Best Custom Lightsabers


Fans of the Star Wars franchise, in our own little galaxy far far away, have a profound fondness for recreating epic duels with realistic custom lightsabers. Whether their intention is to learn the art of dueling akin to a Jedi Knight or to indulge in cosplay as their beloved characters, the unparalleled popularity of the …

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Star Wars The Vintage Collection Visual Guide 2010 – 2024

Star Wars The Vintage Collection checklist

Welcome to our Star Wars The Vintage Collection checklist (TVC). This visual action figure guide showcases all of the Hasbro Vintage Collection figures, vehicles, and playsets released to date, including all variants such as foil chase cards, Revenge of the Jedi cards, plus convention & retail exclusives. This is a fan made website and has …

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The 5 Best Star Wars: The High Republic Books

5 Best Star Wars The High Republic Books

The High Republic era in the Star Wars universe is a rich tapestry of stories set approximately 200 years before the events of the Skywalker Saga. This period highlights the Jedi Order at its peak and introduces a plethora of new characters, settings, and conflicts. The upcoming series, “The Acolyte,” is set at the end …

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Ahsoka Tano: Story So Far

Ahsoka Series

Long-time fans of The Clone Wars and Rebels are thrilled for the famous Ahsoka Tano’s series debut. Although she is a new character for those who have just begun watching Star Wars with The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, she is a fan favorite to watchers of the animated series. With the release …

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How Old is Cad Bane?

Cad Bane The Book of Boba Bett

“I’m your worst nightmare pal.” This is true for every creature to ever have a run-in with Cad Bane. By far the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, Bane never ran out of tricks in his arsenal. First introduced in The Clone Wars, Cad Bane inspired terror in the hearts of even other bounty hunters. …

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What’s Next for Read Five Designs?

Read Five Kenner Vol 2 diecasts

Read Five Design’s Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Book Vol. 1 is now in the hands of all who backed their Kickstarter, and WOW does it impress! Ask anyone who owns one and they’ll tell you that the quality of the book, and the amount of detail given is unmatched. With such an amazing product …

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Our Review of the Luke EP6 Saber from the Team at SabersPro

In the past, we have done in-depth reviews of the many fan-favorite sites and artisans crafting awesome lightsabers based on the Star Wars universe. Most recently, we enjoyed checking out the Luke EP6 Saber from SabersPro. We’ve always wanted to get our hands on one of their pieces because many of them are designed with …

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The Mandalorian Season 3 Hits the Ground Running!

Mando N-1

This article includes SPOILERS for episode 1 of Season 3 of The Mandalorian – You have been warned! Episode 1 of the Mandalorian lays out this season’s storyline pretty simply: find a droid to help Din navigate Mandalore, bathe in the sacred pools deep within the mines under the city of Sundari, get his transgressions …

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Best Bounty Hunters in Star Wars

best bounty hunters in Star Wars

Bounty Hunters represent some of the most diverse and interesting characters in the Star Wars saga and expanded universe. They come in many different species, have impressive and extensive weapon arsenals, and some of the most iconic ship designs in the franchise. Despite most of them having very short screen time, they have incredible back …

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Best LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Sets

Best LEGO Millennium Falcon sets

Han Solo’s ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs has been made into a variety of LEGO sets. Ranging from small to large, each one is a version of the famous ship. Every LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon comes with differing amounts of bricks and pieces. They also take a varied …

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