How Old is Grogu (Baby Yoda)?

The Mandalorian Series introduced every child and adult’s new favorite addition to the Star Wars Universe: Baby Yoda. Although shrouded in mystery, this young, green creature captured not only Din Djarin’s heart but also the worlds. But, how old is Baby Yoda? The Child, as the Mandalorian affectionately calls him, continues to search for answers …

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Legacy Lightsabers from Galaxy’s Edge Checklist

All Star Wars fans know the happiest place on earth isn’t just Disneyland, it’s Galaxy’s Edge in any of the Disney Parks. In Galaxy’s Edge not only can you experience the world of Star Wars and meet some of its characters, but you can also buy Legacy Lightsabers. These lightsabers are only sold at Disneyland …

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TVC Prepares for 40th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi

Haslab Ewok Village potential

The December 6th Vintage Collection reveals make a clear statement that the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi is a priority. Hasbro revealed the Endor bunker with Rebel Commando in Scout Trooper disguise,  and an AT-ST with Chewbacca – preorders are now open. We have also recently gotten news of a new Speeder Bike …

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Star Wars The Vintage Collection Wave 43 In Hand

TVC Wave 43

Check out images of the latest wave of Star Wars The Vintage Collection (TVC) figures which have just arrived. This is apparently wave 43, but this will depend on how you are counting. Some people count from when the line started in 2010, others from when The Vintage Collection came back, and some by year.  …

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Hasbro Reveal Star Wars The Vintage Collection Endor Bunker

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Endor Bunker packaging

Once again I appreciate the opportunity to participate in a reveal of a new product for The Vintage Collection. Bring Home the Galaxy on has been running for several weeks with various products being revealed every Tuesday. This week we have The Vintage Collection Endor Bunker. This set includes an Endor Rebel Commando (Scout …

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Yoda Quotes, Best 15 We Have

Yoda Training Luke Skywalker

Know the best Yoda quotes, do you? Famous for his distinctive reverse speaking style, Yoda always brings wisdom, humor, and insight with every word he speaks throughout the Star Wars Saga. Although his species is unknown, his quotes are well-known! Many Star Wars movies and series contain golden gems of famous Yoda quotes. His words …

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Biggest LEGO Sets of All Time

Biggest LEGO Sets

LEGO fanatics and collectors know there are a variety of beloved sets that each only hopes to one day own and build. From sets based on favorite movies to real-life sets, LEGO provides a span of large sets to choose from. Throughout the years, LEGO designers have created a variety of sets ranging from small …

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Every Clone Battalion in Star Wars

Clone Battalions

Just as various Jedi and Sith are near and dear to our hearts, we can’t forget the incredible clone troopers. Working together in the Grand Army of the Republic, each clone also worked in smaller squads, battalions, or platoons. In this article, we will be discussing every clone battalion in Star Wars. We will be …

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Who is on the Jedi Council?

Jedi Council Members

“I am one with the Force. The Force is with me.” Being one with the Force is an essential skill of any Jedi on the Council. Each Jedi on the Council is experienced and successful in the ways of the Force and combat. In addition, they are the most powerful and wise Jedi in the …

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Jedi Ranks and How They Work

Jedi Ranks

“Master Skywalker, there’s too many of them!” Although this Youngling isn’t referring to Jedi ranks, his question is a valid one for Star Wars watchers and fans alike when speaking of the Jedi ranks. Although it can be overwhelming and confusing to differentiate the seven types of Jedi ranks and how they work, our article …

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