Star Wars #57 Action Figure Variant: General Madine

Star Wars #57 action figure variant

It’s the guy with the greatest hair in Star Wars! It’s General Madine! Yep, this trend setting rebel will be the featured character on the John Tyler Christopher action figure variant for Star Wars issue fifty seven. As we continue the journey through the Return of Jedi characters we find ourselves face to face with …

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Star Wars #55 Action Figure Variant: Klaatu

Star Wars 55 Klaatu

Howdy Star Wars comic fans. A week or so ago I revealed the next John Tyler Christopher variant cover Klaatu and added him to my action figure variant checklist. However, I have been a little bit busy with my YouTube channel recently, so this is the first chance I have had to write up a …

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Star Wars #54 Action Figure Variant: Squid Head

Star wars #54 action figure variant

Continuing through the Return of the Jedi characters, artist John Tyler Christopher has gone with Squid Head on his variant cover for Star Wars issue 54. Star Wars Episode VI gave us so many cool aliens, most of which frequented Jabba’s Palace. Back in the early 80’s lucky kids like me were treated to the …

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