Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant Covers List

Poe Dameron #10 40th Anniversary variant cover

As I am sure you all know Star Wars was first released in 1977, making 2017 it’s 40th Anniversary. To celebrate this special year Marvel have produced forty eight variant covers for its various Star Wars comics series. Each cover features a famous scene from Star Wars: A New Hope. If like me you are …

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Darth Vader #1 Action Figure Variant

Darth Vader #1 Anakin Skywalker

A few months back Marvel announced that a new Darth Vader comic series was being written for release in June 2017. At the same time, it was confirmed that John Tyler Christopher would be creating an action figure variant cover to go with the release of issue number one. Today, we get a look at this …

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Star Wars Action Figure Variant Covers Checklist

Star Wars Action Figure Variant covers by John Tyler Christopher

With over 100 action figure variant covers available spread across the various Star Wars comic series, I thought it would be a good idea to create a checklist. I hope this will be a good point of reference for all existing and new collectors of these fantastic variant covers. Artist John Tyler Christopher has done …

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Star Wars #2 Action Figure Variant: Han Solo

Star Wars #2 Action figure variant, han solo

Even though Star Wars issue 1 and the action figure variant cover were a great success, for some reason comic book shops didn’t pre-order as many copies of issue 2 featuring Han Solo. This resulted in a smaller print run and therefore reduced availability worldwide. It was at about this time that collectors realised that the …

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Rogue One #1 Action Figure Variant: Jyn Erso

Rogue one #1 action figure variant

The latest Star Wars comic line from Marvel is the adaptation of Rogue One – A Star Wars Story.  Join Jyn Erso and her team of rebels in a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans from under the noses of the Empire. Once again the artist John Tyler Christopher knocks one out of …

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Star Wars #1 Action Figure Variant: Luke Skywalker

Star Wars #1 Action Figure Variant

In January 2015 the new Marvel line of Star Wars comics burst on to the scene with Issue #1 having over 70 variant covers by various artists. The talented artist John Tyler Christopher chose to create an action figure variant cover in the style of the vintage Star Wars figures from 1977.  JTC perfectly captures …

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