Comparison of LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter Sets

The Best Lego Tie Fighters

It’s been Twenty years since the first LEGO TIE Fighter set made it to toy shelves across the world. Due to impressive new moulds and bricks the popularity of LEGO has only increased. Since 1999 we have had more than twenty TIE-Fighter sets (not including mini-builds, Micro Fighters and polybags) with each one improving on …

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Comparison of LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Sets

Best LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Fighter sets

For many, the X-wing Fighter is the boldface of the rebellion. It is a benchmark of the Star Wars franchise, and that is why in 1999 LEGO chose it to be the very first Star Wars set to be released. Using modern techniques and updated bricks, LEGO has continued to release variable and improved X-Wing …

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