star Wars #54 Action Figure Variant: Squid Head

Continuing through the Return of the Jedi characters, artist John Tyler Christopher has gone with Squid Head on his variant cover for Star Wars issue 54. Star Wars Episode VI gave us so many cool aliens, most of which frequented Jabba’s Palace. Back in the early 80’s lucky kids like me were treated to the action figure version by Kenner. It’s these figures that JTC bases his covers on. Combining the classic racetrack design, awesome card back art with an image of the figure inside his bubble, these variant covers have become a collectors dream.

The art for Squid Head is of the usual very high standard, with John usually picking a scene from the movie for the card art and making sure the colour of the back drop fits to really make the figure pop! Check him out below.

Action Figure Variant Vs Original Kenner Figure

Star wars #54 action figure variantVintage Kenner Squid Head