Star Wars #55 Action Figure Variant: Klaatu

Star Wars 55 Klaatu

Howdy Star Wars comic fans. A week or so ago I revealed the next John Tyler Christopher variant cover Klaatu and added him to my action figure variant checklist. However, I have been a little bit busy with my YouTube channel recently, so this is the first chance I have had to write up a …

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Star Wars #51 Action Figure Variant: Chief Chirpa

Star Wars #51 action figure variant, Chief Chirpa

Continuing on with the Return of the Jedi characters, we have our first Ewok, the main man himself, Chief Chirpa. He will be the featured artwork for the John Tyler Christopher variant for Star Wars issue 51. Over the last few years I have seen people confuse these covers with actual action figures. I remember …

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Star Wars #49 Action Figure Variant: Emperor’s Royal Guard

Star Wars #49 action figure variant, Emperor's Royal Guard

Here we have the John Tyler Christopher action figure variant cover for Star Wars issue 49. The Emperor’s Royal Guard is the chosen character and yet again it’s another fine piece of artwork. We are now well into chracters from Star Wars: Episode VI, with some amazing characters still to look forward to. This particular …

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Lando: Double or Nothing #1 Action Figure Variant

Lando double or nothing action figure variant

If the new Han Solo film doesn’t quench your thirst for new Star Wars content then perhaps this will. Lando, Double or Nothing is a new miniseries by Marvel which will expand on the character within the same timeline. With most Star Wars miniseries we are getting a brand new action figure variant cover on …

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Star Wars #33 Action Figure Variant: Bossk

Star Wars #33 Bossk

Hey there guys! For those of you that saw it, I hope you liked my video reveal. It’s safe to say the Bossk action figure variant cover was the one I had been looking forward to the most. He was my favourite Star Wars figure as a kid, I’ve based my Blog around him and …

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